S3 is good but could have been better

I strongly believe that MS could have given season 3 of KI a bigger budget but it seems that they simply don’t care about KI despite having 6 million players, tournaments and all this supprot we’re giving. But they just keep giving that “excuse” that shadow lords was very expensive to make and that’s why S3 is lacking stages and a bonus character. Don’t get me wrong, SL is great, it’s very fun and I am enjoying it, but I just think that more money should have gone into season 3.

Rash, Mira, General Raam and Eyedol (maybe even Gargos, as the astral plane is too much of a simple stage, unless they add more detail to it and an actual event that happens in the background during an ultra like the rest of the stages) could have had their own stages. And we could have also had a bonus character - pre-transformation cinder, human sabrewulf, human spinal, rushdown glacius, shadow orchid - so many ideas yet we got none.

Anyhow, I hope that we do get more stages in a future patch down the road someday.


I personally believe the shadow lords funds and the new lighting funds could have been put to way better use. The lighting system is a bust and is currently bugged (theres a thread about it with proof ) and shadow lords A.I has a “mathematical error”. Theres also an input bug now with directions (theres a thread about it with proof) and not to mention a ton of other bugs.

I’m sure they have a huge log of bugs to fix by now, since every patch brings about a ton of bugs. By the time they are on the next other patches they are still playing catchup fixing the previous bugs. Sure they get fixed (not all) but during that whole downtime it’s more players they are losing. Theres a reason alot of the s1-s2 top players have left the game.


It was 6 million players throughout it’s lifetime, not 6 million purchases.


Thanks, I stand corrected. Still though, if those numbers are real, then MS should have trusted KI more to be successful.

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They never said 6 million purchases… 6 million players… The game is free to play so that figure doesn’t amount to sales

Edit: see someone else stated the same thing… so ignore me :slight_smile:

I really love shadow lords. It’s an amazing mode, but I couldn’t agree more about the stages, except I think that astral plane is fine for gagrgos. Rash, mira, raam, and eyedol desperately need their own stages. Surely after seeing the outcry for the missing stages to be made for this long, and the repeated offers to pay for them/fund them ourselves, they’ll make them eventually right ? I would think so, but I guess you never know really.

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I do feel the missing 4 stages hurt it. Feels like we got way less for the same price this time around.


Can you show it to me.

opinions are like ■■■ holes, everyone has one. and it differs from person to person its up to be the developers to balance everyones desires, in my opinion they have done a wonderful job. personally i dont care abt shadow lords but i do know that majority of the people that have bought ki and will buy ki are casuals and shadow lords means everything to them. if u disagree just consider what happened to sf5!


Shadow Lords is pretty expensive. A lot of stuff is in the mode. Maybe it could rake in money so it could self support the game.

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Even so a lot of us purchased the “game” three times and some of us went a lot futher. lol

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Personally, none of those ideas sound like anything I’d want to play, none of them. And as far as stages go, the game honestly has enough. KI has more stages than pretty much any other fighting game out there, it’s only close competition probably being SF4 since it had at least 3 or 4 major content updates, and I believe KI still has it beat in that department.

So as far as where the budget goes, I’m okay with how things went, and the loss of stages for a few characters is an acceptable one. Astral Plane is also alright with me, and shadow lords is also pretty fun in its own way.

If there’s a season 4, I would also be okay with there being no new stages, as long as there were Ultimates, and the game didn’t completely devolve into a game devoted completely to mythical creatures. We’ve got enough stages already, I’m ready to see some better finishers like cinematic ultimates similar to Shadow Jago’s.

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I don’t miss the stages, i believe the game is almost perfect.

Also I prefer new characters over “new versions” like Shago, shorchid or whatever


Yeah season 3 is just OK I was looking for more but to be honest I guess it’s hard to top s2. And any word on a bonus character yet? I need Eagle dammit after spend 120 bucks totally feel let down because shadow lords ain’t gonna cut it they over thought season 3 in general. But I do love all the s3 fighters I can’t lie. The stages aren’t stoping the show but I think character dojo and fixed retrospective n faces wouldn’t been a better trade off and why doesn’t gargos have a ultimate like shago in season 1 at least in sl mode I just knew they’d give him a ultimate. 7 out of 10 not prefect but worth the money.

Why should we get a bonus character? What leads you to think season 3 should have a bonus character?

I think it is kind of sad that in your OP, S3 (as a whole) is being judged on the amount of stages.

When I initially ready your title, I too came up with things in my head that “could be better” in S3…more stages and music, and updated/expanded modes, more character accessories, just more, more, more. But all in all what is here and new in S3 is really good.

Because you called out SL specifically as a reason that S3 is lacking, I think you are kind of going in on it a bit harshly. SL is a HUGE single player mode with a ton of replayability. Not only that, but it is expandable, meaning that new storylines, loot, and characters can be incorporated, so I think it gives us a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel on top of the fact that it is a pretty cool mode on its own.

I mean sure more stages in S3 would be cool, but honestly in comparison to SLs as a whole, 2 or 3 stages really doesn’t compare. And none of this even takes into consideration that a PC version of the game was developed simultaneously with S3.

Probably the most important thing I want to highlight though, is that the Devs (according to the recent survey, and what they say over, and over, and over again) hear us, and know that we want more, more, more. From Ultimates, to accessories, to stages, to original characters, to everything else, I think it is safe to say those things are coming.

Whether or not MS invests more money into KI is a huge question mark. All us fans want them to, but us fans also aren’t privy to the behind the scenes of KI and the decisions that are made/come down from on high. Bottom line, KI is a fighting game, and FGs are niche in general. We aren’t Halo, we aren’t Gears. We won’t get the treatment of those franchises, but overall I think we have been treated fairly.


Are you kidding me? Another stage begging thread? Groan

  1. Please cite me one quote where MS said “shadow lords was expensive to make and therefore there are no stages and bonus character.”

  2. Not doing what you want and or spending more money on the game is not the same as “not caring about KI.”

  3. Look up the meaning of the word “bonus.”

  4. Everything has room for improvement. But saying KI could be better and needs more stages is like saying Michael Phelps could be better and he needs a few more medals or a swimsuit model could be better because she has an ugly toe.

  5. More money does not just miraculously make things better.


Failstiny (also know as Destiny) is a good example


LOL. I don’t even mind Destiny but examples abound of projects that people spent huge money on but produced utter garbage.

I’d also like people to take a moment to appreciate the irony of the sentiment “this game is not that great, I really want a bunch more of it.”

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