Sabrewulf crashing game

when playing on windows 10 when i try select sabrewulf or trying to view his customizations for orange skins the game crashes to desktop. Is this a known bug or?

@KRAKENJIMMY have you heard of this happening before? I’m on console, and this hasn’t happened to me, but just saw the thread and thought I’d bring it to your attention in case you hadn’t seen it.

Can you confirm where this is happening so I can try to repro. Is this in the store/fighters customize area, or say any vs select and you select color ? (think it’s 3)?

Ok so when I go to customize sabrewulf when I go to his orange colour the game just freezes and crashes to desktop. And when I do Vs CPU in single player when I select him as my char it get to the end of his animation the game glitches then crashes again. Doesn’t happen with the free char available just now or under any other circumstances just when I try turn sabre orange for preview or try play as him

Ok think I got it. Sabrewulf, customize, tab over to colors & the orange one= crash. Any accessories already assigned to the slot in question? Also if you were to select him in vs cpu using the default costume and orange for the AI, does that = crash too? When you say gets to the animation is that on the select intro (walk into screen) animation or the loading screen?

Just anything involving his animation when you select him in char selections crashes before you can pick your opponent and yes the orange colour with no accessories crashes

Thanks, I will see what happens on a couple of my win10 machines and look into this.

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Has there been any progress on this yet?

Not yet, trying a 3rd machine tonight.

Not able to repro this on any of my win 10 machines- if anyone else is seeing this please comment and add any details to help find this.

@CipherMutt this might be something very edge case on your PC setup or possibly a file got corrupted at some point. I will send you a DM to continue investigation with more questions off this thread.