SADIRA damage ender AND linker

HI ,sadira players

I would like to know if someone see or feel the diferrence using the damage ender or the recluse ender, cause i dont see a big difference,

Also i feel like the damage linker don’t act like it must be, after a level 4 with the damage linker and damage ender ( you just see a extra 3% compared to the recluse ender togheter with damage linker)
could someone help me on this. ima try to understand.
Do you think they are really effective? and should we use that damage ender if hes useless.
i mostly use the recluse ender.

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The difference between the dmg ender and the hard knockdown ender is 3 percent of dmg. Id rather have a hard knockdown after mixing my opponent up and reseting them a bunch of times for big potential damage and to continue the mixup instead of having them quick rise for a small 3 percent difference .


Just make setups off the quick rise.

Easier said than done.What if your opponent has instinct? The dmg ender leaves you too close to the opponent and if they quick rise you may or may not have enough time to get out of the situation. To open them up again .

“Have you tried practice mode?”

I only use Damage Ender, if I know its going to END their life. :smiley:

that too

It’s been my experience that Heavy Recluse Linker is really good for counter breakers. And if you get meter, spending it on Shadow Recluse is still a really good way to cash out damage (and get juggles!)

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@FengShuiEnergy you just asked the best Sadira player if he’s tried practice mode, do you live under a rock @UATBNDaymein practically made all the new tech for Sadira.


Well again, “have you tried practice mode?” Honest question. What else do you want me to say?

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Whatever you say amigo.

You ever wanna actually get good at the game you should play against real players like my friends, daymien , bass, charbok, or dayton

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Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

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That’s good because I’m tired of low level players arguing with high level players.


Arguing? No…I just said “have you tried practice mode?”. Never got an answer to that.

yes i have .

why are you asking ?

You know, count some frames, do a little bit of lab work. Test some things, you know. Standard stuff.

Have you tried entering tournaments, playing against high level players who place in tournaments or anything?