Recommend me a good fight stick - PC

I just installed KI on Windows 10 and The Xbox 360 controller that I have is not cutting it, so I’m thinking on getting a good fight stick.

If you could only choose from the list of Windows 10 supported fight sticks below, which ones would be on your top 3 recommended list?

HORI Real Arcade Pro VX-SE
PDP Injustice Gods Among Us
Razer Atrox Xbox 360
Madcatz Fightstick Pro Street Fighter X Sanrio
Madcatz EVO Fightstick PRO
MadCatz Tekken Tag Tournament 2 TE S
MadCatz Street Fighter 4 Arcade Stick
MadCatz Street Fighter 4 TE Femme Fatale
MadCatz Marvel Vs Capcom 3 TE Arcade Stick
MadCatz MLG Arcade Stick TE
MadCatz Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade Fightstick Pro
MadCatz RYU Arcade Pad STF4
Hori Soul Calibur IV
Hori Dead or Alive 4
Hori Fighting Stick EX 2
HORI Blazeblue
Hori Tekken 6 Real Arcade Pro EX
Hori Fighting Edge
Hori Real Arcade Pro EX
Hori Real Arcade Pro EX-SE
Hori Otomedius Gorgeous Arcade Stick
Hori Wireless Arcade Stick

I’ve listed the official Microsoft supported as ideally I would like to get something that plugs and plays, without having to worry about wrappers or additional software toget it running. If you know other better alternatives let me know.

All a fightstick is is a case most come with sanwa parts otherd semitsu and others hori

It honestly dont matter there is no such thing as better

I’d avoid this one - lots of bad reviews/experiences detailed on the interwebz.

That said you might could get by replacing the stick and buttons on it if that’s all you can come across locally or something.

Well I guess I’m looking for advice on brands/models that I should stray away from if there’s been some issues reported in the past (e.g. like @Marbledecker recommended in his post above to avoid PDP’s Injustice Gods Among Us).

All of these sticks work. For years I used Hori sticks (because they were the only thing around) and loved them. I got a Madcatz TE stick and started using that and now I’m more used to the Sanwa parts. But truthfully, they all work fine.

The Madcatz sticks are pricier but tend to be easier to modify. The Sanwa parts tend to have a slightly stiffer joystick and slightly more responsive buttons in my opinion. Lots of modifications available for these. But this difference is not drastic. I know there are die hards who go all fanboy over Sanwa quality, but I have a pair of 360 Hori sticks (one regular EX2 one Soul Calibur 4) that have worked for me for ten years without even a single button failure. They are only a six button layout with weird placement of the trigger buttons FYI. I’m not sure I have any experience with the Hori “Hayabusa” parts.

I like the shape of the Madcatz “Pro” sticks - which is a personal preference. I would avoid the Hori wireless stick because I don’t think it will work natively and I would probably stay away from the original TE sticks. These are getting to be older technology and I’ve seen some reports of them not working for certain things - although to be fair I am currently using one to play KI in PC.

So if price isn’t a factor you really can’t go wrong. But the Hori Ex2 style sticks are quite cheap and work just fine if you are on a budget and want an entry level stick.

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Thanks for the reply @BigBadAndy,

I can’t seem to be able to source some of these 360 sticks in Australia, there’s mainly Xbone ones.

Do you know anything about the Mad Catz WWE All Stars Brawlstick for Xbox 360? I believe it’s almost the same as Mad Catz Street Fighter 4 SE.

The Atrox for XB1 is getting KI support soon.

If you are in to customizing, i dont think there is any better choice.

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Yer, apparently that’s what they have said but I’m not holding my breath for it. I want something that I can plug and play.

There seem to be some retailers that may have the Atrox 360. Are there any significant updates on the X1 version that I should consider vs. the 360?

I dont know anything about Updates. I dont play on PC yet. I just recommended it because i have enjoyed using it so far.

That’s one of the “second tier” Madcatz sticks. I have never used one but they don’t have Sanwa parts and I have seen some negative reviews. I’m sure you could get one and mod it up since they are cheaper sticks, but I don’t know a lot about them.

EDIT: besides working on Xbox one I don’t think there are any changes to the Atrox sticks. The 360 one is just fine.

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I bought a Hori RAP Pro V Kai just for this game. 10/10 would buy all over again, plug and play all the way and great, sturdy build

Ps4 productd are good you can even use a qanba since they are pc comparible eitherway dont matter pick one sucks your in Australia

Thanks a lot guys, I ended up ordering a Razer Atrox XBox 360.

I would like to customise the buttons and joystick with LEDs without soldering.

If anyone knows of any good mod posts or could point me in the right direction as to what Sanwa parts I need I would really appreciate it.

I have that stick, the PDP, as a backup stick (I got mine used for next to nothing, too good a deal to pass up even with a shitty stick). You sir, are correct. It’s awful. I mean, it works, it’s accurate, but the gate can come loose and when it does nyou start losing directional inputs. Mine is glued in place. I’d avoid that stick at all costs unless you find one for 15$ like I did, lol.

Now, I don’t know if it was mentioned, I’m on mobile so haven’t read the whole thread… But I have a Qanba Q4… I got it shipped, brand new for 180$ total and I love it. It works great, looks good, no complaints from me at all and it’s on the cheaper end of the ‘good’ stick spectrum.

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