ive always loved ki, but its needs a serious overhaul…if u care about us as gamers,rebalance b4 season 3. fix the multiplayer,the ranking is trash.if not fixed, i will uninstall.

Uninstall it. We don’t want people who threaten things anyway.

They have already said they would do both of these things, so you are the one that doesn’t have enough care about the developers.


wrong wasnt a threat…that was an unproffesional response on ur part.try again.

Wrong answer? I answered all 3 of your concerns with facts. If you cant see that, then there is no help for you. Uninstall the game. I’m done on this thread.


I understand the frustrations. The fact is they state that the S2 cast is balanced, and in all fairness they “technically” are, but in truth really aren’t. Some of the problems are glitches like Hisako being able to counter while in Hitstun, while others are simply horrendous character designs, like Kan-Ra and Cinder.

They “balance” these characters by giving them weak combo damage, but neither need to do a combo to kill you. Both have high damage unbreakables.

Then add insult to injury they allow CAM to be in Ranked, a mode, where all the training wheels are supposed to come off.

The fact is, there will always be glitches. No programmer is perfect.

Losing can make anybody upset. It can make you even more upset when it is somebody lagging the match to get the win, a glitch prevents you from getting the win, and or somebody is using a broken character. It can bring out the worse in you and you will say and do things that normally a level headed person wouldn’t do.

We all can get that way, BUT it is at those times that we really need to step away and force ourselves not to post a message when we are hot. More often than not, we’ll say things out of anger of which won’t help the KI staff, won’t give you happy stars with the rest of the forum people, and certainly won’t help yourself.

Take a break if you have to.


@Fallguys1971 He’s right ya know. I really couldn’t have said this any better myself.

@WebNRaGnArOk, +1.

well put…my apologies…im just an old,old,old school gamer who has been gaming a long time…i understand no game is perfect. Its just something i feel needs addressed.great game overall…thx 4 listening…

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plz explain the ranking. wat do the meters on the HUD. Gives no explainationin the help menu mean? lastly, y does it take so long to grind thru gold? i flew thru qualifier,bronze,silver.i get to gold & every match is is way too high, or too low. no chance of ranking up. gold killed my W/R. BTW I AM master rank

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Dude i was in your same spot for a while. And i thought the SAME things you are thinking. But if you watch Professionals play at tournaments, you will realize that the problem isn’t that the game is broken. There is ALWAYS a way to beat a character, even if they WERE broken. If you dont believe me, then try fighting a professional Thunder with a Kan-Ra. It doesnt matter how broken Kan-Ra is, you will get STOMPED by a good player no matter what.

I understand you have been playing for a long time, but you STILL need to realize that there are THOUSANDS of lessons to be learned in Killer Instinct. You need to dedicate yourself to learning and getting better.

Post a thread asking for people to critique your gameplay and help you learn. You will QUICKLY learn everything you need to know to reach KILLER tier.

For me, it was learning footsies and getting better at combo breaking. For you, it may be something different. But if you figure out that ONE THING that is holding you back, and defeat it, you will reach KILLER in just a few days.

(Also, Season ONE characters have been winning the most tournaments recently. So even the PROS seem to think Season 2 characters are harder to win with. Season 2 characters have “gimmicks” that NOOBS can exploit for easy wins, but at HIGH levels of gameplay, they are just as hard as Season 1 characters. )

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thank u.still need the HUD explained & how ranking works…titles etc

I got wrecked by the TJ CAM option select last night in ranked…to add insult the guy 3x ultra’d me…both matches…I was pretty pissed to say the least LOL. that par to f CAM is just not cool. Its not unbeatable…but its damn hard to escape…because its so fast.

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I was stuck in gold for a while. you just have to keep practicing and when you get upset…stop playing…only play when you are happy and having fun. Playing frustrated brings your game down.
Win a few and then come back later…dont keep trying to get one more win.

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Can you post a video? Are you sure he used it?

I just want to see someone uses it.

Just go use it your self. Turn on CAM and mash the hell out of light punch or crouching light kick over and over and over. Its not hard to do.

Ah ok - it sounded like someone used it in certain setups. Thats why i asked.

looks to me he just mashed light punch repeatedly to push me into the corner and ina defensive stance. The light kick to spin fist is very fast and there isnt much time to “take your turn to hit or escape”. When you jump you get tremor , when you poke you get beat out and the spin fist combo starts. When you crouch block you get tremor over head. Then the command grab gets thrown in and its you know what happens after that.

Im going to look into practicing this later when I get home. If you cant beat em…join em!

Angry demands never work. Explain to the devs EXACTLY what the problem is that you want to see fixed. They’re always working on tweaks and balances to the characters for everyone to have an even chance to win. If you have issues with a match-up against a certain character, practice fighting against him in the Shadow Lab. They’ve already mentioned improvements coming with Season 3 and in the lead up to it. What exactly about it do you have an issue with and can they duplicate it? Just saying “Multiplayer sucks, Trash rankings” makes them think you’re just some disgruntled player who doesn’t like the game because you believe it’s too difficult to play. You’re preaching to the hater choir which goes nowhere. There’s Mortal Kombat X to play too.

If you are hard-wired to your router, excellent, you shouldn’t have connectivity issues. Be aware that if you’re playing wirelessly you WILL have connectivity issues simply because there are no wires and the signal has to travel over the air. It doesn’t matter if your console is directly next to your router those hiccups in the connection WILL happen, Use the 5GHz connection of your router for the best result, if you have a gigabit AC router. If you don’t, invest in one. Sadly, 5GHz is the fastest, but shortest range connection. If you’re way upstairs and your router is downstairs across the house or in the basement, you won’t have a stable connection due to the walls in between you and the router. you’d need a range extender placed in the kitchen to make a slight difference. If this network connection speak is over your head, at least I tried.

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So maybe I looked it over.

Can you explain exactly WHAT you don’t understand?

The ranking in Gold moves up a titles every 200 points.

Untouchable, Master, Unbeatable, Ultra…and another one I cant think of.

You have to get 1000 points to have a Killer promotion match. Winning against a Killer is average 60 points, loosing is about 15 points.

Winning a Gold match is about 40 points…same for loosing

Silver is 20 points and loosing is about 40 points

Bronze is 12 points and loosing is 60 points

Roughly…these may not be exactly but its close to what I can remember. You just have to keep pushing man. Now is the best time to rank up because alot of new players are on that have less experience. But most importantly play to have fun…if your not having fun then stop playing ranked…otherwise you will loose.