Reinstalled KI because all the Hype

… and wow, am I rusty. But what can you do, it has been two years. My brain knows what to do clinically, but the hands aren’t quite there yet. I am seeing what looks to be a bunch of new players out there, which is incredibly encouraging. Also got wrecked a couple of times.

Still super fun. And glad to scratch that itch, even if it ends up just being for a night.


Glad you’re having fun, and welcome back :slight_smile:


I’ve been getting back into it myself.

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im also back, and this game moves like lightning compared to T7 lol. ive also forgotten all MUs for the most part, gonna take a while to git gud again haha


Haha, don’t worry, dude. You’re Fulgore still wrecked my Jago. :wink:

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GGs man, and also ive been utterly destroyed as well lol.

my question is how the hell do you defend against eagle, jesus christ his stuff looks unblockable and is tricky

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Block low until the up arrows come down. That’s basically the gist of defending against Eagle.


@STORM179 thanks for the tip

also, has anyone been able to get ranked matches? i cant get any at all for 2 days now. my PC decided to disable the teredo network adapter, which i fixed. so my xbox app shows me up and running. still…no matches pop. i hit the requalify to see if thatd do anything and nada

Ranked was apparently broken for the past two days. Someone said it’s fixed now, but I haven’t been on to test it.

UPDATE: played a match last night and everything worked fine.

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So two months later and it really is amazing where things are in the scene. Those who have been playing for all these years just know what button to press and when. It is crazy. There are definitely some things with Jago I wish they had not nerfed, but it isn’t the end of the world. I think that simply others have just advanced so much.

It is a real downer about things with EVO because what could have been on display would have been amazing. There are so many incredible players in this game that likely never traveled for tournaments who could have participated. Man, it would have been a war zone.

I hope we see some sort of online tournament this year to make up for it.


One thing I find interesting is that the game shows up as “trending” in the Windows Store.

Killer Instinct still has lots of attention!

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I stopped playing regularly a few years ago, so now every time I go back in to it, I feel like I just picked up Sadira yesterday and am trying her for the third or fourth time ever lol. I still love it though. The game feels so sharp and so fluid compared to MK11, which I still maintain is the best MK game ever released. I love it and enjoy it, even if Kombat League is toxic AF, but graphics aside, KI is still on another level even now.

Wonder why it’s trending in the Windows Store. Also wonder why Microsoft seems to be prioritizing so many other titles over KI when this game seems to be one of their more successful ventures this generation.

Not to go in to a Microsoft rant, but it still amazes me how many of their most beloved franchises get left in the dust from one generation to the next. I mean, if people bought your system because the were interested in Crimson Skies, MechAssault, Lost Odyssey, Banjo, Killer Instinct or Sunset Overdrive, and those were by all accounts well made, well reviewed games, why let those franchises collect dust?

I know why with Sunset Overdrive, of course, but still. There are tons of games beyond the few I mentioned here that players enjoyed and were seen as quality titles, but MS somehow only manages to bring back their holy trinity and then throw us a bone here and there. Like “oh hey Fable’s back!” Great! Why the ■■■■ was it gone in the first place? How does your biggest RPG franchise (excluding Jade Empire, KOTOR, Lost Odyssey and others we’ll never see again) miss an entire console generation and why was it relegated to a Kinect game or some 4v1 nonsense?

Oh, looks like I ranted after all lol. Sorry. I want to be interested in Series X, but no fighting games announced yet, including no Killer Instinct, plus the usual suspects I’ve loved on each of the three previous generations are nowhere to be found. I should be used to this by now, and yet…

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As a lifelong BattleTech fan, the parent IP of MechAssault, I know how that goes. It is pretty weird.

But I have been seeing many new players and plenty from Steam as well. It is a good sign. Perhaps KI will be much like Street Fighter III and we will see a strong tournament crowd for several more years despite no new developments.

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This, I could not tell you. The game was recently praised for it’s netcode and being added to EVO for that reason, maybe that got it enough attention.

For Microsoft and their IPs, perhaps they have specific targets and if a game doesn’t meet it, they stop. Game development is super expensive today, so perhaps they see less of a return as a reason not to bother.

They also seem to not be concerned about hardware sales. It looks like they really have shifted to Game Pass Ultimate as being their primary means of gaming revenue.

Further update:

Still ■■■■■■■■ that Glacius is safe on block with Cold Shoulder. Yes I’m salty about it. I’m not a perfect human being.

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