Ready To Body Achievement Broken Is Unacceptable

I’m replying to the previous thread as it seems I can’t reply more than 3 times?? Anyways…

This answer is unacceptable. It is broken and has been since the game launched, it has been brought to the devs attention numerous times spanning back awhile ago, this needs to be fixed. This culture of hey maybe they fix it maybe they don’t but they don’t owe you an explanation is also unacceptable.

If @KRAKENJIMMY has the power to fix this then it should be done. If he can’t for some reason (budget? no one paying him to do it?) then we can be told that so we’ll stop bugging him and try to go further up the chain.

I mean no disrespect to any individual in doing their job, the short of it is, it’s broken and must be fixed.

Man… Kinda strong language over an achievement, don’t you think? I mean, I get being frustrated and all, but “it must be fixed,” replying 3 times in a thread, creating a new thread, kinda asking to speak to a manager, talking about cultural issues, using the word “unacceptable” and all because an achievement is bugged?

Ha! You don’t know the meaning of strong language. I did not swear or attack any individual. I have strongly asserted that it must be fixed. I paid money, I expect it to work.

Dude, it’s an achievement. Why in the world do you care this much about it to begin with? Yes, you paid money. Yes, in an ideal world, everything would work as it should. But as far as things not working properly, it’s honestly amazing that this is the hill you chose to plant your flag and shout in to the horizon on.

Oh well. Your life, your time, I guess. Have you asked James about it on twitter?

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Haha, yes I always plant my flag for achievements. I didn’t work my butt off completing so many difficult games to have 99% on my profile.

I don’t have twitter, is james Krakenjimmy?

Fair enough. :slight_smile: I hear ya.

Yeah he’s Krakenjimmy on this site. I’m not sure how often he’s around here.

I don’t know man. You’re kind of making me hope they DON’T fix it, just because of your attitude.

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Oh? What’s wrong with my attitude? How would you improve it while still trying to achieve my goal?

its a shame that its still not fixed.

BigBadAndy and lago407.

You talk about the attitude of a guy that has waited over a year for something to be fix, it doesn’t matter what thing it is that is broken, the point it’s something from the game that supposed to work it doesn’t for over a year and he had waited for over a year and you focus on his attitude?

3 posts and a thread in a year… that’s like a post for every 3 months doesn’t seem too much for me.

Achievements, Speedruns, Perfect Runs, etc.
There are many ways to play a game and enjoy it, every person is different.

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[quote=“HImmortalKing, post:10, topic:24869”]
BigBadAndy and lago407.

it doesn’t matter what thing it is that is broken [/quote]

I disagree. And I also don’t think there’s ever any reason to have this attitude. “It’s broken and it must be fixed.” No, it mustn’t

I really stopped chasing achievements when I came to the realization that they are completely useless and pointless. Once you realize this too, you’ll enjoy your games more.

One achievement really brought this home for me: “Bladder of Steel” for Rock Band 2. You have to play the ENTIRE setlist of songs in one setlist without pausing. This takes several hours of non-stop playing and you cannot fail a song. I accomplished this but the achievement didn’t pop. I now see the bright side of things.

“Once you realize this too, you’ll enjoy your games more.”
Glad that works to you, glad that you enjoy games more now.

But you have to understand that every person is different, that’s why there are a lot of alternatives for everything, just a coffee for example, caffeine with sugar or not sugar? or with stevia? or with milk, etc etc etc.

Someone could tell you that when he came to the realization that coffee with no sugar it’s the best way to enjoy coffee more, that could be true but only for him.

I don’t think that there’s a universal true about enjoying game, some people play on PC others on Tablets other on cellphones, every person is a world.

I’m just speaking from personal experience. Once you stop trying to get 100% completion or achievements for games, and realize how utterly pointless the whole thing is, you can focus more on why you started playing games in the first place: for fun.