Sadira dmg ender change suggestion

When having conversations with other sadira players the main problem we have is that sadiras damage may have been nerfed TOO hard in season 3. I’ve found that when i play in matches sadiras dmg ender doesn’t pack the punch it should.
when comparing sadiras level four damage ender to her level four hard knock down ender it shows that sadiras level four damage ender only does 3 more percent than her hard knockdown ender. The last hit of sadiras damage ender does not do enough damage to end rounds and could cost a lot of sadira players in AND out of tournament to lose because the damage they have worked for ON THE GROUND is not being rewarded as it should be . here is a video of how sadira can work so hard in instinct but not kill when it comes down to it .


I Was wondering if something could be done about its input and have it only trigger with qcb + HP. The current set up gets in the way when I’m trying to do manuals with recluse. Negative edge causes it to read qcb +p when I let go of the punch button, and the ender comes out. I hope they have fixed this with the latest patch (if so disregard this message, I remember a glitch of this nature at launch ) cause I only have up to the mira patch downloaded.

Sadly it hasn’t been fixed. In order to get the Recluse Linker off a punch manual you have to hold down the corresponding kick button for the linker you want. This gets annoying as it causes me to use way more heavy linkers than I want. Granted it’s great for baiting counter breaks, but I’d wish they’d adjust the negative edge.

I really don’t want to have to stop using this character :frowning:

I wish her new ender was sped up a bit. All her enders are fast, except the new one. It drags out a bit.

Not sure if am the only one experiencing this but when I try to cross up an opponent a wall cling would come out once on the other side. Never happened last season.

The only time I have that sort of problem is when Sadira fails to change directions after a cross up. Its like she’s lagging behind and doesn’t auto correct herself. This though happened in S2 as well.

I’m late to the party but as I side note I should address the negative edge thing.

It is not a bug!!

The negative edge window increased from s2 to season 3 I believe, but combos are not impossible. Usually all you need to do is delay the recluse linker a bit after the manual. Worst case scenario if you really can’t do this, just use kicks as manuals. They work just fine.

One time where negative edge may be difficult to avoid is when you’re buffering an autodouble or doing an option select.

I think that depends on how much damae your asking for. If we’re talking 15-20% percent more damage I don’t think she should have that.

Considering ala the issues she’s given me in the past: Her mobility which has dodged pretty much everything I can throw at her. That widows drop attack after throwing down a heavy dagger which makes her bounce off you I don’t think she needs anything else that could skew certain MUs

Unless she gives up something to make up for her speedy aerial mobility. She’s not meant to dominate on the ground anyway.

Personally I think you guys will be able to get a handle and find some stuff with her you can use to win. Take it from a guy who watched one of his mains get nerfed hard. Which actually made fighting Sadira much more difficult as a consequence.

More or less I’d be fine if her damae ender did something at least under 9-10%

I’ve seen a lot of people commenting on how they want Sadira’s damage to get a small buff and they’d be happy with the balance. Even non-Sadira players.

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Omg omg omg omg omg I didn’t even see that match bro that’s so f ed up to be honest Dayton stole that win :cry:


Honestly, given what her other enders are capable of, including shadow recluse, I’m kind of at a loss for why I’d even use her qcb P damage ender. Sure, if I need a slight boost to get that last sliver of health gone, I suppose it’s good, but other than that?

I mean, I like her having another ender. Honestly I wouldn’t mind if they gave her yet one more as well for variety’s sake, if nothing else, but this ender just seems kind of odd to me. Maybe if they nerfed the power of her shadow recluse a bit and slightly buffed the power of the damage ender?

I get that you don’t always have shadow meter, but I feel like I have it enough to where I can see the utility of using shadow reclose over just going for the straight damage ender. But maybe that’s just me.

On the flipside, maybe her damage ender is weak by design. Maybe they just wanted to up the variety in her enders so they added this one on. I’m sure that wasn’t the entire motivation, but if it was part of it, I can understand that.

Again, it’d be cool if she got another ender, maybe she does a few salticidae jumps in to widows drop followed by her ultra ender kick. Maybe it’s an exchange ender, or maybe a wallsplat ender, maybe it does no damage but it gives her the ability to use one, single instinct web, or maybe it’s a weak battery ender.

Sorry, drifted off topic a bit. :slight_smile: I really enjoy using Sadira, especially in season 3. Salticidae is really fun and something I’ve learned to use a lot recently. I’m still having a hard time making use of her combo trait and her damage ender, as previously stated, kinda bewilders me a bit. But other than that, I think she’s awesome.

Here’s hoping they add a little more to her to make her even more fun (if that’s possible). :slight_smile:

This would end up being a nerf overall, I think, unless it was a very substantial buff to her damage ender. Even with a “normal” damage ender on par with, say, glacius, she’ll probably still want to use her exchange ender most of the time for setplay. All you’d really be doing is cutting her damage in juggles, which is a serious blow to her strength.

Yeah I was trying to think of a way to make her damage ender more appealing as an option. I probably should’ve said “slight nerf” with regards to her shadow recluse and buff to her damage ender, but that’s more what I was getting at. I definitely wouldn’t look to kill her juggling game just for the sake of making one ender slightly more worthwhile.

@DEClimax @Iago407 all these thread shouldn’t be cause , the devs should know that the damage ender is slightly useless. its just like they close eyes and we stay there suffering.
when they nerfed her in begin s3 they should know that she needs her damages for cashout or give her better and longer juggles KV ( longer than now) or maybe nerf and redistribute slightly on other setups. at this rate RASH take all honor in juggles and we got nothing than hard work and no recapture in juggles. when i compare rash and sadira i don’t understand why between 2 aerial character 1 have damage af in shadow boot 14% raw and sadira 9 or 10% in shadow recluse why the toad got respect and not the spider? we was there before he came in the house and we still take the last place between aerial characters.

You can’t juggle after shadow boot. Sadira gets mixups after shadow cashout, rash doesn’t–at least, not without using his shadow wrecking ball, which does less damage than shadow recluse and is harder to juggle into the full hits of. Maybe shadow recluse should be a bit stronger, maybe not. We’re never going to reach a conclusion on that if you don’t acknowledge the full strengths of each move, though.


How is anybody supposed to take you seriously after reading these…I’m just being blunt here, but you clearly have no idea how to evaluate a character.

thats true

not true :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: man iam just jealous when i see all mixups rash can do in the air + recapt and good cashout who most of the time is shadow boot. don’t even ask why shadow boot lol

at last 11 or 12 % for the shadow recluse and for real this damage ender has to be changed of fixed in amount of add 2 or 3 % extra on it wil fully help this move.

I invite you to go try doing some juggles into shadow wrecking ball for full hits.

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