Respect salutes

Any update on them? @TempusChaoti

Can’t wait to do something like jago’s time-out victory pose at the end of an online ranked match.

Although I think it should just be the bow, but who knows.


I don’t think they are going to be a thing, sorry.

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That’s cool, I still think they have a good chance of making it in.

I really like this idea. Right now since I mute everyone to avoid toxic talkers I can only show respect to my opponent by sitting still at the end of a match.


I dig this idea. Gargos animations are the best.

Lol I feel sorry for the other guy on the other side of the portal…

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I didn’t even know these time out animations existed lol

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I like this idea a lot. People have remarked on the toxicity of the community as of late. Before you say anything, yes, I know that the event in question was in reference to a small handful of people. But it must be noted that playing strangers online hasn’t been the greatest experience with this game either.

Obviously, the netcode is godlike, but the people… Well, that’s sort of a mixed bag. Full disclosure, I haven’t played anyone online in over a year. I stopped, because I didn’t want to hear people shouting obscenities in my ear or using racial or homophobic epithets because I had the audacity to zone them out with Glacius.

Now, of course, I found some really cool people online, no doubt. But the ratio of good to bad wasn’t positive enough for me to want to continue that experience.

So what does this have to do with a respect taunt? Well, I didn’t want to even bother playing people online while muting them, but if I could actually see visual evidence of them being cool without having to risk getting shouted at? I’d be MUCH more inclined to play online and start talking to people again.

So for me, it’s not just a way of communicating “good game,” it’s a low risk way of figuring out whether this is someone I might want to have another match with or even talk to.

Yes, a respect taunt could be used by a troll as well, I get that, but I feel like the intention of it’s use could be readily apparent (ie if the person teabags me five times before using the taunt).

@TempusChaoti, I’d really appreciate a respect taunt. I think it could be a way for people that are good sports and/or respect other players to find one another and see who they are more clearly, without having to put on the headset and hope for the best.

I don’t mind taunting and teabagging in a game if it’s someone I know and we’re having some fun, joking around, etc. But I’d like to at least get to that point with someone first, in terms of familiarity and I’m disinclined to get there with someone if it means having to go through people that do that in our first match (while screaming nonsense in my ear the whole time).

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look them up on youtube they’re pretty interesting

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I agree with you completely. Except that I think we should stop calling them respect taunts. Maybe a better name would be salute, respect salute or something along those lines.

By the way, so what’s was the big deal in the community everyone keeps talking about?

Oh I’m totally fine with that. Taunt’s not the right word for it. Salute sounds perfect to me. Give everyone a taunt and a salute.

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Do you think we’ve spoilt as a community?

go to the 59th post and work your way down.

Back on topic: I would be fine with these. Just take the time out poses and put them on a separate button.

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Which button would be best for salutes?

Maybe a separate button isn’t exactly the right way to put it. I meant do it the same way they did Rash’s second taunt and have it as the select button with a direction.

I see now, I think select + back would be alright.

yeah. something like that.

I’m not sure there’s much chance of it happening, but I’ll add my support for a respect animation. I would go so far as to say I think its pretty important (at least as far as things that aren’t really that important go).

Echoing a bit what others have said, and hopefully adding to it as well, I find myself really wanting to add some personality/communication to online matches, and don’t feel I have the tools to do that. There’s no way I’m going to taunt for oh so many reasons.

To me, a taunt seems to communicate that you are playing to dominate others and make them feel bad. That’s never what’s on my mind when I play KI though. I’m mostly looking for interesting, fun matches that test and challenge both players. And I think that’s the sort of spirit a “Respect” indicates.

Well, if I keep typing, I’ll probably just go in circles so I’ll just conclude by saying that, while I can certainly understand why they wouldn’t invest resources in a purely aesthetic addition like “Respects”, I think they should strongly consider it. Although it is not value-adding in a mechanical sense, I believe it does have the potential to add positivity to the community/online play experience and enhance the game in that way.

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I’m all for it. I’d love a way to show respect to my opponent besides backing away after the match.

I’m still up to that idea, a respect animation would be great!!. Few ppl gave me the “love tag” (if that even exist) which consist in just one t-bag …But they may be just screwing with me XD
Sometimes (rarely, for real) when the match is too good I just stay away and stay crouch or crouch slow and then get up. Most of the time I just leave the character standing not touching the opponent’s body.

But Gosh, look what we are talking about. It’s just polygons! XD But as many of you, it’s like I have “this code” I just can’t ignore that easily =S

PS: Oh, when the opponents jump all the time (jumping Jagos, Orchids, Glacius etc…), once I win, I tend to jump all over the screen saying “I’m a bunny, I’m a bunny, I’m a bunny” with my white Sabrewulf is really funny (of course nobody hears this, and I mute everyone).

Riptor’s lose was funny, dino fetal position.

Gargos doesn’t like to lose.

More taunts would be nice. Give the characters a little more life to them. Though I wouldn’t call this “respect” salutes for the most part.