Revitalizing Mira Discussion (Tech+Matchups)

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So these forums have been pretty dead for a couple weeks and I’m wondering about what all the Mira players have been working on in terms of strategy.

I’ve been climbing the ranks with Mira and I’ve been having the most luck playing grounded footsies with her.
But I’ve been running into trouble against characters that tend to go crazy, like Sadira, Riptor, Rash, and Cinder.
Does anyone have any advice for how to approach these matchups?

Additionally, what setups have you guys found to be most useful? I tend not to go for juggles as often the setup after lvl 4 damage ender or any bite ender are just too good to pass up.


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Sadira I find her to be overall a tough matchup because of a lack of proper anti airs with Mira. The way I try to play the matchup is keeping my distance from the beginning, and using Heavy bats to lock her down before going in, and then try and capitalize on all opportunities to keep her locked down. If she gets away or get her offense started, best to mist away as soon as you get a chance to do so safely (best bet would be to wait for the timing in which we is on the way down from her jump arc, already on top of you, and then mist up/forward or back/forward and air dash away, to try and return to neutral). This approach is kinda heavy on the blood damage, so try and snipe some of her jumps with a Medium embrace here and there as a good bet to recover some silver life and lock her down. For a Meaty, use s.MP for the best hurt box to stuff her shadow options on wake up (except for the wall bounce getaway, which had full inv).

Against riptor I haven’t encountered many issues, I don’t find the MU hard, but then again I haven’t played many. I’d use C.HP and M embrace to try and fight her off if she jumps too much, and make good use of light bats and s.MP for grounded footsies.

Cinder seems kinda troublesome if you let him go wild or give him too much space. Try to be on him at all times, put some jabs in between consecutive trailblazers and bait the DPs, punish them as late as possible with s.LK > trephine to spot if the Pilar is coming or not, and for a punish that works both against regular DP and fired up DP so you won’t risk going for the wrong punish.

Rash… Basically same strategy as above, but this time he only has a shadow reversal, so it’s even easier to bait and punish. I do have some issues dealing with wrecking ball because of Mira’s not so great anti air options, but a good way to avoid it is to just space it so you can dash under is it’s too high, or simply try not to be at that distance where he can do it low to the ground and hit you late, because then you’ll have to suck it up and block, because you won’t get a c.HP in there before he follows up with a jumping normal.

As for setups, check some of the videos compiled on the 1st post of the Mira tech thread by @R1stormrider. I personally either go for damage ender if I play the combo game and get a lockout or counter breaker for heavy damage, or I’ll go for the wall splat ender if I’m near the corner and need the life gain with shadow embrace follow up.

Other scenarios where I want a short combo into setup I’ll go for the juggle ender 90% of the time. Follow up with sweep for hard knockdown into Meaty crossup j.HK or air dash back into a front J.HK for a fake crossup. Or follow up with s.LK into heavy reaping for the recap, to catch them trying to break the sweep. Near the corner, I’ll go for wall splat for the setup (follow up with grab or sweep or counter breaker) while maintaining corner positioning.

Embrace ender… I don’t really ever use it, honestly, except to end an in-between rounds combo, for the life gain after the kill.

I’m still pretty behind in the leveling of Mira, but I’m starting to get better albeit very slowly. Here are some things I do that work.

Her command back + FP is very good as it leaves you positive on block. If they block, I’ll throw a LP bats which usually hits those unaware it’s still my turn. On hit I’ll do st.FK into combo. You can do fierce or medium trephine also, or reaping.

Basic Instinct cancel tech I use is combo > shadow bats > instinct > vampire mist > LP bats > medium/fierce trephine

Fake cross ups are key to using her, so you can get in with regular cross ups and confuse the opponent. On instinct you can chase down runaways with mid air dashes like crazy and mist through their air to air or anti air attempts.

Grounded footsie her s.MP is so good, and can go into combo with it, or if you catch a guy in the air with it, chain it into shadow bats then can hit them with recapture.

I still have a ways to go and I’m still getting blown up hard when opponent catches on my anti air is total crap atm.

Makes sense! I tend to use bite ender since it’s an untechable knockdown with corner carry. Have you guys found out any strategy against Glacius? I’ve been playing since Season 1 and his Season 3 gimmicks are like dealing with a new character.

