So, uh… can I be a regular again?


Yeah I lost my regular status a while back as well.
If you don’t mind me piggybacking your thread, can I be a regular again also?


Yeah, it seems a little weird. It kinda disappeared overnight which was odd, too say the least. Did they remove the title or…?


Don’t you have to earn it now? Like Grind for it or something?


Huahuahua…you non-regular plebs


I dunno, man. I had regular for 6 months and it just kinda poofed. :confused:


Just go to your profile and reset it.


I would if I could.
The issue is that the title is no longer available to people who had it. If there’s been a change to the requirements for it, it’s difficult to find what they are.


When do you become a regular…I dont think I even have any title…

Edit: checked this message and nope, no title…I feel so insignificant now :disappointed_relieved:


@xSkeletalx, @CStyles45 and @rukizzel

Make the Fourms Regular Again!


If you’re online every day or so, I’m sure it’ll come back in time.

“I lost something once. I lost something I couldn’t live without. My identity.” - Spongebob



More fiber would help… :wink:

Sorry, I just can’t pass up a good pun.


Sad thing is that I have been. Every day I log in, even if I don’t reply or comment I always look at my notifications. Though, I typically do reply often. Not even just me but people like @TheNinjaOstrich, @STORM179, @BigBadAndy, etc. who spend a fair amount of time and contribute to the discussion with informative or respectful posts aren’t Regular’s… and they are among the top 10 Users of All-Time.


I used to be a “regular” and then around the time they adjusted the privileges so that we couldn’t alter the title of other people’s threads anymore it seems that they reset that status. I don’t know if they adjusted the requirements but I remember looking it up and it’s something ridiculous along the lines of opening 75% of the threads and reading 75% of the posts in them. I never cared very much about that sort of thing so I haven’t worried about it too much and now I can’t even recreate where it was I thought I saw the requirement. I don’t know if I’m really a regular and the system is busted, or if I no longer meet the requirements or what.


Just looked into it. It is undoubtedly a glitch.

Saw someones profile who has spotty post in August followed by three consecutive post a day and they were granted the badge 13hrs ago.

That’s far less than any of us have posted and contributed.



Looking at it some more, you guys are sad that you can’t get the “Regular” title on your profile?

Like how mine has “Autobiographer?”

Or the Actual status of “Regular.”

Where you can change posts and rename things?


Why do you have autobiographer?


Because I’m not a Regular :sob: