Remember when people were mad about guest characters in KI

Now we have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in INJ2 and Noctis from Final Fantasy in Tekken 7.

I still love it. If anybody is still salty about it, sip on some water.


Damn I forgot about Hellboy lolol


I still would have preferred KI to be it’s own thing rather than have bite into the mainstream of guest characters, but hey, It would have brought in new players so in the end It is really hard to say no to guest characters.

I understand why people may not prefer guest characters. That’s not the same as venomous hatred, though.

And the fact that all of these franchises are including guest characters suggests that they bring in revenue and new players.

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And Raiden! Jeezus

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Doesnt bother me… but I still dont like Rash lol. He is just the epitome of KI online toxicity.

My kids will love TMNT… I wont play them much…hell I rarely play Injustice anymore.

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And Sub zero!
Holy macaroni!

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No kidding, NRS’s games are good but they don’t have a lot of staying power for me. What’s MKX? Lol…

I did play MKX the other night and Saturday when I got my XBX. I was waiting on a disc to load so I wanted to play something digital. the game holds up well…such a great game. ALl I could think about is how awesome MK11 is gong to be!

Seriously did anyone was upset about KI guests? They are awesome. Personally I dont like Arbiter, I consider him a bootleg protoss, but he is still cool function.

Guest characters are really cool. How many people picked up Tekken because of Akuma, for instance?

In the end, they may put a guest in you don’t care about or like very much. That’s cool, just pick one of the other 2 dozen characters in your favorite game and play them instead. It’s a logical error to think that the guest character is taking up a spot for a “real” character that you would have liked. Maybe if they didn’t make that guest, the real character they added instead you would have disliked even more.


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bit actually surprised me. No leaks, no tease, nothing. Just “Surprise mother______.”.

At this point, what is there to really complain about when it comes to guest characters? It’s usually a non-canon thing for fighting games (save for Akuma).

Devs have to make money. No money? No deal.

Someone did leak about TMNT in Injustice 2 before FP3 trailer revealed, but nobody believe him until FP3 trailer coming out…

I’m still not a fan of guest characters, but I’ve come to realize it has a lot to do with the fact that there has not been a single guest character in any fighting game I actually like or wanted.

Noctis in Tekken 7 is the first guest character I think is a pretty cool addition. That said though, I still don’t think any of them should have been added before the legacy characters people have wanted, such as Lei, Anna, Kunimitsu etc…

So no, I’m still not in favour of guest characters in fighting games.

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That’s how leaks should be handled.

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I’m of the mind of never trusting leaks. Seen too many fake ones, that I don’t care whether or not the leaks are real or not. And it doesn’t matter if they turn out to be true either. I only care about official confirmations when it comes to things like this, because that’s solid, unlike any sort of leaks.

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Can you please just say this a few more times? I’m tired if people’s weird mental math where they assume a guest character is “taking up a slot.” You can worry about this if you are one of the two people on earth who is proficient with every character in your game.

I also think it’s a mistake to assume that the developers sat down and said “okay, we are making a game with 28 characters. Who makes the cut?”


What do they do then?

I think they sit down with a crap ton of designs and then work on the good ones. I think if there’s only 27 good ones they don’t say “but the spec sheet says 28” and I don’t think if there’s 29 they say “well shoot. Who do we pull to make room for ninja turtles.”


This is useless to me. Come on, you can’t expect people to shut up about something if you don’t have any proof to show that they’d be wrong to think that way.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, but if you don’t actually know, then you shouldn’t tell people they are wrong to think a certain way.

Assumptions are never good though, in that we can agree… so yeah, assuming the team work a certain way is indeed wrong. But as it appears, none of us actually know…