Reaching Killer with Aria

Haha, it’s impossible.

I only recently started playing ranked. I must say that I am getting owned left and right. Their (my opponents) first health bar it’s usually still a match. But as soon as one of my bodies dies, I am losing in record fashion against all decent Gold and Killers. It’s just that I am having a blast with Aria… no one ever betrayed Aria and picked Jago? :smile:

Even if you lose one body you should still be fine with two bodies, almost any combination of two bodies still has really strong mix ups and tech behind it. The only truly weak combination (and I mean weak as in “not as good as the others” not actually weak.) I can think of is Bass body with Booster assist but if you can switch it out to Booster body with Bass assist it becomes decent. Imo combinations in order from best to worst:
Blade body with Bass assist.
Booster body with Bass assist.
Booster body with Blade assist.
Blade body with Booster Assist.
Bass body with Blade assist.
Bass body with Booster assist.

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Thanks! For Aria it’s even chip damage that is hazardous, lol.

Usually after instinct I am left at a disadvantage from a body arrangement point of view. Health wise it makes sense when instinct runs out, and you automatically switch to the body with the most health. But most of my losses or damage taken was after instinct ends and the body arrangement is screwed up.

Also, protecting one body gets me killed a lot. You cannot think offense and defense with Aria, imo. When attacking I can be patient enough, but one mistake or misread however almost forces me to protect that body. Finding the opportunity to switch is tough at higher levels. Protecting your body from chip damage is also challenging.

Now for every 2-3 winning streak, I lose 4 in a row. My wins only come with 3 or 2 bodies left.

Haven’t been able to go toe to toe with 1 body. Bass against all odds, gave me the best chance in this scenario.

I was on an Aria streak there for a few months back. I know you played my Aria Shadow a few times. I feel your pain…but its not impossible. I used to think that with Omen…but I hung in there and now I feel pretty confident with my Omen against most opponents in ranked.

My suggestion is stick with Aria… why? Because no one else is using her and that kind of makes you exclusive to her and most ppl wont know how to handle fighting you once you really master her…because e everyone picks the same ole characters and everyone knows how to fight them.

My game plan with Aria was to never change bodies unless i had too. I always started off with Booster body and used my flying shenanigans to catch them off guard. If I lost that body I stayed with Blade and utilized the DP as much as I could. And if I got down to Bass body only… I went with the projectile zoning game and if I really panicked I would use Instinct and just spam the crap out of drone assist…lol

Hang in there and keep practicing…maybe you arent ready for ranked with her yet? If you get frustrated…take a break form ranked…only play ranked when your having fun…otherwise you wont play good frustrated

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Personally, I wouldn’t mind if booster was a defensive body option or in season 3 a fourth body would have such characteristics. For example a sound wave, with very short range of course, to push off close opponents…

I am sticking with Aria. She is the only one I like playing out of the 18 characters, lol. Cannot say what will happen when Tusk arrives…

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Also, you only get better playing others. Exhibition has too many non serious players, I prefer ranked. So l consider it a hard lesson.

Bass with booster assist is super good, Aria’s strongest zoning form by far. This configuration shuts down a lot of characters because the horizontal pushback on booster assist is really strong (and it’s not a projectile), so they have to constantly fight through projectile and non-projectile attacks that push them back really far.

In fact, this form is so good that I think in some matchups (Jago, for example) it pays to switch to bass body at the start just to use bass + booster assist.

Thanks. I agree.

However, my painful experience with this body setup is that Spinal and Fulgore demolished me with their teleports when trying to zone. My skill level obviously plays a role, but good Spinals and Fulgores have my number in this setup.

Just force the opponent into the vortex and profit. You are always supposed to be applying the pressure,not taking it. I don’t really like using instinct unless bass body got damaged because I hate splitting into bass body.

It doesn’t matter that the assist isn’t a projectile because almost the entire cast’s projectile invincible shadow moves will knock it down instead of it hitting them so if you call it in combination with the beam they’ll still go through it all. Granted you could bait it out by simply calling the assist and not doing the beam but even then most of the projectile invincible shadow moves in this game are safe on block and without the meter to shadow counter you’re now on the defense with bass body.

Well, the opponent also has their gameplan, so no guarantee that I can always be on the attack. But once I confirm a hit, I can cash out most times…

Dude, look up a player called Amenty, he has a twitch channel. I’m sure there’s a few other top players with amazing Arias. Just ask around.

Thanks, I have found a few indeed. Amenty is on my list for sure.

The issue is the many scenarios (body gone, currently active body in assist, etc.) that Aria encounters. It’s impossible to find vids of every scenario against the majority of characters.

Anyway, I’ll get there eventually…

I think that’s where you need training mode. If you’re getting beaten by one common thing, you can record it and see what works best. I’ve never done that myself, prefer learning through playing but the characters I play don’t have the insane variables Aria does.

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Haha, one rank up within Gold: Master to Untouchable. It only (lol) took a 80(!) matches. F#※?! losing streaks. Out of those 80 against 30 something Jagos. Anyway, 4 more Gold ranks to go, lol.

Just cannot escape pressure. Lp and Lk have no range and Booster Heavy dp also is unreliable to escape with its limited range.

Aria is literally forcing me to know every character in the cast! No breakers = No chance. Luv the drama but bad for the heart :smile:

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So far I got:

ZeroMayCry (where can I see this Aria?)
I am sure a few good Arias are hiding on this forum as well.

I’d really suggest keeping a secondary in place of Aria for the matchups you think you’re gonna lose. That’s only if you want to make it to Killer quicker. I played for about 8-9 hours over 2 days and got into Killer using Aganos (for the achievements) and Wulf (as my main). When I only played the character I was going for achievements with, I never got above 250.

I might have to.

I used to play with a team of Jago, Hisako and Aganos. But stopped playing for about a year, because of either too easy games (=no challenge) or an absence of ranked players.

I guess it’s a trade-off between having fun and getting results. I love playing Aria and there is still much to learn. I don’t want KI to become as boring and stressful as a full-time job…

The problem I see with that is that Aria doesn’t really have bad match ups, she has a tool for every situation if you can keep the right bodies alive so there aren’t really any moments where you’re like “Oh if I was playing X character I could have won.” because Aria could have probably also done what you have done with that other character.

I know the feeling, by the end of my run in Gold I was getting tired of playing Ranked, getting into Killer was my only goal and I haven’t played Ranked since then.

Yup, I agree. That she doesn’t recover white life and lower health on the 3 bodies are really my main problems with her. That means keeping those bodies alive and safely mixing up which ones you use. Its easier said than done really. I’d keep a secondary simply for the sake of strategy, one that recovers potential damage and has a Damage Ender that doesn’t require a specific body.