Rational Discussion of Three Stages for Season 3 Thread

The fact that they said it will be positive announcements from here on out makes me want to believe we will have at least the usual 8 characters.

i would totally support that but i dont think they will do it because then people here will say they did it on purpose for the extra cash.

I said in another thread im now not buying Day 1 anymore, ill see wholly whats included first. Its next month yet very little info on season pass content other than article on non season pass lightimg update being how we heard about 3 stages only thing. We dont know release date, number of characters, pricing etc and all KI Cup hype has subsided leaving the wave of negativity over stages issue as like lighting, dojo improvements and the balance changes are not season pass either. Its a bit anti-climatic at moment with season pass when it should be most hyped.

I’m terrified at the realization that we literally might have a roster of Kim, tusk, rash, and arbiter. With gargos as a story boss and that’s it… This makes no sense from any point of view. Season 1 and 2 made a profit and we have to compete with SF V. So let’s just butcher season three, even though their is no rush to release the whole season, I’m sure they got the same budget as season 1-2 or even more. I know people are complaining but it sucks when every character getting a stage was a big deal for ki and was made known over and over and now they going against what made ki unique and stand out.


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[quote=“DIAMONDVISI0N, post:234, topic:5040”]
Season 1 and 2 made a profit
[/quote] Do you have a source for this?

[quote=“DIAMONDVISI0N, post:234, topic:5040”]
I’m sure they got the same budget as season 1-2 or even more
[/quote]Do you have a source for this?

Look, express your opinion however you like but don’t invent facts to try to support your case. You know literally nothing about the budget or profit margins for any season of KI.

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I may not know them as facts but Microsoft putting halo into ki they clearly want that to look amazing look at arbiters stage. It’s 100xs more intense then any other stage. If that’s not signs of a budget increase idk what is.

Budget increase does not mean resource increase. All the money in the world cannot help you to build a pyramid by yourself with a hard time limit with no outside help

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Maybe I just have too much faith that they could pull off another amazing season with all the same things. I mean realistically we are probably getting 6 people. I just hope they say they will make everyone a stage if we want it or fund it. Let’s be real the fans will easily pay for anything so I don’t get why they couldn’t pull this off we raised what was is 50k in a day.

As @IrritatedPage18 is saying, money is just one of the resources you have to manage. People and time are the two other main ones. Just dropping a money bomb on things does not always equate to more or better.

I think people are underestimating, too, the amount of resources (money, time and people) that went into the lighting change. I think they took a long hard look and said “if we are going to keep KI relevant as a next gen fighter we need to work on the stage effects.” So they made that trade off. That doesn’t mean we all have to agree it was the right choice, but I think that is what happened.

What I’m sure didn’t happen is they said “Ya know what, I don’t feel like working on more stages. Any one here care enough to work on stages? No? Okay, well we’ve got three already. ■■■■■ it lets take the rest of this money and go buy beer and hookers.”

The point is, if you look at how long the Shago fund took to make Shago a real character, you have to expect something similar. Even if we give them the money, they have to work new stages into the productions schedule etc. I’m not arguing against a community fund for stages, I just want people to be realistic in their expectations.


Is exactly what I said when I read the first line of that very post. There are more than 4 characters, people have already explained why there’s no need to go into hysteria. Wait for more news, its “buffs” all the way from here (it would seem).

its just a bit bizarre since the game is so late into the development by now. Everybody is telling us to wait for the finished product but we still dont have a release date while SF is already out. I’m going to assume its the end of march

Why are people thinking there are going to be less characters this season? That would be worse news than less stages and they already confirmed that all the news from here on out would be positive news.

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If they release the teaser for the next character this Wednesday, they can roll with that momentum Thursday which is the PC/Xbox event where the KI PC stuff will obviously be shown and maybe another trailer there as well. Then comes Friday and they usually have posts on here on Fridays maybe a stream for the Arbiter that day a long with some clarification on some Season 3 stuff. That would be a ton of info in just one week.

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The change in direction is what’s really bothering me here. If from the very beginning we would only have had 6 stages in S1 (and 6 stages in S2), but they are not tied to a specific character, it would have been totally fine with me. 20 stages is definitely a lot for a fighting game, but that’s not the point in my mind.

The point is about balance and direction. Some characters will have a beautiful stage tied to them (and nice CGI screenshot on the Survival ladder with their stage background) and others will not. The reasoning behind this is assumed to be running out of resources (time, money, etc.) down the line and that, I feel, is a shame. When you have a vision, you should stick to it. The vison in this case being each character having his own unique stage. Derailing from that vision makes the game seem messy and imbalanced in my view.

I was always bothered by the fact that S1 Stage Ultras are missing simply because they were not built that way in comparison to the S2 stages. To illustrate my point, when the game will be finalized in a couple years or so and you will look at the finished product, I would hate to show the game to my friends and be like “Oh no, there’s no Stage Ultra on Spinal’s stage because that was Season 1” and “No this character doesn’t have a stage like most of the cast because he only came out in Season 3.” That just doesn’t sit well with me.

So to go back to the lack of stages in S3, I feel like I won’t be interested in making one of those “homeless” S3 characters my main, because I will view them as incomplete vs the rest of the cast. I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but that’s how I see things.

Overall, I’m very disappointed by this news, but I am still looking forward to what IG/MS have in store for S3 and it’s still a day one purchase for me… because it’s KI


I’d love a stage per character as much as the next guy, but the new lighting changes look fantastic. Obviously this was a huge change since they needed to basically redo every stage and look at each character on the stage.

I realize we are getting close to launch, that means news is going to start coming. Most likely a lot of news quickly (new character tease on Wednesday). I’m positive IG and MS are going to blow minds soon, but obviously not everyone will be pleased. Some only care about stages, some care about characters, some care about story, etc etc.

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I think the main concern with people is that no one had an issue with the lighting in the game before hand. It was fine and if it was indeed the lighting to mean no stages that’s a big disappointment. It would have been better if they fixed one of the things people constantly complained about like animations or retro costumes instead of the thing no one even though looked bad.


I thought the game looked fine in that regard, honestly KI has always looked like a budget title and I’ve been mostly fine with that. Sacrificing something that I do love about the game in favor of something unknown or something completely unnecessary like relighting old levels is kind of a turn off.


I just want to point out something here that you said.

ARTWORK: The stage artwork etc makes up part of the unlockables for its respective character’s tile. You know, the tile thingy for your GT and level title?

That’s a bunch of unlockables that are now absent, not just the stages.

This is seriously starting to put a knock-on effect on the things that will be missing, the stages are just the start.

Of course we’ll still have concept art for the characters that are released, but are they going to make enough to cover the loss of the stage artwork this new development will cause?

Oh god, I really can’t keep looking into this, it’s just goes from bad to worse the more I think about it.

I really do hope that this “buff city” they go on about is some promised land of milk and honey, cause anything else just won’t cut it.

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Yep the quality of the characters is dropping if this “3 stage” nonsense is true.

Characters had better drop from $5 each to $2.50 if the content that comes with them is going to drop off like that. Especially characters like Rash who will have no stage AND who’s retro outfit is just a retexturing of his modern one.