Bite ender is a hard KD? =O

I never knew this… gotta test it out, but this is new info for me xD

As for Glacius, I find the MU kinda tough, but then again it’s probably an issue with playing against Glacius, and not because of Mira x’D I’ve always had difficulties finding the patience to fight Glacius. In any case, his S3 gimmicks are only really a thing if you let him get hails out and then telepunch, because this way he’s safe on block.

To block the puddle punch, you have a specific graphic tell so you can know if he’s porting behind you or in front of you. If he has ice shards around the puddle when moving towards you, then he’ll resurface behind you. If it’s a normal puddle, then he’ll resurface in front of you. This isn’t always easy to be aware of, if there’s a lot happening on screen, but it is the way to know and block.

Multi hail is a btch to deal with, though. Make sure you use a lot of bats and air movement to get around them, and try to avoid misting too much, as it’ll cost you a ton of health and most likely you’ll run into a hail more often than not, IMO.

Bite ender can be quck rise’d but if they do you (and they will very likely) get free meaty of your choice. If blocked you can do a high/low mixup into another high/low mixup or a high/low into shadow bat which you can setup ANOTHER mixup of high/low or crossup/fake crossup.

said setup if the quick rise is bite kd>cr/>m/h reaper
or bite kd>cr/>shadow bats> mixup of your choice.

Yeah I didn’t mean Hard Knockdown I meant meaty setup, was in between rounds as I was typing. Using meaties in this game is crazy good, so many people love to press buttons on wakeup. I took a lot of the Glacius advice and I think I’ve gotten better with that matchup, mostly knowing how and when to go in vs hail. I’ve been trying to figure out Kan Ra, Gargos, and Fulgore. I think for those I honestly just need more matchup experience because people in Ranked don’t always use them to their full potential. I also find that going for short combos isn’t worth it because if they have a chance to wakeup that’s more chances for them to come back, open you up and damage you, which if you’ve spend health to get in and mix them up, is often catastrophic

Plus even if I get broken, I still do more damage than most characters get off lvl 2, and Mira’s movement is so good that you’re probably going to open them up again.

It’s just my observation however, I know there’s a lot of different discussions about it. What do you guys think?

Oh, yeah, Meaty setups you get after any bite, but I’m pretty sure it’s only true Meaty if you go with a light, otherwise they can jump out and they’ll get hit as airborne? Although I’m not entirely sure of this, especially in regards to the enders, because I don’t usually use bite ender, mostly neutral embraces.

@AlohaMars just wanna point out that c.MK/s.MK isn’t a high/low mixup, unless you mean against a char like hisako, if she wants to parry you. Mira had no high low mixups with her ground normals, as she had no overhead normals. You get the high/low with reaping (between M or H), but it is always easily shadow counterable at close range, so it’s a risk.

Her best Meaty mixup is actually, IMO, between Meaty s.LK > heavy trephine for confirm/continued pressure, and embrace for life gain > repeat Meaty setup, or normal grab > oki setup. Going for Meaty reapings isn’t one of her best options unless the opponent has no meter to shadow counter, IMO.

As for short combos, that really depends on the matchup, IMO, but overall in the great majority of the situations I’d definitely say Mira always wants to play the combo game and try for the lockouts and catch breaking patterns to go for the counter breakers. I’ll only go for really short combos after bad openers or once I want to finish a life bar, or just want the wallsplat into guaranteed shadow embrace life gain.

It’s not a high/low but if they block high they can get pegged with a low hitting so a low mixup I guess?
Meaty reapings can work pretty well if you land the last hit meaty and based on spacing you can make the -4 on block safe. It can be done off throws (maybe shadow reaper?) and maybe sweeps but the degree of how far you cn lannd the meaty reaper varies on space.

Oh, yeah, I was referring to this meaty situation specifically, after an embrace, in which you can only get a meaty reaping with first hit.

Meaty 2nd hit reaping is a really good mixup, for obvious reasons, especially if you have shadow meter for shadow bats. Confirm into free manuals or more free pressure, it’s amazing. It’s one of two main uses I take out of reaping in the neutral, together with bats/shadow bats > reaping spaced so it only hits once.

