Sadira 3.8

To be honest, I’m actually glad (yes I know I’m crazy) that Sadira didn’t get buffed. Yup. you heard it from me first. I’m glad that they didn’t touch her one way or another.

I’m not saying that I don’t think she needs a small buff or two. Even Infil during his 3.8 review stated that he felt that she needed her Instinct web damage buffed as well as the damage on her damage ender. You know if Infil says it, then he’s usually right on the money.

But having said that as a few of her worse MUs got nerfed even more, I think it’s a good idea to let any Sadira buffs rest for now until we see how she fairs now.


When a character gets nerfed , everyone else gets stronger.

I think Sadira, along with Omen, is about to be seen a LOT more.


No way Sadira needs a buff lol…I struggle against her so much…its not that she hits too hard or too soft…its I never know where she is coming from, where she is going to land, and I can not break her throw air juggles for nothing!!! I dont understand where to break and what strength. Nothing looks react-able and every time i break it timing licks me out.

I hate her I hate her I hate her lol

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Unfortunately, I think a Sadira buff is inevitable. Most of the pro players state that she’s one of the worse characters if not THE worse character in KI, of which isn’t really that bad considering all of the cast is viable for tourney play.

If IG did buff Sadira, I don’t think it would make her harder for you to play though. The things you are struggling with right now, wouldn’t change if she got a slight web damage buff or a stronger damage ender buff. In short, once you’ve figured out her shenanigans, you’ll find no matter the buff, she’s really not that hard a character to defeat.

@ZDhome Funny that you say that… I fought two Sadiralings today. They were adorable to watch, and it was almost (almost mind you) heart wrenching to crush their little spirits. I hope they paid attention to my tech. Sadly most Sadiralings that I fight generally rage quit against me and or give up and just stand there. :frowning:

Yeah but what you are saying is the same exact “buff” that Omen players have mentioned and everyone goes ape ■■■■ and says he would be to strong. I dont see where omen can Open ppl up more than Sadira can. So whats the difference?
Im just curious…what do you think the difference is in your opinion?

Omen has multiple ways of “safely” opening another player up. He can cover almost everything he does by Rashakukens. He has some of the best buttons in the game and his corner shenanigans is nigh unbeatable and if he is in the corner, once he has two bars of meter he can safely phase out and turn the tide. There is a reason why he has been considered one of the best characters in the game.

As he doesn’t struggle with hardly any match, has multiple ways to get in on somebody, as well as great buttons, buffing his damage would be an overkill.

Despite what a lot of people think, much of what Sadira does puts her at risk. Unless she’s in Instinct, almost everything she has can be easily punished. Good Sadiras will always make you think twice, but she isn’t a very difficult character to lock down. Unlike Omen, once Sadira is locked down she has virtually no options to get out. Even with meter Shadow Web Cling is useless in the corner, and even if you get out, it’s so slow that most people can attack her again.

There are very good reasons for Sadira mains wanting buffs because more than half of the cast can walk all over her.

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Oh come on… Omen has no wake up just like Sadira…he has shadow form and she has shadow kick move.
You are down playing Sadira’s ability compared to Omens.

I watched a match on CEO (not naming names) But said Saidra player destoryed said Omen player and damn near perfected him. BOTH great players. Omen had no chance, no options to get out of the cross ups and shenanigans.
It could go either way with a good start but Saidra is not weak and needs no more buffs than Omen.

Omen can run circles around Sadira. You are comparing one of the best characters in KI to one of the arguable worse characters currently. Using a match at a tourney isn’t really proof of anything, as has already discussed in another thread on the Sadira forum. She CAN be strong, especially in the hands of somebody like Kalypso, but what he does with Sadira is pure poetry, but he isn’t the norm. He just THAT talented.

In terms of why the Omen player lost so badly, has little to do with Omen not having the resources, and more to the player not being familiar with the match up. Sad reality is, you don’t see very many dedicated Sadira players out there, and even still most you do find aren’t that good.

Even IF Sadira was one of Omen’s worse match ups (and she isn’t), she herself struggles with more than half the cast.

Nobody is saying Sadira is awful, but that she is very hard to use and to be good with. The things I do with Sadira have taken years to learn, and even still I’m nowhere near the level that Kalypso is.

Hey @Infilament got any words to say on this?

worst character in KI? mission accomplished, thats where they always wanted her lol.


heart officially broken

Where’s @TheNinjaOstrich and his crying kitten meme when I need him! :stuck_out_tongue:


there are a ton of great Sadira players out there… just because they arent on here or on a tourney stream doesnt mean they exist. I fight more Sadiras online than any other characters besides Jago.
You are down playing your character by a mile.

You’re luckier than me. I hardly ever see a Sadira online and generally when I do their relatively new to her.

In the last 100 matches i’ve played, I only played 2 Sadiras.

I’m NOT down playing Sadira. Is she viable. Yes, nobody disagrees with that. Can she be deadly in the right hands, absolutely, but take a look at any tier chart, and she’s always at the rock bottom. I’m not making this stuff up.

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ive run into a few sadiras over the past few weeks but not many. the ones i do run into dont have an aswer to my hisako. MU knowledge pays dividends due to my time with sadie in the past, i tried to play her the other day and i had alot of fun. lost pretty bad though, she hits like a wet noodle and i cant kill fast enough before the opponent catches on to my BS

@R1stormrider try jump cancelling her auto doubles. It’s a bit more tricky out of instinct, but she CAN jump cancel any auto double now, and it does some pretty good damage.

i will give that a shot and see how it goes. lately i been using my new main (hisako) because all these cucks on ranked been pissin me off. so i am currently on a rampage atm and ignoring my alts. i do use mira still of course and really ruin people’s days

@SoSRaGnArOk I don’t think you can jump cancel auto doubles outside of instinct so you should stop referring to it as such. Instead you jump cancel your advantage frames. This is why there is a much longer delay outside of instinct. It’s also why you can jump cancel manuals.

Jump cancelled autos: auto is cancelled into jump which is cancelled into another auto.

This tech: let auto/manual/whatever END, jump during your advantage and cancel the jump into a double

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Okay that makes total since! Thanks for the clear up!!!

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No trouble dude, and the best part is you don’t need to do an auto first! You can do it whenever you have advantage frames. I don’t know whether you can do it if you are simply +1, IIRC I couldn’t do it from a light double, but I’ve done it from all three close punch normals (again, IIRC).

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Also to be clear, this isn’t a glitch, but a design trait? It’s great tech, but I don’t want to invest into pushing it to its boundaries if it’s gonna get removed.

Well glitches are one off ■■■■■ ups which are generally related to hardware issues and shouldn’t be replicable across machines, so it isn’t that. A bug is a software related issue which is due to the coding and thus can be replicated.

I honestly don’t know if it is a bug or design feature, it may well be the former as design features in KI are generally well documented (and one like this almost certainly would be). In all likelihood it is probably a bug, but that doesn’t automatically qualify it for being removed: remember that Glacius’ shadow counter during instinct was bugged in season 2 so the catch window lasted the entirety of the recovery animation, but rather than remove it they decided it was an interesting addition to his kit and “made” it a feature in season 3: this is quite simply deciding they like the feature and it shouldn’t be fixed as a bug.

If I were a Sadira main, I’d certainly explore this particular phenomenon as much as possible and work it into my gameplay, if it eventually got removed that would suck but I wouldn’t shy away from using my available tools while they are there (within reason).