Reporting System Needs an Overhaul

So, in light of recent events, I have discovered that the community flag feature of these forums automatically hides posts when they are flagged. This is problematic because it enforces a broken system that can easily be abused. For example, someone can flag a post simply because they don’t like it, a portion of it, or even the poster - regardless of whether it actually violates forum guidelines.

I had assumed that when a post was flagged, that it was reviewed by a moderator 1st BEFORE action was taken, and done so in an appropriate and fair manner. This is how it SHOULD work IMO. As an example, I have had numerous posts hidden as a result of this automated and inherently broken and unfair system even though they were both partially on-topic and off-topic. With the way I think it should work, a moderator could review it, hide only the off-topic portions, and the conversation can continue normally with the poster being shown what is okay and what is not, without shutting down the relevant parts of his post along with the bad.

I understand that this is a privately run public forum and as such, what you say goes, but not having an inherently broken and abuseable system and treating your user-base fairly can go a long way…

Posts which are flagged ARE reviewed by a moderator, and if we agree with the flag the post is hidden. Should we feel the need to unhide specific parts of the post, we can do so.

Then, IMO, you should feel said need more often.

It depends on the posts too Geek. If a post is nothing but flaming another person, say for example…not understanding something or upset over something in the game due to another person, then it should be hidden. It doesn’t make sense to only edit out the 3 sentences of ACTUAL conversation from the sea of fire.

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Regarding my posts specifically, though, I often separate the on-topic from the off-topic with paragraphs or lines, which makes it easy for them to do.

Even with moderator reviews, it’s still unfair as they’re shutting down my entire conversation unnecessarily. It amazes me that so many people see the bad over the good when it should be the other way around. I for 1, like to give people the benefit of the doubt and allow them to continue contributing to the conversation where it actually matters. By shutting the whole thing down, you’re only contributing to the negative view that everyone already sees even though I made an attempt to contribute to the conversation. If it’s hidden, how can people see that? An attempt at redemption should never be overshadowed by the wrongdoing, but it always is if it’s hidden too.

I flagged this post Kappa. I think the flag system could use work. I don’t see the point of the post being hidden when you can unhide it easily. That ruins the point. I think it would work better if just the parts that needs it should be edited. A rework feels needed imo.

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Flagged… I think the offending poster should be flogged… Nobody appreciates a good flogging anymore. :disappointed:

Well, you need to be flagged by two people for the post to be hidden at all. And remember the post is still there - and everyone can see it if they choose to. So, besides the sting of feeling personally insulted that your post is flagged, there really isn’t any consequence to this.

Only 2? That seems a bit low to me… Should be AT LEAST 3.

No offense man, but believe me when I tell you 3 isn’t going to fix your problem…


We’re not going to turn this thread into a pointing-fingers-blame-game.

Hey Geek, I was flagged for making a joke, it was clearly off-topic and not flaming. Nonetheless, it deserved the flag. On the outside perspective, the mods may not get the category of offense correctly, but they still do a good job at filtering what isn’t appropriate for discussion.

Either way, it isn’t a huge deal, just take responsibility and move on. Dwelling on it will just leave you in the same position.

At the end of the day, if you are continuously getting flagged then you are doing something wrong. If you think you are being inappropriately flagged, then PM a mod to see what’s going on.

In general, keep things on topic, don’t post flame inducing statements, be civil, and you’ll do fine.

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I still think the minimum should be 3…

If a post is deemed inappropriate for whatever reason, it will get flagged. The number of times it is flagged doesn’t matter. The point of the flagging system is to raise awareness to mods that something is amiss and needs their immediate attention.

I’m sure the mods keep an eye of people flagging posts willy nilly, and again, if you feel your posts are being flagged out of spite, then that should be brought to the attention of the mods via PM.

I have mentioned that very thing on multiple occasions…

While it may suck to feel the way you do having comments hidden, you are awful forward with your thoughts. It may not feel that way to you, but it reads that way to some people. Even on a few where you stated you held back, they were still actively negative against the recipient of the reply. Not all posts are like that, people get heated, dwelling on it only makes it worse. I only know you from these forums, I’ve seen both constructive comments and smear comments, I don’t hold them against you at all because sometimes a topic can get personal. I take each new conversation with people, regardless of past interactions, as a fresh one. I try not to lash or bring other issues up again. Sometimes it happens, but remember this is online. Remaining a little numb to some negative responses can be a good thing.

I try to reply in theory rather than direct myself. That way I’m explaining my side rather than telling. People feel better when they come to a realization on their own. It also sticks longer. So helping someone understand why a DP beats a jab rather than saying it just does because ends up more rewarding.

I wish more people did that…

That’s a recommended teaching method! :grin:

Likewise, I mean it isn’t like we haven’t had our scuffles on here either. I know you have your gripes with Fulgore and being as how I main him I defend him, however I know you’re a good Aganos, so just because we got heated over Fulgore one time, shouldn’t mean I can’t come ask you for Aganos advice should it? Or even you ask me about the bot? That’s how toxicity can he prevented. If I get too salty, and I’m not wise enough to pull myself out, that’s why there are community moderators. They do a good job around here and are more active than most types of forums where you just get removed. All that is happening is the hidden messages, you’re still very welcomed in this community to interact with anyone so I would say regardless of hidden comments, have your forum privelages been restricted? It would appear not seeing as how you are very much active here and now :slight_smile: So I would say their current system is definitely fair and just.