Rukari Streaming Shadow Lords Tonight

Rukari Austin ‏@rukizzel 2h2 hours ago
"So…depending on XBL services and what not, the current plan of record is to stream about 90 minutes of Shadow Lords this afternoon."
“2:30 to 4pm PDT”

Assuming that XBL works with us…

Get hype.

EDIT: It’s being streamed here:

Also, Rukari just used the official KI twitter to tease it.

Get hype X10 XD


I’m just wanting to try it out for myself. EVO early access turning out to not be too early :sob:


What Twitch channel will it be on, I wonder.

I’ll post as soon as I find out.

Also, just for everyone here, don’t expect news in this stream. If Rukari wanted to tease something he’d do it through the official KI twitter, not his own.

lol I know man

Just made a change above.

You guys’ll want to see it.

It’s confirmed!

Beam is actually a pretty sweet looking service. I wonder how it’s going to compare to Twitch.

For those of you who have an innate understanding of what Shadow Lords is, already, this may not be anything new to you.

With the abundance of stuff coming from Gamescom, though, it’s time for us to be able to sit back and have a panel-like, open dialogue with you about what to expect.


Why are you using “Beam”? Never heard of it before right now.

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Microsoft recently purchased it.

Guess that makes sense, just like Skype. I assume we can expect a “Beam” app on Xbox sometime in the future.

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Unlockable mimic skins confirmed for every character.



The first time you play, the cutscenes and characters are set, and you are put through a quick tutorial of the game’s mechanics.

First characters are Jago and Kim Wu.

You can quit after Day 1 though and go back with your own characters.

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More than just mimic costumes unlockable, others as well.

Also, new cosmetics for Omen/Shago confirmed.


There are more colours to unlock on SL besides mimic colours.


FINALLY PRAISE GARGOS!!! Finally omen gets more love.

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And they confirmed the beta is going to drop next week. Yay!

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They also confirmed the Omen is Shago-vomit.

My phone has already added it to its dictionary.