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Nope, it was not breakable. Basically once you’re in it, say goodbye to a life bar.

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Go put your head in the ground and pretend to hide. That one was mine. :sob:

The Demon Blade part of the combo is completely unbreakable because each Demon Blade triggered an Opener attack, versus a Linker. After filling the KV enough (providing they had two bars of Meter) they could immediately tiger knee into Shadow Widows Bite, of which was also (by design) unbreakable. The only part that was breakable was the auto or manual hit right before the Ender.

To be fair, this was a very tricky and difficult manuever to pull off. It required all of Sadira’s resources and meant that she was pretty much handicapped for the majority of the match. To CDjr’s credit, he had a very solid Sadira to begin with. His crazy Demon Blade combo (of which was discovered by another player) was the icing on the cake.

However, there are a LOT of players that jump to a character that is OP just to get the wins. We’re seeing this now with Eyedol. I see lots of Eyedols online or Gargos for that matter. Both characters are going to be slightly adjusted in the near future to stop some of the more crazy setups that both can do. You can’t blame people (even though we still do) for wanting to abuse the broken stuff until it gets fixed. Once this happens they’ll simmer down to mediocrity once more.

I’ve been apart of this game since day one, and there were always people abusing broken tech.

Is the current interation of KI the scrubbiest season yet? No… S2 gave rise to the broken Auto Barrage, Life bar stealing Maya, and uber broken Kan Ra.

All three of these characters had to literally be nerfed to the ground to patch them. I don’t see that happening as of yet in S3.

I thought they already fixed Gargos.

Apparently minions build too much meter…which is false but ok sure they build too much…not that I think anybody actually checked how much meter they built other then me.

BTW, all the comments about CDJr being exposed after Sadira was nerfed are bs. He dominated KI until MKX was released. When he started focusing on that game, that’s when he dropped off, not b/c of the nerfs to Sadira. Check the tapes.


Links please?

Here’s one, @VladKravich. Make sure you listen to what Max and Sajam say about Jr. at the end. After that, the sound you hear is me droping the mic.


Wow… I feel really dumb… I was actually waiting to see you drop a mic! :smile: I need to go to bed. :relieved:

Yeah, let’s be very clear on that point: Cd Jr. was winning everything he entered long before the unbreakable opener stuff was ever found. It’s true that he dropped Sadira like a bad habit the instant something more broken came along (S2 launch Maya), but to suggest that Sadira unbreakables were all he had and carried him is ahistorical.

For clarity, the spin to win loop always triggered an opener state. In S1, the combo rules were very different from S2 and eventually S3. There was no “3-hit rule” where special canceling triggers linkers automatically, or allowed you to break. Openers were always strictly unbreakable; for example, you could do a combo ending in wall splat, do an unbreakable shadow move (which counted as an opener because it was a manual after the wall splat), and then do ultra if the opponent was in danger. Stuff like that is breakable starting in S2 but S1 played by very different rules.

Interestingly, when S1 first launched, Jago’s fireballs did not trigger “opener” state in the game, so normal xx fireball, link normal xx fireball xx shadow laser sword was an unbreakable combo starter. We didn’t see it because we had no idea how the game worked back then (and it was patched a few months in), but imagine that!

Also note that Sadira cannot cash out the spin to win loop without giving you one break chance, or else it’s opener-ender. So those combos were large amounts of unbreakable damage, followed by a “random” break chance put at any point in the combo, then a cash out. Maybe she manualed after the TK shadow widow’s bite, or maybe she randomly did light auto-double during spin to win, or maybe she threw in a sneaky manual during the web stuff if she had instinct. It was functionally impossible to break reliably, but she did have to give you at least one chance somewhere.

As for people who said that it’s not fair to use exploits… meh. If it’s in the game and it doesn’t literally break the game (ie, cause a crash or some other nonsense like that), you’re allowed to use it. Don’t blame the players for developer oversights, that responsibility lies solely with the developers and if they aren’t willing to patch it, then the players should use it. Spin to win is good, but much dirtier stuff has been used to win tournaments in many other games in the past.

The reason you can’t ban spin to win is because… how do you determine what is actually “too cheap”? In S2, they patched out spin to win, so you might say “the devs patched it so it was too cheap”. But the devs also patched, say… Wulf’s dash through 0f shadow eclipse. Is that the next thing that should be banned? Why or why not?