Regarding a possible season 4

If season 4 absolutely wasn’t coming, wouldn’t one be inclined to think that the devs would just come out and say that it’s not coming to set the record straight ? It’s probably wishful logic on my part, but I don’t see any reason to just let fans continue hoping for another season, or other form of substantial content update if they know and have known that it’s just not in the cards.

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I don’t think they are working on one right now. I think the option to do one is in the cards, but they haven’t gotten approval. If we here anything about s4, it will probably be next year. We might get an announcement at gamescom, but if we do it will probably be as bare bones as the Season 3 reveal. Maybe with a character demo like what happened with Rash, but I doubt it.


I really hope so. And yeah a character demo like with rash would be sick.


Given the level of news that they had in their Gamescom stream, which basically amounted to one new game followed by a bunch of E3 reshowings, I’d HAVE to think that a 4th KI season, if it were in development, would’ve been shown in some capacity, even if it were only a screen saying that it’s coming in 2018 or something along those lines.

Given what they talked about in the Gamescom stream, it seems like MS could use some announcements. It seems to me (in my utterly uninformed opinion) that anything new in the realm of KI might have at least warranted some sort of appearance on that stream.

So my guess right now is that either something’s far too early in development or nothing’s currently in the works. Maybe that changes. Maybe we get an announcement at KI World Cup in January, but I’m not holding out hope. After the E3 no-show, I just assumed Gamescom was the natural place to get the ball rolling on KI again. Again, who knows, maybe it’s too early.

But yeah, if season 4’s not happening, I really do hope that @rukizzel or @TempusChaoti could let us know that this game is complete, at least for the foreseeable future, so we’re not sitting here waiting for a ship that’s never coming in.

I tend to think that the more people wait and the longer they go without any sort of information, the more they’ll become anxious and agitated, and I don’t want to see this place become a home for agitated people.

Plus, ya know, I also want more of this awesome game, so here’s hoping we know something soon!! :slight_smile:


Iron galaxy currently has other things to work on. Not even sure they have the means to do an s4 anytime soon. They seem to be pretty focused on extinction now.

Based off their history of responses, my guess is they’ve got something coming up, and probably big.
Usually if rumors are completely off base, they quickly snuff them out. (8 stages in S3)

If rumors are in the ball park but they can’t say anything and it’s nothing too major, they just deflect. (Shago is the only character with an Ultimate)

But if it’s a big juicy secret, they go radio silent. (Eyedol right before release)

So IMHO they’ve got something big to announce alongside the Steam version and the 4k upgrade.

Do they actually have big news though? I’m not holding my breath.


To this day I still love how some were outright off about Eyedol - they hated the character, it was too hard to work out a movesets and animate a two headed Ogre, zero hints even in S2 story to the inclusion etc.

In a day of data mining and leaks they trolled which ended up thrilling in equal measure! I do love KI but I love these Devs too.

Will there be S4? Would love that but it’s expensive - depends on if Microsoft will keep bank rolling the title. Likes of E3 dropping it unfairly hurt as it’s a great way to boost player numbers, more players there are the less risk a new season is though we’ve gotten everything we could dare hope for and more so far in KI. After S3 nobody expected more characters realistically never mind other fan service like Ultimates… Everyone pinned hopes on a poll they did.

I think we’ve more chance of a sequel than a S4 personally but it’s win win if either regardless.

I don’t know what they gain by saying flat out “there will be no season 4.” It gives certainty for us but it would send a message to many that “this game is over” which isn’t something they really want to do.


good point… but, as long as they keep updating things, that should be enough to keep the anxiety down… but after awhile, they may have to increase the amount of updates, just to keep people ‘cool’. and im totally cool with added visual stimulation updates… like tracer effects👍

they are going to make a new KI game, thats why they dont want to waste time with another season… prolonging the new game lol… just an assumption!!