Sabrewulf's Eyes

Can’t we get some pupil-less eyeballs ala OG KI and KI2?

It would really make him crazier looking. Just keep the intense glow for Instinct. It could even be an accessory.


For his Retro? We’ve been asking for this small change for years. I don’t think he’s gonna change at this point though :confused:

I’m saying for all skins but for one skin works over nothing.

Yeah, the glowing, pupil-less eyes, at least on his retro, would be awesome.

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I think that would be a good way to fix the bug eyed Retro Wulf that’s urked a few people (though I think it kinda made him look like a puppy). It would certainly help make him more imposing in his retro.

Maybe there’ll be another sort of Retro outfit for Wulf based off of KI2, and/or some robo-arm accessories for his modern costume (I would use them basically non-stop)