Retro Gargos

I think that’s how retro gargos should look like too.

I agree with mostly everyone here. The monkey face looks ugly. Perhaps there is more meaning to that? maybe him being a demon type character (spiritual entity) means that they have no need for reproductive organs and breathing, they are after all just spirits so maybe the current Gargos design reflects on him not having the need for a nose. I don’t know if that makes sense but that’s the only solution I could think of. I also don’t like Gargos’ eyes, looks like the skin around his eyebrow area was burned off. I really hope they change his monkey mouth but they’re probably too far ahead in development to do that, and likely not happening.

Hopefully his retro will be awesome and have a proper nose.

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I’ve been thinking though, what if instead that was omen’s face under the mask?

Unless they merged him with the ape character idea some people were suggesting a while ago. Donkey kong with wings lol.

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Omen has no face. That’s the point of his mask.

Really? That sucks, his masks are too goofy.


Maybe Gargos physical manifestation is simply based in the expectations and fears of the humans who see him. Reminds you of something?

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Yeah, I guess everyone is afraid of the dentist. :rolling_eyes:

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Now I’m wondering if his retro will affect the demons as well.

J. Edgar Hoover?

Of course he looks ugly, ya don’t have to be handsome to be a terrifying demon king or some sort. Leave the pretty human looking faces to the somehat more generic monsters, like Mira the vamp.

Personally I’m not too iffed about the Gargos face because I’m sure it’ll grow on me. I do however look forward to seeing his Retro.

Actually the only real issue I have with Gargos’ new look is I think he should be a bit more muscular but considering the way he looks now, he comes off as a charismatic villain which I think is one of the best kinds.

Seems like he’s intelligant but he’ll flip on you when he actually attacks and showcases cruelty and savagery.

I wonder how different his Retro will be. Like will they just do a head swap, maybe make a head model based on KI2 Gargos and slap it onto his current body, or will they try to make him more beefy and hunched over like he was in KI2. I am very curious.

i highly doubt they would do anything that effect his height. everything else is fair game including his muscularity.after all retro glacius is more buff than classic so it should be fine

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Wow, retro Gargos is perfect! Damn.


Would you happen to have a screen shot? My internet was messed up during stream and didn’t catch the first half


did anyone see the green goblin color for retro gargos?

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I gotta say…compared to the original’s face they nailed it…but with the proportions being different he just looks bad.
They didn’t get his wings right…They were originally black in between the “fingers” and looked more…Vinyl??

Yeah I have to admit…his retro design did not translate well to this generation lol

I think he’s fine, there’s no way they could change his body to look like the top-heavy original design without totally redoing his skeleton and having an adverse effect on his animations. They did what they could with his base, they changed his head completely and his feet.

The monkey-faced, sloth-toed modern outfit looks like trash compared to the awesome retro look so I’m thrilled.