Rational Discussion of Three Stages for Season 3 Thread

Making this because the main lighting thread is full of “The sky is falling” comments. Now lets please discuss this topic rationally and with our heads. First of all, it seems as though it’s true that Season 3 will indeed only have three new stages.

We have seen Kim Wu’s stage, the Arbiter’s stage, and one last remaining stage. Rash probably does not have a stage seeing as how he was the first character to be shown for season 3 and his trailer didn’t have his stage in it. In all honesty, the reason why the Arbiter received a stage is because of his Halo popularity. Not only that but Adam has confirmed that that Arbiter tease was all “in game” not a shot from Halo 5. All of this leads me to believe that the last stage will be given to Tusk, he is a confirmed character and it seems like non guest characters always get a stage. This is perhaps the most realistic account of how Season 3 will go down.

Now that we have a picture of how stages are handled you are probably thinking why? The other thread has crazy talk about the budget being blown on the lighting. That is probably not the case. The more believable scenario is that the budget is going to bigger things. Remember that Adam and the rest of the crew have been hyping up big things and modes coming to KI. The budget would most likely go to those modes and there is a big nod from Max that the budget going directly into a big story mode http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=195960593&postcount=31 Story modes are pretty good for attracting casual players and keeping them satisfied. Hopefully if it’s true that the budget was spent on a story mode, it is of high quality and not just a few steps above the current KI stories.

So now we know where the budget is going and why there isn’t more stages. It is also confirmed that every character in Season 3 will have themes so the possibility of stages in the future is still up in the air but for now only 3 are in the season. Rukari has also mentioned that he is currently writing up more details this weekend. Don’t know when that will be up but remember we still don’t have the entire picture of Season 3. We just don’t know what’s in the complete package and taking out stages which were the most expensive to build part of each Season can only mean the money for that went to other things they found more important. What does things are we have yet to see.

There are still some wild cards that can alter the season. We don’t know what the Ultra edition of the game will include. Maybe that can be used to fund the stages. There is also the community fund, we don’t know what that will be but lets not get our hopes up here. The community fund will most likely be a Shadow character, that’s what they have been pushing and hinting towards.

Now with all of this being cleared up, lets hear your thoughts on the stage issue. Also keep in mind, everything I have stated is speculation based on everything I’ve read up until now. It isn’t fact but it all seems to be supported pretty well.

Edit: More evidence on a lot more content being in the game https://twitter.com/DJamesGoddard/status/700909669364142080

Edit 2:
Tswagg might have seen more of the game and may be saddened that we don’t know the full story.


I’d be super disappointed if rash didn’t get a stage. His theme is AWESOME and would love it in a stage

I would rather Gargos get a stage over Tusk. Tusk’s stage would just be another random stage but Gargos’ stage could potentially be something showing off the larger KI world in disarray over his invasion.
Either way the fact that Arbiter gets a stage meaning one of the returning KI characters will go stageless doesn’t quite feel right. I get that it was probably a Microsoft decision though.

Lemme just throw this out there, Arbiter doesn’t have a stage. Whatever we saw was a glimpse from his trailer. Maybe its a lot of work just for a trailer, but its possible. Mostly because it would only seem right for Kim, Tusk and Gargos to get those stages.

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But if they can’t do more than three stages it wouldn’t make sense for them to take all the time and effort to create what is basically a 4th stage just for a trailer.

(Sigh) I know how your feel. But you should don’t say because they didn’t reveal more characters… I mean if they bring unused vampire back in S3, you still call “worst season ever”?

I know you’re not happy. But one thing… They didn’t deconfirmed Eyedol in Season 3. Eyedol is final what we want. : (

I believe Eyedol would be playable in Season 3 because Kev Bayliss want bring him back too. But I’m not sure they will bring unused vampire back…

Look at the bright side. If there is indeed a big story mode; well a story mode needs a big final boss right? Either Eyedoll or Gargos or even both could show up.

I’m agree with you.

I hope they remake Eyedol get better than before. But I am very worrying about Eyedol because they didn’t reveal Eyedol’s teaser or concept art… Or they left him out?

Where is the source for this? I haven’t kept up.

Where is it said there will only be 3 stages…

Yeah, sorry, just saw it, early in the morning here…
I still think all the ‘real’ KI characters will get a stage, but if we get 2 guest characters at start, might still mean 3 characters with new stages (5 total).

Or 4 characters: 3 KI characters + stages and Rash.
And Arbiter is still being worked on.

That said, would love a Rash stage, but fighting in it without Rash might have the rest looking out of place.

I assume the (bi) monthly released characters will all have their own stages, especially new KI characters would need it to set the atmosphere and background that suits them.

Going to further read the lighting post, finally some news, the picture in the beginning shows promise, looks great :grin:

Just remember to not lose your head in there and bring that over here. It’s a rational discussion thread :slightly_smiling:

The way I see it, as long as each character gets a theme, I’m happy.