Revised One-chances

Addendum, HP,HP target combo into S Truth Seeker into manual Grenade pop, throw grenade, grenade pop, medium cmd grab, any Mercy’s Demise into damage ender +3 bullets (Overall we spend 3 grenades, 3 bullets, one shadow bar, shield required at the start) is 47%

These are pretty cool. Resource intensive, but cool and pretty damaging :slight_smile:

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The original used instinct, dealt less damage. Plus, there are plenty of occasions where at the end of the game Arby has most of his clip.

Yeah, I can imagine. We should play sometime - been a loooooong time since I’ve fought an Arbiter!

That MU is way too stressful and soul-crashing. Sakos ability to parry shield pop, dash under grenade pop and possibly taunt in my face after that fills me with distraught. I’m certain plenty of other better Arby’s are up to the challenge. She is too small for some cool stuff to happen, basically anti-fun tech.

Or to put it honestly, Code devoured me in that MU.

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Haha. Ok, no worries :-p

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Hisako can parry shield pop ? Thats plain cheap

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Laughs in cr.MK > parry cancel

She can blow up reversals from almost the entire cast. Arby at least makes her guess on which option she wants to shut down. :man_shrugging:t5:

That said, yeah, that fight sucks for Arby. He’s a massive hitbox just waiting to get hit :sweat_smile:


Sako one of the cheapest in the game, outplay her and still be punished for it a lot,this game was left very imbalanced, the more i play the more i see that. But at least they overly nerfed the fair chars and never touched the blatantly broken ones. Ki is still great with good players, but its hard to stomach so much bs trtying to get there.

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I disagree, game is fairly balanced, Sako sure has some ■■■■■■■■■ but cmon, who doesn’t. Sure I think that you need to work way more than Hisako, but it isn’t tragic, unfair.

If you’re getting punished by Hisako for the things you do, then you are by definition not “outplaying her”. :man_shrugging:t5:

Yep, jump her Cthrow on wake up, she still parries the jump attack, good gameplay

Or shadow countering how much Hisako players mash cuz they can just brain dead 0 frame parry any punishment for something she shouldn’t be doing. Not only are u not allowed to outplay her in basics but she can just parry your shadow counter too, real balanced. So unless u have a real non shadow wake up, she can just spam on u all day without any fear of punishment save something that leaves her -87. How any developer thought that was good design is beyond logic.

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Only thing wolf has that is unfair or cheap is overpower, that’s literally it, tons of stupid broken stuff in this game but I have to earn everything like a sf player would. I’m sure there’s some other fairish chars but too many broken ones that have dominated since launch. Ig ignored all the blatant bs cept s2 wolf which was only dumb because of his dmg and cancels during instinct had too fast of a cool down. Meanwhile jago, Fulgore, aria, Mira, eagle, etc etc all go completely untouched, take away some stupid stuff, then give them more stupid stuff, ig, balance, good gameplay.

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I think we are slowly losing what this thread was about and go into overheated conversation about biased idea of what this game is and how should it be balanced. There is no difference between Hisako’s cmd grab into parry, or Jago’s meaty grab into dp. Or wait, in the 2nd scenario you’re done, with 1st you have options. I’m not a Wulf player by any means, but I’m certain he has options to fight back, his button are too good. Also I think back to your statement of Overpower being the only cheap thing, cmon, his buttons, throw range and walking speed make him shimmy pretty well, I don’t think we have to glorify that playstyle.

Also she has to pick high or low, Wulf has fantastic low threat and ability to confirm into damaging combos, be creative with your approach.

Abilities she has had since she launched more than 3 years ago. If you as a player are refusing to acknowledge the capabilities of the character you are fighting, then again, you are manifestly not outplaying them.

Hisako is strong, of that there is no doubt. But pushing buttons or shadow countering in situations without regard for what she can do about it is bad play, pure and simple. You want to blow up counter cancels, then watch her wrath and make her spend it on offense - she gets two “free” attempts before she’s left with insufficient meter for any cancels. Or just wait and bait it out, or even take your chances forcing her to guess high or low.

And Wulf has a 19 frame forward dash that crosses up. That’s not exactly a staple of this vaunted “fair” play you keep bringing up. Every character in KI has ridiculous dirt, as evidenced by the opening post where Arby does 70% off a one-chance. Actually being the better player and outplaying your opponent entails forcing them to deal with your ridiculousness, and minimizing or mitigating the amount of time you have to deal with theirs.

There is a difference between a character breaking your movelist, and a character stopping your gameplan.