Respect/salute button/input

So everyone is used to taunts and tea bagging! Unfortunately the only way to easily communicate in game unless using a headset is doing something disrespectful.

How about adding a respect emote or salute for characters equivalent to gg.


Yeah, if Rash can have two taunts, can’t everyone?

I’d really like to see a respect taunt. This may sound stupid to some, but while I’m competitive, I don’t enjoy fighting people that act like jerks. I don’t mind spamming moves or anything like that, but if I’ve lost and you’re taunting and bagging, that just makes me not want to play you again.

But if you can end with a good game type of move? Even if I trounced you or you trounced me? Then cool, let’s play again.

Online play has a certain stigma attached, and if you’re trying to bring in new people who tentatively dip their toe in the online waters, wouldn’t it be nice for some people to see a positive gesture? Sure, some will still find ways to be idiots with it, but it’ll be a lot easier to find those that are actually cool and fun to play against if there’s a way to communicate in a positive way.

Not everyone’s looking for that, but I guarantee there are plenty that are, which is one of the many reasons why this topic continues to come up and has been around since the early days of the DH forum.

C’mon IG, it’s time. Please make this happen.

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I would love a respect taunt. Maybe they could do something similar to Super Smash Bros. Brawl and have a test message display during your taunt. However, that could make taunts even more infuriating if someone uses them for insults.

This idea was already posted dozens of time. I rather have them doing something more useful with the budget. Im not the tea bagger but im so tired of this idea that you can be sure that if they add a respect taunt i will find a way to use it in a disrespectful way so you guys can come and ask for the next “give me a hug” feature

Wow you sound like a really manly man. I am intimidated by your e-flexing.

do I? or does everyone else sound like a little girl? you ever went to the tea bagging/taunt thread? theres people saying that if someon tea bags them that they cant play anymore for the rest of the night because they will be in a bad mood because of it. I mean, wtf? who cares? yes it can be annoying but as soon as the next match starts I’ve forgot about it.

EDIT: my post wasn’t towards you, nothing against your suggestion.

I think we should stop calling them respect taunts and start calling them respect salutes.

I agree - using the word taunt with the word respect in this particular makes a contradiction of sorts. I for one would like to see respect salutes, especially if they could be easily told apart from the taunt. Rash is the only example we can use here, but both his taunts sound different so it is doable.

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