Retro Gargos

EDIT: Wish granted, he’s perfect. Completely new head and feet, looks a thousand times better than the modern look.

Honestly all I want from Retro Gargos is a new head.

Take off the horns, take off the tusks and the ape face and give him a nose, pointed ears and a bald head. Keep the body, keep the physique, just change the head and the retro will be perfect. Maybe give it an accessory set with horns and a beard to match Shago’s demon face from instinct just for fun.eet.



Normal outfit: demon
Retro: gargoyle

Two monsters, one shot


If Tusk’s retro is the standard, I am sure Gargos retro will be good.


Yeah him not having a nose did bothered me so Im hoping Retro Gargos looks like the KI Gold version

I’d love it if the face was based on the old one. It clearly took heavy inspiration from Tim Curry. Most likely his “Darkness” character from Legend.

Better be something “Disney’s Gargoyles” out of that! Like Goliath!

just make his retro’s face look like in this design

case closed.


I’d prefer his retro to actually look like… well his retro design. Save the horny beardo for an accessory set.


When is the Mira trailer???

I would expect that to be a thing. As far as Gargos goes. Personally I freakin’ love the new look. He looks really monsteorus and in-human.

I like everything but his monkey mouth, otherwise he looks great. Though he doesn’t look very much like a Gargoyle anymore.

Monkey mouth CONFIRMED

I think that’s very debatable since gargoyles are pretty much winged monsters and they tend to vary in appearance to some extant though typically they are bipedal. I think Gargos looks more than just a mere gargoyal however. I think the ape like mouth is fine. I think it makes him look vicious. At least now we have a viable monster character in season3 so far.

I wouldn’t mind if Eyedol makes it as the next character.

I find the ape-face to be a little to goofy, that’s why I’m hoping the retro looks like his original design at least in the face.

I don’t see how they are going to make retro Gargos actually look like his retro though. This new Gargos’s entire physique is much different than old Gargos IMO. This new one looks tall, lean, and standing up right, while the old one looked short, hunched over and kind of “thick”.

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Well of course it won’t be the exact same but we’ve seen that they can do minor model changes, like how retro Cinder is much more toned and muscular than his default costume. The main thing to change is his face, make him bald with pointed ears, give him a nose and remove his tusks, make his skin more red colored and BAM close enough.

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I know they can do that (And I would be fine with that) but I have a feeling some people are going to be upset with the outcome, much like how people were very upset about some of the other retros not being 100% accurate.

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And retro Gargos had larger pronounced lips and more of a human like head

Honestly I agree with this. Because when I saw gargos for the first time it threw me off. I assumed his face would look exactly like this aura. It to me needs to be implemented because it symbolises him and is just weird to have this show as his face and not actually have him like this in the game.