Revised One-chances

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So because she’s been broken since launch, it’s balanced , it’s my fault for not out playing broken trash too, got it, good argument… u mean her wrath bar that recharges when she takes one step, yep, more good design. Sabrewulf has a dash and a frame trap, game breaking. Shago does too, and 50 ports and best fireballs or second best, almost impossible to tell which side he’s attacking on based on randomness, full screen fast slide, does 50 percent dmg instinct on a mistake, and a dp. I got a dash and a frame trap though, balanced, makes sense.

Not complaining about having to outplay other chars, complaining about chars that ruin the game with brain dead gameplay with no fear of punishment for playing bad against a lot of the cast.

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You would obviously rather complain than seek a constructive solution to your dilemma, so I guess I’m done here. Hisako is unbalanced and there are no counters to her kit, Wulf is fair, IG sucks, etc etc. Got it. :ok_hand:t5:

Apologies @s0undy44 for the derail. I’ll let you get back to discovering cool tech for Arbiter.

He’s a sf char where u have to outplay your opponent to win, lots of chars in this game get rewarded for playing bad, that nonsense should never be in fighters

Because you have no logical refute, now I’m making stuff up. Reverse psychology for when you lose an argument for 100 Alex.

I don’t even have the clue where to search anymore, same with Jago and Cinder. I can look for stuff for Shago and TJ, I feel there is still some hidden goal there. Last time I looked for some Cinder tech it ended on trying to juggle with S Clap and that’s the last thing I want to do. In 3 months I might do definitive combo montages for those chars, but apart from that… Right now I have my eyes on DMC V, so probability of finding sth new for KI is low.

Here is some of my stuff I don’t know if I ever posted here, I also have an upgraded ver

The best place to look tho is the Last Stylish Dance montage and Profaned Rollbqck, those have some wicked Arby techs.

It’s certainly swaggy, but that sucker is wildly breakable methinks. Even before the instinct pop I think there were two or three pretty doable break points. :thinking:

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Oh yeah, those I keep for taunt happy folks who decide to do sth risky whilst low health, and I manage to block that. I can’t really compete with my unstable internet (try to imagine getting dq’ed from online tourney due to constant disconnects when Cinder color 10 is on a line :frowning: ), I can show off on ranked at least, play to do sth cool. It’s a different game philosophy, as I’m not even allowed to compete without constant fear of “is it going to dc, will this be alright, I don’t want to ruin someones tourney, day”. People like to call my approach stupid, I call their distant and alien.

Ah. Yeah, dodgy internet is no fun for sure, especially in a competitive environment. But so long as you’re enjoying the game, that’s really all that matters. Play how you want :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t5:

I always watch these videos and am so impressed by the creativity of juggles. Then I see the damage and laugh at the amount of work needed. Still, it makes the game fun for sure, especially when playing casually with friends, that stuff looks sick.

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I think those are really good to finish games.

As Arbys take often conservative approach, I often have like 12 bullets by the end of first lifebar.

Like ppl want a new ki, but really the next devs need to tone down alot of stuff in KI for real and also thier approach to balancing the cast.

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