Rash's Stage in KI

Which level in the Battletoads should IG take to make as a stage for rash in Killer Instinct

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I would like a Final Destination type stage from Super Smash Bros. Just imagine the background starting in 16-bit glory and then transitioning to an ever changing 3d background as the music changes.


It has to be a battletoads related stage.

Right, it would start off 8 bit and then transform into a 3d one.

not sure how that work/fit into KI

Well something to keep in mind is that the backgrounds for stages are static in the sense that they cannot be interacted with. The characters could fight on any background and it wouldn’t affect the fighting system.

I’d dig the first stage from the NES game, with those walkers and the Battletoad’s ship in the back, or maybe the underground stage with speeder bikes passing through.


They should do something Turbo Tunnel related. Maybe with bikes zooming by and crashing in the back ground.

His stage should be aboard his ship. And u see his brothers and other characters in the background. Computer screens everywhere and the dark queen locked up in a cage somewhere on the stage.


Turbo tunnel could be perfect. When he reaches danger,the bikes and obstacles speed up. Stage ultra could be the opponent being knocked back into the bikes and fly at the screen.

I think in the foreground of the Turbo Tunnel is probably most likely, its the most iconic stage of Battletoads IMO.

I miss Rash…

Hopefully he gets an Iconic stage or something from Battletoads.

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What if the stage starts at Level 1 and looks very pixel-y and 8 bit-y, then every 15 KI seconds, the pixels and elements glitch out, then re-form to make Level 2, level 3, level 4, and so on.

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I hope we get to see it tomorrow

I want a Stage Ultra where someone gets knocked into a speeding turbobike ride and NEARLY survives…only to ram into a random wall and splat into the camera.

Cut to Rash flexing.


I just realized something. How will his Stage Ultra win pose work with his taunt? ULTIMATE HUMILIATION THAT IS WHAT

Those Thrusts are too OP.

And you can cancel Thrust into more Thrusts?



I’d like a stage based off the Snake Pit stage where you’re standing on the giant snake as it moves around.

Another thing that I think could be cool would be that in the background in the distance you also get to see parts of some of the other stages from the Battle Toads games. Similar in style/vibe to those old game covers that showed a bunch of different sections of the whole game:
ie, like in Contra 3 for snes:

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/d/d610bfd1f87ce0328fc793795b3e4795385eb35a.jph=“500” height=“365”>

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The thrusts are the greatest taunt I’ve ever seen. This whole character is perfect. Someone finally came up with a joke character that is funny every time. I’m just in awe of the bat—t craziness of this game.

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Where’s his stage? Seriously.

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