RASH is gone so what do we think? REVIEW

Out of Ten guys what do you rate Rash so far. I know hes in beta stages but overall so far what would you rate him (impressions bellow)


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Review the rash beta here under the heading bellow:

Look / Asthetics:

For me Rash looks put of place. Ive had this numerous time over the past months from friends who love KI but dont own rash. As a model hes excellent. He looks just like he does in the old games and i know we are playing with the retro costume at the moment hence why it might not totally fit in. For me he looks brillaint for a battle toads game but not so fitting for KI. The turning into a wrecking ball thing great move but meh.

Play style:

Rash’s play style is great i love his juggle recaptures they are awsome it really makes him feel different. His tounge move to swallow fire balls are brilliant too! Instinct is fun but not massively its not a game changer but its halarious!

General charicter balance:

As a charicter he seems quite balanced i wouldnt say he was very competitive or has anything that owns others but i guess we need to test him in ranked and see what the pros come up with.

Fun factor:

No doubt Rash is super fun! He’s awsome to play even though he stands out like a sore thumb you still get plenty of lol-moments. I often enjoy my games with him but have no real desire to main him or get into too much detail.

What would you impove:

For me its the looks i know its superficial and its fun that really matters but Rash isnt just a guest charicter he takes up one of the slots for season 3. As a guest charicter i like him but taking a place from someone else more fitting to the KI cast hurts… pretty bad. With 9 new players a season its pretty important that they are spot on for me. Even if i dont love their design they have to contend. For me Rash doesn’t. Hes too comedy for me yes he could fit into KI1 but thats was a long time ago and we have had two pretty serious (less jokey) seasons since then.

Who would you rather have guest?

Joanna Dark.

My score:

5/10 becusse hes fun but baring in mind no one in season 1 or 2 drops below an 8 for me this isnt a great all guns blazing start to season 3 its just a good one.

I can’t judge him just yet, what we played felt very unfinished. His instinct blows, he’s missing animations and fine tuning. Overall he’s fun as hell to play and even to watch but I can’t rate him just yet.

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I remember when I posted a picture on the old forum

the picture said “yes it is possible to make a Battletoad if used the right texture, the right details etc etc”

generated a wave of rage and mimimi

Now, is there, everyone asking for more of Battletoads :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone know where to find the files of the old forum?

He needs a better skin to fit with this game. With his retro skin i give 1.5

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I like him but his tongue is too fast. I think @TheKeits should nerf Rash!

I think Rash is great. Accounting for the fact that he is unfinished, I would give him an 8. I’m not sure why people are so obsessed with the “visual style” to the point where they would ignore his gameplay completely. Rash introduces some interesting and unique gameplay concepts that are well suited to the character (fireball swallows, the wrecking ball). I’ve never been a big Battletoads fan, but I’m looking forward to seeing Rash when he’s done.

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He was fun to play. Look forward to seeing the finished product.

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because seeing this cartoony toad in ki just seemed ridiculous. Of course it was to tie in with rare replay but hes in the game for good. People dont have to like everything ig does. But people also dont need to feel annoyed everytime they see a negative opinion. The ki community has been this way for a long time unfortunately. I couldnt believe it when they announced rash and was very disappointed.


… Just to be sure, if Rash’s beta-skin was his Retro/Alt, it’d fit right in with the KI cast’s alts too, eh?

the beta was his retro wasn’t it? Some of the ki retros do look pretty bad though. I dont take them seriously. I just hope his main skin wont be so catoonish

Rash was an interesting case. There’s a lot of things I both like and dislike about him.
The good:
-BETA CHARACTER! The fact that IG are willing to test out future S3 characters is excellent news. It means that they have a chance to fix things before they get in the tournament/ranked circuits.
-He’s certainly unique. All we’ve seen is his beta retro skin, but he definitely stands out from the rest of the cast.
-Interesting mechanics. The utility tongue and the beat 'em up style combos are both interesting enough to make him a worthy edition.

The bad:
-The visuals. I said before that his unique appearance is a pro, but it’s also a con. Most characters give you a choice of super serious or retro cheese, but at the moment Rash is strictly cheese. I don’t mind, of course, but I do appreciate variety. Hope his modern skin is an improvement.
-I just don’t like his gameplay. His moveset felt pretty limited, especially with only 1 linker. It just didn’t click with me.
-Dear god his instinct. This needs some major improvements. I think this is one of the most universally panned things about Rash. It just feels so useless and unintuitive.

As far as the Rash beta goes, I really like what it stands for. More possible character testing before the new season? Yes please! However, at the same time, Rash doesn’t interest me much since I have no nostalgic connection with The Battle Toads and just generally didn’t want to sink time into a character that seemed to be vastly more interesting in his trailer than his gameplay. I will wait to see the finished product, but for now…
4.5-5/10. Not particularly noteworthy atm, but it is a beta for the first guest/Season3 character, so that’s a bonus.

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Thankfully they’re adding big bad boot linkers but yeah his instinct was worthless.


While I find his neutral tounge may be an issue: the speed can just hit Zoner’s easily at full screen. For the most part he seems balanced. I look forward to his completion.

Also he may not look like he belongs in KI, but come on guys, he’s a guest character, he’s suppose to stick out.

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Personally I am going to give Rash a 9.5/10 score given the fact that he is basically not COMPLETELY done and finished yet. Overall Rash is still an INCOMPLETE and at the same time a BETA character for Killer Instinct Season 3

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He makes sense from a licensing perspective. Other than that, I don’t believe that he fits into this game’s world and can think of a number of better suited guest characters to replace him. For example, I would rather have an immulsified wretch from Gears than him. Would make a great stage as well.

I’d give him 7/10

Pros —> fun to play, I like his attitude, voice , and I’m hoping the theme from his trailer is his stage music which sounds great. I like his specials + the tongue feature is cool, personally I like his instinct in that you have control over it + options with what to do with it. I like his retro costume too.

Cons —> I don’t like the auto-combo thing he does - it’s easy to counter + I don’t like how it goes straight to shadow moves using up the meter. I’m hoping his ultra was just placeholder and that it’s going to change.

Stuff I’d like to see —>>> Maybe his Ultra in the game can end with him kicking his opponent ‘into’ the screen ?
Also his stage - In Battletoads Arcade , the first level is set on a spaceship during some kind of space battle - that’d be a cool setting, especially if the other Battletoads and bosses from the game make cameo appearances in the background?
I hope his modern costume fits in with the rest of the cast, maybe modernize it like the way the new TMNT movie did in comparison to the cartoons???

Guest Characters ----> from MS owned IPs , I’d say Kaim (Lost Odyssey), Skorge (GoW) ,Drew (Scalebound) and Jack Joyce (QuantumBreak - he could use a gun + crazy time manipulation powers.)

If we get guests from movies, like with what MK is doing then I’d say, Kenshiro (Fist of the NorthStar), Kung Fury, Makoto Kusanagi (GiTS) and Ash (Evil Dead).

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