Sadira in 3.4, Yay or nay?

What’s up Web Nation, so what are everyone’s thoughts thus far with our spider queen? As of right now, I’m back with her and ready to get back to work on terrorizing opponents. From what I gather, her mix up options just went wild. Thoughts?

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Seems like it has a lot of potential. Depending on how strong her flipout options wind up being, she might be decently strong again. Jump-cancelled flipout pressure might wind up being really, really good.

I’m hopeful, but we’ll see how it all shakes out. :slight_smile:

The flip out stuff has me thinking, why not just crouch block? And tech throw

Well, that’s kind of like saying “just block and throw tech” against Sadira in general - very few things she does are actually unreactable, they’re just ambiguous and hard to block. If her flipout can put Sadie in the air above your head before you can just mash DP, it will wind up being pretty strong.


One thing I do want to see change is that they give her more options for launching her opponent. Her juggles are nice, but she has no way to launch her opponent mid-juggle that isn’t heavy kick or shadow recluse. I would like it if perhaps the recluse kicks launched the opponent higher and where jump cancel able on hit, or maybe just the light or medium ones. I just want there to be more to her than “wait for the heavy kick that they have to do in order to keep the juggle going”. I know that now we could do flip out instead, but I still want to see her juggle potential increase a little bit more.

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A good example of what I mean is rash. If rash wants to keep his opponent airborne, he has boots, CrHP, HK, Tongue into air normals, LP-LP or LK-LK, Wrecking ball into air normals, and a recapture. I’m not saying Sadira needs a recapture, I’m just saying that getting her opponents airborne is predictable and easy to break.


I really haven’t had a lot of time with 3.4 Sadira to truly see what she can do thanks to the release of Destiny: Rise of Iron (Grinding to be ready for the Raid that will be released this weekend).

Having said that though, I did manage to play a few matches online and I do find that her new tech is pretty good actually. I’m not doing anything fancy, but most people are completely unprepared for her Flipout and thus, I’ve been getting a LOT of throws afterward. I even managed a jump cancelled move.

Using F-HK during auto-doubles takes a bit of getting used to. The big advantage that she was with this is that it can be used off of any auto-double, its very hard to use during lights. Being that you don’t have to abide by any set pattern with it, it does make it nigh unreactable until the Fang animation starts. I’m sure that if you keep using it though, eventually the alt player will catch on.

I think Sadira is in a much better place than she was a week ago… how this new tech will evolve her game plan, only time will tell.

Once I have some time, I’ll jump into practice mode and see what I can figure out. Once that happens, I’ll post some vids.

Honestly, I’ve never had issues keeping people in the air. Her target combo is good. I can use MWB to keep them air born, and during instinct you can manual juggle them like there is no tomorrow.

The only good solution for her is to make her air flip out UNIQUE( cause she’s special tho) i mean after a AIR flip out with the light K, she should be able to throw widows bite or even continue with Mediums or Highs in the air before the opponent hit the floor( its breakable tho) that could be a great setting to continue to fight in the air…
what yall think about this idea?

Target combo ends with heavy kick, so my point remains. I’m just talking about the situation when Sadira is grounded and her opponent is airborne. In that situation (which happens in most of her juggles) Heavy kick is pretty much her only way to keep her opponent in the air and join them in the air as well. MWB requires that Sadira is already in the air and her opponent is already in the juggle state.

Light Recluse works as well. You can juggle after it.

Oh yeah, I guess that does help reduce the monotony.

It’s also a great anti-air as well, though it’s a little bit more risky than the heavier variants due to having a smaller hitbox. I love juggling after it though. I learned a lot of tech from watching Grief.

To keep people airborn hear are options if opponent is in front of Sadira

  • F+HK (full follow ups available)
  • MP->HK ( full follow ups available)
  • L recluse ( all grounded follow ups available, but are spacing dependent)
  • HP (can follow up with LP, HP, F+HK, MP, LK, or if special canceled any grounded special move)
  • MP (Same options as HP except maybe not HP, forget if it works)
  • LP ( Same options as HP)
  • Medium recluse (definitely LP/LK, havent experimented with this one too much)

Anyone got some air combos? I’m basic as hell, and so rusty lol

I’m having so much fun with Sadira. The Flipout is NUTS.

People can’t handle it yet, lol

Agreed, most people don’t realize that she can use Flipout. I get a lot of Flipout throws because they don’t realize that she just flipped them off…er… out. :smiley:

How have you been using it? I go for max damage combos with a bit of Counter Breaking, then just use her Combo trait, and do a flip out. Lots of potential damage then adds up.

Instead of using her damage ender, I use her juggle Ender and then use flip out… I then start a whole new combo. During testing I did a 70% combo, but it wouldn’t be ideal for most fights.

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When in the Air
Hp–Medium Preojectile-DownHK-DownHK-Flipout
I think thats more for flair than damage and whatnot.