Remember When

I laugh every time I watch this video… Dang CDjr was a beast with Sadira…


Spin to win! Lol.

Please don’t remind me lol.

Gotta admit that was pretty insane. No wonder she was considered S tier. :stuck_out_tongue:

In those days, I wasn’t skilled enough to do the Demon Blade cancels. :frowning:

Yeah…I’m glad that kinda stuff doesn’t exist anymore. I never practiced it myself but…yeah sure…unbreakables combos for days yeah…take a whole life bar…sure no problem. What is this marvel?

S1’s balancing issues looking back on it…questionable things…

I don’t remember EVER seeing her do those cancels before. I still remember around the time of Spinal’s release seeing her normal jump cancels for the 1st time, and at the time, even posted a video about it on XBL, asking WTH!? She kept using her HK over and over again during instinct and I was all like, duh fuq? :confused:

Then someone told me that, yeah, she can do that. My mind was blown, so I went to try it, and learned very quickly that I still hated her, but moreso then ever. :persevere:

While this may be true, never forget the game in it’s current state is scrubbier than ever. :no_mouth:

I noticed CD jr just fell off the map and disappeared once Sadira was balanced out and his cheap moves didnt work anymore.

Should do a “Where is he now” on him.


Oh My! that’s an unbreakable right? If somebody wins using a broken thinig I consider it cheating (even though there’s no their fault and it was an exploit, is still cheap because the other one can’t do anything about it)…Very glad that’s gone.

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…riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. I’ll keep that in mind.


Yeah. That is. That person won EVO too. Imagine how mad people were. I mean he’s a great player, but I think using exploits to win is cheap.

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Well if you’re a good player, but you stop playing because “an exploit was removed for fairness” I think that says something about you as a player. Why would you stop playing (sadira or KI) because something like that was patched? Sounds sketchy if you ask me.

It’s almost like the same thing with sleep and Kan-ra. After the S3 changes, sleep just basically went “nah man, I’m done kan-ra is no good anymore. I quit this character.”

And lo and behold we got that fubki guy bringing kan-ra back and making him look good.


It just goes to show that some people will go to great lengths to win, even if it’s cheap, unfair, or even cheating. Sad, but true…

Like using Eyedol? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think things cheap. I thought it was dumb.

While Eyedol’s j.hp is certainly too good, I think he’s rather okay otherwise. They do need to fix the switching in mage stance though.

Does anyone know how that was done in terms of button inputs? How did it work?

While in Instinct you have to perform her standard Demon Blade, but instead of ending the QCF move on forward, you end it with up. Rinse repeat. :slight_smile:

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Wow, so was it breakable?

Nope. Unbreakable. So technically, you could do that until the KV meter fills up, then just cash out the damage.

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