Rash Statue? Still a thing?

Hey, has anyone heard anything new regarding the Rash Statue that Project Triforce was supposed to be developing? I thought preorders were supposed to go live like a month ago, but I haven’t heard any new developments since KIWC and I’m not getting much concrete info from googling either.
If anyone’s heard anything hit me up, I was really excited for that thing

Very much still a thing!


Wait is there a Kim Wu figure

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'Member the 25lb Rash Statue? I 'member. It’s a real shame this was never produced, but it’s worth noting as a cool piece of modern KI history. Would you have bought one? I don’t recall the exact price, but I do remember it was WAY beyond my personal “nerdy-crap” budget. :laughing:

Then again, I’d can only imagine how gorgeous a giant Aganos statue could’ve been…