Sadira hard to do her air special moves. Need tips

I use Dpad and I can’t seem to do her special moves effectively or on a consistent level. Analog is a little better, but by far from consistent. I play fighting games but this game can give me trouble and idk why : /. Yes, I do realise about combat assist but I want to do her Widow’s bite and cling on a consistent level in a moment where I can’t close in on my opponent or if it just simply want to do the move when the situation calls for it. Any tips on how you do specials? Even if it’s not with her… Just in general that may lead to my improvement.

The best way I’ve found to reliably do specials is to keep pressure toward the center of the dpad. It helps you to hit those down forward and down back inputs.

Hmm, never thought of that (I usually have my thumb on the :arrow_down: input most of the time) - I’ll have to try that…

I like that style, but it doesn’t seem to work. Idk, even if I really pay attention to my directional inputs, and feel I couldn’t have got it any more perfect then it seems to not work. I think it all depends on speed.

I think I found a way; When I use the Dpad I DO NOT lift my thumb up in the slightest. Although it’s not the most comfortable feeling, it seems to work (For now at least).

You thumb may hurt after playing for a while, but you’ll get calluses for it. I do the same thing.

It’s just something I’ll try to get use to. Although forgot to mention that to anyone also struggling to, use the other side or side of your thumb to hit the left or right. Just hold down and lean the rest of your thumb the direction you want to go. Works almost every time. Just make sure you really hold down, down.

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Honestly, I’d just say repetition and memorization are your friends right now. Of course, I get that you know how to do it, so by memorization, I mean the reflex memory in your hands. Just try to do the move, and when you do it, try to repeat that same motion with your thumb on the d-pad and with the timing of your other thumb pressing the button. Keep doing that until it feels like second nature and you don’t have to think about it.

I’ve never had that specific issue with Sadira, but the timing on some of her combos was really hard for me to get down at first, but once it became muscle memory, thing got much easier.

Sorry, it’s not much, but I hope it helps. Good luck!

It’s not really about Sadira… It’s just I have an input issue. And this can go for any character or just be seen as a general problem. ■■■■, I even have a problem with some openers with other characters. So I’m just trying to see everybody’s way of doing things. That’s why I asked even if you don’t play Sadira, please explain how you enter in your inputs, and if they’re reliable or not. Anyone who has played the game can tell me their way of doing things, and that may help.

I don’t really try to find it through memorization. I feel that’s what I’m trying to do too much and it’s getting frustrating. And it triggers me when I can’t do it xD. I usually do it a lot through rhythm with the way I had explained. Keeping my thumb down on the d-pad, and using the side of my thumb to slide across until I get right on the d-pad. Eventually, I’ll mess up and try to find problems, and I’ll get that rhythm. Right now I just found out that I can barely do Jago’s Wind kick on demand (Only in shadow, I have no idea why.). And I had found out I was doing it way too fast.

I suppose practice makes perfect, but it takes a couple of games, and I can be consistent… But then others I’m just jumping up in the air hitting nothing… ;-;. It hurts because when people try to knock me out of the air, those are the best times to use it… But it just doesn’t wanna work ;-;. Although I will still take your words into consideration. I do hope you’ll be able to learn the combo’s as well. It’ll be fun. And hopefully we’ll find each other ; ).

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It’s just repetition. Although in my case all those years of street fighter 2 helped. Although now I can only dp from player 2 side :confused:

Practicing specific inputs and setups for me has always been iffy, because even after I finally “get it” I find that I can actually do worse afterwards if I continue to practice it for long periods of time, because my hands and fingers tend to “overcompensate” and mess it all up again. So, for me, once I figure it out, I have to break periodically before continuing to practice it even more.

Why I don’t like practicing long period of times. And because it’s boring. Although I just try to find the Rhythm. It seems you do the same. I’ve been getting better so it seems my method works. I think my main problem was me doing it too fast. A lot of openers I was doing too fast.