As for the c.MK meaty, well, sorry that’s not a mixup at all, it’s just a meaty xD the opponent has no reason to block high on wake up when Mira has no overheads. It might be a mixup if you meatied a neutral jump ou jump in, and went for empty jump > low, but that’s not an option in this specific case scenario.

Hey there, hope you are enjoying Mira!

I’ve been waiting to fight against a very good Cinder/Rash/Sadira/Riptor so I could show you some game play but it’s hard when all you fight are Jagos haha. I was able to fight against a Cinder player and it just so happens to be one of the best in the business. Great games, had me on the edge of my chair lol. Anyway here are the games. I want to show you so you can get an idea of what to do. Bait his reversal by back air dashing from a forward jump, avoid pyro bombs, and try to keep him on the ground. Good luck!


Spectator note:

I’m lurking this thread since it’s begining, and I’m really enjoying all this. Mira is an unique character and I really enjoy reading all the love you guys have for her.

I could give my input about Aganos and Gargos if you are finding them hard to fight, or simply if you want to talk about them :slight_smile:


Please do! I could really use some advice on Aganos and Gargos!

Also I’m currently making the run for Top 32, and I’m sitting at #95 right now. If/when I get the pro star, I’ll be doing it for all the Mira mains out there!

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Keep it up! I think I am currently sitting around 25ish on ranked. I think Mira has an easier time climbing the ranks because not very many people know that match up. Work it!

One quick tip on Aganos, use Shadow Bloodseekers to instantly remove all his chunks if you catch him doing something.

One quick tip on Gargos, most Gargos’s like to spam when they are in Instinct, if they spam it, answer back with medium embrace. It’ll catch him and will let you spam c.HK until Gargos uses his explosion.

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I’ve been stuck at around 96-106, these matches are getting so hard! I’m getting blown up by Arbiter and Riptor, it seems like they can really take advantage of Mira’s weaknesses.

My advice for Riptor is to just train against her footsie pressure as I’ve found that learning it helped me quite a bit. Punish her j.HP fire-breathing by shadow countering the 2nd hit, and when she is in instinct don’t mist. Her longer reaching moves will knock you straight down.

Can’t say much about Arbiter, I can’t seem to ever fight one. But I do know you can mist out from his grenade and it’s possible to recap him if you cross up him with mist. Super bad ■■■ looking lol. Risky though.

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Can’t say a$$? Wut.

Ok, let’s start with Aganos!

Throw any question you have. I played several times against @Skryba, and the Aganos-Mira MU is a really fun one. Both characters have strong points against each other, and given their unique mechanics, it’s a really fun to play MU.

Some random stuff:

-Shadow Blood seekers is the definitive anti-chunk attack. If Aganos is fullscreen and does anything, like setting a wall or re-chunk, this will destroy all chunks.
-If there is a wall behind you, you may be cautious about jumping, fearing a ruin into wallcrash. Remember to use mist, so you can jump to bait a ruin, use mist, and punish freely. Even better if Aganos uses shadow ruin, since you can react the screen freeze
-Mira is very good stripping chunks. All her MP work wonders, and her HP normals have good range
-Aganos is very weak to throws, and on wake up he has to guess throw or meaty, since he doesn’t has a invul dp. Only shadow pulverize and jumping wins throw, all the other options loses to it(block, shadow ruin, wake up throw…) since his backdash is useless, so knocking down an Aganos and trying to use L. embrace during his wake up is not a bad idea. Use it ocasionally, but don’t get predictable
-Never use regular blood seekers against a fullscreen chunked Aganos. M payload assault is fast, and will hit you on recovery, destroying also the bats, and he has time to rechunk again.
-Avoid using Trephine or Reaping if he has chunks. Start your offense with Heavy attacks into specials, or strip his chunks.

Some of these advices are very basic, and I assume you may want more advanced stuff, so feel free to ask particular situations :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for the advice! I’ve been going through a rough spot with my gameplay the past few days. You guys ever hit a point where you play like crazy for a week, then one day you just lose steam? I dropped all the way down to 150 :frowning:

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One question I do have is how do you guys bait and deal with Shadow counters? Once people learn the matchup I feel like this is gonna be something to watch out for so I want to learn about it as early as possible