s.HK, stagger, s.HK, stagger = too good, IMO

So, @SlenderCashew50 plays a pretty mean Kan-Ra with a setup I’ve never seen before, that is this thread’s title. He hits me with a s.HK, which staggers, then hits me with another, which staggers AGAIN, and then from there he can either get a free command grab since it acts as a combo opener AND THEN a free antlion that can’t be broken for even MORE damage before I ever get a chance to break, OR he can forego the command grab entirely and just curse me AND put me into the corner (if I’m not already there to begin with) or at full screen distance with the sandtrap he placed there mere moments ago.

I would be okay with this if the 3-hit rule applied and I could break the command grab (or the follow-up antlion) as a result of it, or if he couldn’t get multiple stagger hits much like Tusk no longer can mid-combo, but as it stands from my current stance, it seems to be way too OP IMO…

Am I missing something? Is there a way out of this setup that I’m not aware of? Because I’m getting really salty because of it and am absolutely hating it. I’d appreciate your input @STORM179, @Infilament, and @F3Sleep


Cant Shago do the same thing with his Axe kick? 3 staggers in a row.

I too do not like the 3 in a row stagger. Eyedol can do with low Mage lightening as well.

yea the difirent is that you can break shagos after first hit

Whot? Low lighting its not a stagger, it has high hitstun, but it’s not a stagger,has big inconveniences.

Also, the Shago overhead kick it’s breakable after repeated uses



Wouldn’t you be able to break the second stagger?

You know, I can’t try right now, and I use this when I play Kan-Ra, but something in my mind says that the second hit is breakable. I could be wrong.

@FengShuiEnergy , do you know something about this?

Yeah the second stagger should be breakable, as far as im aware every other character is breakable after the first stagger, if Kan ra isn’t then bug thread time.



Is Kan-Ra’s st.HK the sand punt? If so, is the sand a projectile hitbox? Further, is Antlion a projectile?

If the answer to all of these is yes, then I may have solved the riddle.

Wrench in the gears is how stagger functions. I thought stagger counted as an opener for breakability rules (hence why Shago’s second OH is breakable) - if that is the case, shouldn’t the grab be breakable with lights…?

A normal grab out of stagger is techable with lights , a command grab isn’t.


i have a mean kan ra :confused: lol


WHHAAAAA?? You know what I mean… it cant be broken and it can be done 3xs in a row. Dont act like Im an idiot. You know its the same exact type of BS set up. (EYEDOLS MAGE LIGHTENING.)

That also applies to multiple stagger into grab? I did not know that. I learned something new!

Yes it is. Antlion is always unbreakable. I’m fine with that, although many people complained in s2 about this (since all recaptures mid combo were breakable except this one)

Yeah man, but it deals almost no damage, the second hit fills the kv meter (so you can do only one more normal hit after it), and has high chances to switch your stance.

It has two main uses: annoy from fullscreen(strips chunks, halts momentum, damages minions…)and set up safe teleports for pips. But deals really poor damage!


I actually thought every kar-ra knew about this set up. I honestly don’t know why kan gets two staggers but i honestly don’t think it’s that bad. What I do usually is b.HP, st.HK, clutch, ant lion and a shadow spike to finish. The whole thing is unbreakable and nets a damn good 30% if the shadow hits correctly with the curse to boot. If it were a bug that kan can’t be broken until the third stagger then that combo would still net a solid unbreakable 25% which is still really good.


Well, I know that 3 stagger moves in a row becomes breakable on the 3rd attack, as per the 3-attack with no break rule (and I’ve done this using a heavy breaker against Kan-Ra). So, no that’s not what I’m talking about. Close, but not quite…

@xKappaMan There is no 3rd stagger in the setup(s) I’m talking about.

I know, I just don’t know why shago doesn’t get the same thing.

He shouldn’t. And neither should Kan-Ra. The projectile aspect seems to be the cause, but I don’t think it should be considered a projectile (it reads as “special attack” in practice, and technically speaking, there is no actual opener with this setup) - it’s way too much free damage.