Reinstalled KI because all the Hype

… and wow, am I rusty. But what can you do, it has been two years. My brain knows what to do clinically, but the hands aren’t quite there yet. I am seeing what looks to be a bunch of new players out there, which is incredibly encouraging. Also got wrecked a couple of times.

Still super fun. And glad to scratch that itch, even if it ends up just being for a night.


Glad you’re having fun, and welcome back :slight_smile:


I’ve been getting back into it myself.

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im also back, and this game moves like lightning compared to T7 lol. ive also forgotten all MUs for the most part, gonna take a while to git gud again haha

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Haha, don’t worry, dude. You’re Fulgore still wrecked my Jago. :wink:

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GGs man, and also ive been utterly destroyed as well lol.

my question is how the hell do you defend against eagle, jesus christ his stuff looks unblockable and is tricky

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Block low until the up arrows come down. That’s basically the gist of defending against Eagle.


@STORM179 thanks for the tip

also, has anyone been able to get ranked matches? i cant get any at all for 2 days now. my PC decided to disable the teredo network adapter, which i fixed. so my xbox app shows me up and running. still…no matches pop. i hit the requalify to see if thatd do anything and nada

Ranked was apparently broken for the past two days. Someone said it’s fixed now, but I haven’t been on to test it.

UPDATE: played a match last night and everything worked fine.

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