Recent fulgore nerfs

So after playing a match against rash just now I was wondering how the bot got these nurfs to his teleport “specials” seeing how rash can use his tongue at any moment in the game that he wants to and he’s not punished by losing shadow gain just like Hisako is not punished by losing shadow gain for using her counter why am I being punished for using a teleport when it’s already hard enough to get pips as it is I mean fulgore builds the least amount of shadow out of any character in the game not to mention aganos BS or riptors mortars why isn’t spinal being punished for teleporting why isn’t glaicus being punished for going into puddle form orchid doesn’t get punished for throwing grenades kan-ra doesn’t get punished for using bugs aria also does not get punished for changing into her other forms so why should I get punished on receiving shadow meter for using teleports??? If fulgore is going to be punished for using his teleports “specials” then every other character in the game should also be punished for using their “specials” by gaining less shadow meter

Dude, you know when you play every other characters in the game how the shadow meter looks and operates completely different to Fulgore’s? That’s why.


Sorry man no disrespect or anything but that’s not good enough for me everyone is always hollering about balance this and balance that IMO the nurf puts the bot at a disadvantage already having a hard enough time getting pips then to nurf him for using specials just like everyone else uses in the cast no sir he shouldn’t be punished for using it or we can punish everyone else for using there’s by the same hit on shadow meter gain

Fulgore can use pips to cancel his specials into other specials.

You can’t compare his unique meter mechanic with the rest.

He MUST have less meter than the rest. Otherwise, he will be mad op.

And currently he is very strong.

Almost everyone will agree with what I am saying.

But you are free to disagree


No I’m not going to disagree that he’s strong then something else needs to happen because I enjoy using shadow move in this game just as much as the next person dose and you can’t argue with me that fulgore builds the least meter than anyone in the cast and now I’m gaining even less meter they could’ve adjusted how much damage he does on an ender instead of punishing me for using a special

Of course he builds less meter. Been like that since day 1. Only difference was in S1 it was all manual charge. I think that math for fulgore’s meter is at best (without manual charge in instinct) is 79 pips through the match at max spin speed (2.5 seconds.) That’s almost 20 bars worth of shadow meter total.

At worst he gets…16-17 pips at the slowest spin speed(12 seconds). Or 4 bars of shadow meter.

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The cost on teleport isn’t the hardest thing to manage the thing that is hard to manage is the loss of frames on laser specials. That was the one thing that kept him better than Shadow Jago in the mixup game was the one special he had being +. Now with that gone, Shadow Jago is better due to surge moves being safer, not restricted by meter due to a battery ender, and better neutral with Jago footsies. The nerfs to the bot while other characters keep getting more tools with no drawbacks is hard to swallow sometimes. They gave Fulgore juggle options which, are less than functional against some hitboxes. You have to learn how to juggle each individual character which is a lot of work when say, Shadow Jago or Jago juggles work the same every time. Pip cancel mixups only go so far, they still don’t give him a safe option to go to. He is either neutral or negative. There are ways to gain spin, they just don’t work on defense where everyone else also gets meter. Most people only see the offensive potential of Fulgore but don’t play him themselves to actually see the difference. I can block for 3 seconds as Jago and have a shadow counter available into a battery ender to recoup my losses. Shadow Jago has that same option with Fulgore mixup potential. There are a lot of things that are hard to understand unless you play him.


Well people have been overrating fulgore for awhile now. That doesn’t surprise me.

Oh man I don’t know what’s going on I try to read everything that I can follow every time they have a balance change come up I have been here since season one fulgore has been my main that was the reason I bought this game OK just like in the NES days that’s why play this game that character every since we had season three drop the changes to the bot have killed me I have constantly lost And I can’t figure out how after playing a game for three years and all of a sudden I’m losing just about every match and I’m going insane there is something that has happened to this game in a change or something I can’t put my finger on it I have went back and looked at the balance changes but I lose all the time since season three dropped

I think the first step is taking a step back and breathe.

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lol i’m breathing man but like I said been playing this game for three yrs shouldn’t be getting worse should be getting better just like stated above all other characters are getting better tools and the bot keeps getting nurfed

You can play it for 100 years. But unless you’re actually trying to legitimately improve then you won’t see improvement.

Man if you don’t want to talk about the topic and you just want to argue I’m not going back-and-forth with you i’ve played this game long enough to know some stuff so please don’t insult my intelligence of the game thanks


Well alright…

Because people are actually adapting and practicing against Fulgore (Like they should). So you need to look at your gameplan, look at what doesn’t work, look at your losses, what gets you punished and learn from that.

Add me Gt same as my Forum Name. Let’s run some sets. I’ll see if I can’t help you out a bit eh? The nastiness that is Fulgore still exists, you just have to find the way to execute it. More people have the matchup experience.

@LemonHunter38 How have you adjusted to the laser changes? I’ve been almost exclusively using medium laser now since being -2 on light really sucks. Can’t even tick throw with that.

Yo I know how to adapt to a fight that’s not what this topic is about what I really want to discuss is how the bot does not gain shadow meter nowhere near the rest of the cast and now we just had a recent Nerf where the bot is gaining even less meter all because I’m using a teleport special so I’m saying that the rest of the cast needs to be hit with the same shadow meter nurf when they use there specials

@SullenMosquito added you man

Okay, so back on topic. Fulgore loses meter gain and can get punished from teleport because with those resources and teleport he can set up some mean pressure from almost anywhere on the screen. The teleport is also an incredible tool for positioning and mixups, so it needs to have a considerable cost. Also, Spinal does get punished for teleporting, without skulls it has considerable recovery and will get punished, just like fulgore he needs to use his resources to make it safer.

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i have also been using medium laser exclusively, but I feel that pressure strings with normals are more worth it most of the time. Since gore has some really positive buttons and can confirm kinda easily from counter hit setups