Rocket League!

Didn’t see a thread here, so I’ll make one!

Need to talk about Psyonix’s Physics-based Soccer car game, available on Microsoft Windows, OS X(TBA), Linux(TBA), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One?

This is the thread for you!

And to get the conversation started…

#Who’s Up for some B-ball April 26!?


Cool! Do you have Rocket League?

Yes I do, for Xbox One! Hopefully they can get that Cross-Network play soon, so I can play with some other Forum guys that play on PC, or PS4.

I’ve played this game quite a bit with @RGLOfficial and others. It’s hella fun to play and I, for 1, can’t wait for the new mode.

I play several hours every day, and have ever since launch. My game time on PC is almost 700 hours now. Have a ways to go until I’m rocketeer rank (still halfway into legend), but it will happen because I don’t anticipate not playing this game any time soon.

Basically, I think it’s one of the best multiplayer games ever made.

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While I don’t agree with it being “one of the best multiplayer games ever made” I do think it’s a lot of fun. I’m still stuck at semi-pro (doesn’t seem to want to go higher for some reason), despite having played the game for a few months now (ever since it released on the XB1). Do you have any insight for us noobs, Infil, particularly on how to rank up?

When are we going to get Cross-Network play so we can play? Lol

Maybe I should just shell out $1,000 and get a high end Gaming PC, plus $30 for Rocket League.

What are your thoughts on the Hoops update?

You might be playing it wrong. Lol Jk. :wink:

I would probably have to see how you play to offer any specific advice. Are you trying to do any aerials yet? Do you know how to defensively rotate? Positioning is probably the most important thing to learn at first, knowing when to go after a ball and when to let your teammate go after it (or when to let the opponent hit it).

The thing about Rocket League is it might be the game with the highest skill ceiling I’ve ever played. I’ve never played a game for 700 hours and felt so bad (compared to the top players). I feel like every game there’s a lot of stuff I should be doing but still can’t yet.

I dunno, I love Rocket League enough that you might be able to convince me to buy it on Xbox One for, like, the 5th overall time, lol. But I play a lot, so it might not be too fun for you guys if you’re still starting out, I dunno. We could play on teams in online matches and I could help you guys learn the ropes, though.

It looks fun! It’s way more aerial based than the hockey update, which was very ground and wall based, and defense looks really hard because every save has to be an aerial. I imagine it will be high scoring and people who don’t like to go into the air a lot will not have too much fun. But I’m looking forward to it.

I dunno if you guys have seen high level Rocket League play, but this is one of the more impressive montages I’ve seen. Lachinio is one of North America’s best players. The clip at 1:05 blows my mind every time I see it.

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Ranking up is just a time played thing. You earn points every time you play a match (that’s your “score” at the end, on the scoreboard), and you earn some bonus points for winning and for being the MVP. You’ll notice this score being added to your XP bar at the bottom after every match. After enough XP, you’ll rank up.

The ranks go like this:
0-9: Rookie
10-19: Semi-Pro
20-29: Pro
30-39: Veteran
40-49: Expert
50-59: Master
60-73: Legend
74+: Rocketeer

Also, the curve is exponential, which means that going from level 50 to 51 (for example) takes like 10 times as long as going from level 10 to 11. I’m level 65 after about 700 hours and it takes me about 50 hours to gain one level now, lol.

At the semi-pro rank, you should be earning a new level about once every 3-4 hours, I would guess, depending on which modes you play. Once you get to level 20 you’ll change from Semi-Pro to Pro.

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Nah, I’d have to gift it to you then. 5 times buying the same game? lol

I’ve seen him! The stuff he does is mind blowing. I’m trying to become 1/10th good as him, lol.

I always go into games like I’m going to be the next big thing, so I analyze everything. From setups, to positioning, watching high level players and the works…Lol

I like games that give you tons of freedom to do what you want, and expand on your own play style.

Yeah I’ve bought it once for myself and at least 3 times for 3 different friends (at full price). I love the game so I don’t mind, but yeah, buying it a 5th or 6th time is kind of tough. If you gifted it to me I would totally play it with you guys, but I would never demand you do that or anything.

Maybe! But you wouldn’t mind switching your controller to play on Xbox? I just assume you are accustomed to PC.

I use an Xbox One controller to play on PC.

Oh really? Good to know! Lol :smile:

Hey @GalacticGeek, I challenge you to do this trick:


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Also, Rocket League is free on Steam for the duration of this weekend! Go play it if you haven’t tried it before and have a decent enough rig!

By free, is it more like a trial, or similar to Games for Gold?

Free trial, after the weekend you’ll have to have bought the game to play it (but it’s also on sale this weekend).

It’s just a clever way for them to get people to try a game they may have been interested in but didn’t want to pay for.

If you have a decent PC, we should play on PC this weekend! If you aren’t sure whether it will run, download it for free and test it out.