Rash's Colors & Accessories

Aww, I was expecting colors that would mimic Pimple and Zitz :frowning:

is color 9 an homage to the rareware logo?


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I’d say it’s more of a poison dart frog reference but I could be wrong


wow I did not know that type of frog. So cool then.

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It’s my favorite color of this frog so I LOVE it on rash (although rainbow rash is dope)

But Still I could be wrong about it being a reference :confused:

My first thought was a poison dart frog. So, you’re not alone.

is it just me, or can anyone else tell the difference between Rash’s Retro and Normal costumes?


Retro Color 4?

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Colours look great but I’m renaming rainbow rash as skittles.

Lovely! Rainbowwwwww

Sooo, why Rash? What makes him better than Pimple or Zitz? :wink:

I suspect that this is the inspiration for Raindow Rash.

*In All Seriousness, Do Not Lick Toads!

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Rainbow Rash. I see what you did there :wink:


btw, the Black Rash (Color 7) looks freaking badass :grinning:

Edit: Now I have a good reason to start playing Rash :wink:

LOL My little toadie…

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Can’t say I like Rash’s color sets, most of them seem to look off (and overall its a little too flashy skittle for me). Hopefully they look better on certain stages with different hues.

Rash’s two costumes really don’t look all that distinguishable from each other, but it’s sounding like the accessories is what really sets them apart. I love the initiative to show us colors, costumes and accessory sets in advance though. Looking forward to similar showings for the rest of the launch characters :smiley:

Damn near took 2 hours for this computer to load it lol

So that’s why…I was starting to have flashbacks from my high school library’s computer back in the late 90’s…

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great job. color 9 and rainbow are cool but my frog will be black.