S3 launch time (hour)

We have preordered it and downloaded it. But… When do the update for the real season 3 will be launched? At the time the season 3 launches? Or the day before but only after 0:01 will began to be season 3? I Am a bit worried about this.

Well, the word is not worried. Is more like confused.

Most likely the morning of S3 Release.

Season 3 is a patch, everyone (even those that didn’t buy it) will receive it on the same day (not at the same time for timezone reasons).

What we bought was only the right to play with the new characters among with a few extras.

I’ve seen games become available the evening before a release date, but my guess is that it’ll either be at 12:00am (either ET because that’s the first time zone to hit midnight in the US, CT because that’s where IG is located or PT because it’s the last time zone in the continental US or because that’s where MS headquarters is).

Either that or it’ll arrive at some point over night so that it’s downloaded and ready to go in the AM here in the US.

Just theorizing though. I honestly can’t recall when Season 2 launched (ie the specific time).

Id honestly think that itll release sometime in the early AMs of CT. As in, IG/MS people get to work early that day and launch it. Or stay over night ironing out details and release it sometime early that day.

That’s the reason. The store said "you can download it, but you will only begin to play 29/03 (i’m european) at 0:01 CET.

That means that the patch must hit earlier, right?

Best thing to do is just wait until you see someone on here post that the patch it out. Set or Xbox to auto update and most likely by the time you wake up or by the time you get home from work…it will be ready to go.
But it usually never is ready when your sitting on the couch anticipating.

Good thing I get home from work at 6am pst/pdt. (I don’t know how initialisms work in regards to daylight savings time… I’m from AZ).

Timing is as of yet unknown. As someone mentioned Season 3 is delivered as a patch. Works a little differently than the games set to unlock at midnight.

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The fact that the Season doesn’t open right at midnight like a full game’s download and that it rolls out to various time zones/areas at different times explain why I chose to take a half day next week (leave at 1:30 PM) instead of taking the full day off.

Theoretically, it will be installed when I get home.

Heck, could be Monday night, a day early. Sometimes that happens. We’ll know when we know.

so, chances are im gonna have to uninstall and reinstall the game to get the patch ASAP? like last season when a character released? i wasnt ever one of the lucky guys that get it right away, had to reinstall every single time.

Same here. I wonder if I can activate the installation using SmartGlass, since I’ll be at work until 630am

Most likely, I had to do the same.

Will the PC-Version be available with the patch or will it be possible to pre-download the game earlier?

Has anyone ever looked into why that happens? I’m always one of the first people to get the patches but I never do the reinstall thing, yet I always see post like this one where people have to reinstall to get the patch.

Because usually patches go out in waves unless manually downloaded. This happens in other ganes as well.

From what they said before, they put the patch out in the wild and some people will get it and some don’t, then there is a time where the patch becomes mandatory and then everyone gets it. But since its already on xbl before you get it automatically by redownloading again. I guess its just luck if you get it early

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Windows 10 does not have a pre-install option. So when it is actually available, you’ll get it.

So uh… is there a possibility of a Launch Day stream?