SADIRA 3.4 conclusion after 78h25 min TESTED

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Hello everyone, after a non-stop week of playing sadira, minimum 10 hours per day, my observation is that (there’s always this lack of DAMAGE to make conclusion )

The flip out
greatest thing i wasn’t awaiting for :relaxed:

The flip out can certainly help against beginners, and those who do not know Sadira flip out, but when it come to fight against someone more experienced, flip out has not used much.

Thank you already for this attention that you have had in respect of her, because this is already a very good begining for her, you would notice, that just this small flip out addition, has brought back alot of Sadira players, I identified something like + - 45 that I did not know. ( just to show you how much love and hopes she got from peoples :smirk:
AND all hoping to finally be able to fight like everybody in this S3 (damage and options)

So here is my request @TempusChaoti @TheKeits @rukizzel @developers

Please can you finalise her ( here are some sample and quick setting)

-We need a 10% extra damages in shadow recluse.

we asked it longtime ago but in this pacth 3.4 that has been gived back to my best friend sabrewulf (shadow eclipse +10%( im happy for him tho, he needs that too :wink:)

-Be able to mix the H,M,L in the air

( i mean like the actual LP,MP, but LP,HP also should be possible or HP,LP whatever just let us the posibility to mix us juggles please, it should give her a serious pump

- Possibility to make instinct manuals cancel in the air without landing

yeah, we like to fight mostly in the air @TempusChaoti , IMo thats a way to make her really spectacular in the air and finish these moves with a recapture, shadow widows bite or the down LK to go to the cashout.

I don’t know for yall @developers, but sadira is a real BIG production industry, she can make this game appear really more fantastic in competition when she fight ( just look at @UATBNDaymein or even @lumierefatale or @macifreega or @grief and @ulsaltgod :heart_eyes: (my lovers)

when you see theses peoples playing her, you just understand that she could be better and simpler.
What i asked here, are just basic sample but goin to help her without making her too much strong, we hope her to be the air queen like said one of her taunt

"DONT JUMP, I OWN THE AIR" :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

i just hope your team @developers are realising that some of theses options could be interesting for her. much love see y’all soon

I just try to help fixing us loved and hated characters.

and finalise me once for all please @TempusChaoti

I know some
But if you don’t take care for your character, no one else are goin to do it!


I cannot believe you are asking for Sadira buffs after she got the biggest upgrade any character has ever gotten mid season.


this is one of the pepople who think she should get buffs

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bro this is the dangerous thing they could give her and they did

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Flipout= resets
Resets = 1st hit out of the combo system
1st hit out of the combo system= 200% damage for that attack

Without making experiments:

Since Sadira has more reset chances, has more hits out of the combo system, and that increases her damage output for the middle-long run.

So, that extra damage it’s probably higher than a “meh” 10% increase in shadow recluse.

Because, how much increase would be that shadow recluse. A 4%?

Flipout > 10% damage buff to s. Recluse.


amigo i agree with you @Dayv0

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LOl LOl are you alright bro??? when it came to give at your super super OP one kick 20% free :open_mouth: kim wu BUFFs at every patchs, you are happy, and because i try to help the sadira players clan you bring it ?

@SlenderCashew50 @Dayv0 coming from gargos players im not surpise lol lol GGS .

ohh let me guess you are a gargos hater lol not suprised if you are one

IMO Gargos needs a pair of nerfs

I don’t want a unbalanced game. If Gargos, Aganos, or anyone I use have to be nerfed with a good reason, I agree.

For now, Sadira it’s fine. Give her more time


give sadira a chance man. and by the way being a gargos player has nothing to do with it lol

could not have said it better myself man @Dayv0

I agree with what everyone has said here in terms of her not needing a damage buff (at least at this time). Given her near unlimited ability to reset her opponents, she really doesn’t need a buff to any of her damage. Successfully landing a flipout instantly gives her a brand new combo right off the bat.

I also want to add that unlike a lot of characters that have a limited amount of things they can do off of a flipout, Sadira has a crazy range of options due to being able to jump cancel the LK. Even if the opponent blocks it, she’s still positive and can go for a throw or simply go over the player and start a cross up.

They gave Sadira a LOT of new tech, so I completely understand why they didn’t buff her damage, as it would have made her OP. Lets give her a few weeks/months and see where she lands.


You think dragon kick is OP? Wow dude. I think you have bigger problems than your character.

Also, DK does 15%, not 20%. Hyperbole doesn’t help your argument.

Also false. Out of all the character patches that have been released, Kim has been buffed in only 2 of them: the Gargos patch and the recent 3.4 patch.

Also, when Kim got buffed after Gargos released, it took me until September to start asking for more adjustments. You’re asking for Sadira buffs ONE WEEK after she got a massive adjustment.

See, now it’s clear as day you’re letting your own salt mess with your judgement.


Anyone saying she needs damage buffs in the current patch probably hasn’t found the grime that’s there. Maybe talk about buffing shadow recluse after she’s lost the ~55% one chance in the next round of bugfixes.


wait a few months and you will see that she is good

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Again it is too soon to declare that Sadira is too weak to keep up with the cast. With the nerfs to several cast memebers and buffs to others, it is incredibly important to let things play out a bit. Out of all the cast, Sadira got the best buffs. We are just scratching the surface of her new tech. Again, let things play out. If the devs still see she is falling behind they will make changes.


i agree with you totally

just because of you @SoSRaGnArOk spider sister " i say yes ok" :smirk::kissing_heart:

i like the way you told it, its ok sister web ill listen to you :innocent: with open hart

@SonicDolphin117 im nope here to controverse with you, who’s always thinking to know all better than everyone. please just care about your kim woop and stop answer me please, i beg you on my knees.

ill do but after 78h i just feels the same probleme.just like the s3 begin. :expressionless: but ok we will see.
maybe like said my spider sister @SoSRaGnArOk she maybe don’t need damage buff but at last i think she needs the two others i mentioned