Request for patch 3.2: Make lockout X appear instantly

I still don’t understand this. How does having lockouts showing up instantly hurt any character’s gameplan? How is having it show up late an advantage to her?

Check the spoiler text in my post.


[quote=“Fnrslvr, post:22, topic:10934, full:true”]
Check the spoiler text in my post.
[/quote]Why’d you use spoiler text? I didn’t even see any indication that that was there. It was just empty space that you can apparently click on (that I also apparently missed). Anybody could’ve missed that. So why use it in such a way where it’s hidden with no indication that it’s even there?

The simple request that is the subject of the OP is not going to fix all the complaints about counter breaking, but it is going to help a lot. I’m completely in favor.

On topic:

I’m totally on favor of this suggestion


Lol. I got the joke even without the spoiler text. The original claim was ridiculous on its face.


Just for the record, I have a few different setups in my house with some nice Samsung tv’s that both will run game mode. However, playing on PC with a monitor has made me realize how much display lag there can still be. This doesn’t impact most other games, but if you are talking about a few frames in a fighting game it just makes it feel like you are fighting through molasses in comparison. Online adds a few frames to the lag as well, so it adds up.

For years I played without noticing, but now that I’ve played on a monitor I can’t “un-see” the effect. Long story short, for issues when frames matter, your tv probably is a contributing factor.


I’m 100% behind the OP.


Sounds good. I get those all the time. I Counterbreak occasionally, and I can never tell if it was me who was late, or if they broke late.

Yep, totally invisible.

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Depends on your browser. It does show up as blank in Edge for some reason.

Probably because Edge is a terrible browser and nobody should use it. :thumbsup:

(My site looks poor in Edge, my breaker trainer basically doesn’t work at all and I tried a bunch of different things to fix it, eventually I just gave up and said “use a better browser please”)


Lol. I actually don’t mind edge. At the very least, I’ve never had an issue with your guide looking bad on it :-p

The breaker training worked fine too actually, for whatever that’s worth to you :joy:

Huh, well that’s good. Maybe it’s seen updates that have fixed some of the JS issues I was having.

I thought Edge was supposed to be good because it adoped HTML 5 and did away with Java.

Having to constantly tell people in chats that they missed rather than the game cheating them is really getting on my nerves.

In favor.

OMG yes. Please, IG. There were times where the lockout icon appeared after I attempt a counter breaker but was actually input before my attempt. I hear the announcer say “lockout” before the icon appears. It really messes me up.

I need to play on my monitor more… Im just a sucker for a big TV! I cant un-see going from 50 inch to 17inch. lol
I like my TV big and sound system loud!!!

Way back in the day my dad would get mad becasue I would have the theater system cranked up with the sub woofer booming…he would be like “turn that damn thing down! Its too loud!” And I would reply…“Its supposed to be that way!!! Its a HOME THEATER!! Geez!”

I just wish the big TVs didnt have LAG…owell

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If you can cough up the money, some of the newest model 55 inch + 4K TV’s have super low latency according to the lag database.

By the way, I got a 27’ monitor for my arcade setup and mounted it on a stand. It’s not as big but it performs well and reduces the size of the setup. I’ll PM you a picture at some point.


Man Ive seen a bunch of 4K Tvs on sale at best buy and Walmart for 800-1000$. I bet those are not the good one with low latency though. One day Im going to upgrade.

27 inch game monitor isnt bad…I could probably handle that!

So this lock out X appearing instantly…you think this is something they will implement into the game? I need to do more counter breakers but it seems every time i do one they dont try to break and every time i break…I get hit with one!