RARE to work on Killer Instinct alongside MS & IG?

I think if there’s enough demand from the Killer Instinct community Rare could possibly tackle the task of working on and bringing Rizza’s representation of No Mercy’s to life and in the game, now there’s the argument that Rare is too busy working Sea of Thieves and Yooka-Laylee. That’s okay because Iron Galaxy is still leading development of this amazing game, what i was saying is even if Rare is working on other games I believe they still could find the time and people to work putting Ultimates in the game and possibly even more game modes, (comon this games PERFECT for tag-team) Retro/Alternative stages would be awesome, Different Intro’s/Outro’s, Upgraded dojo, more Ultra’s/stage Ultra’s, Online Training mode more acessories and who knowz if IG is have trouble picturing how to bring Eyedol in this game ( i believe thats what i read somewhere at least ) without him moving around all funny due to his horse like legs. maybe Kevin Bayliss’s, Baylisses Bayliss’ (idk) unused character art that didn’t make it into Ki2 can shine in the rebooted ki? :slight_smile: Just some ideas.


Rare isnt working on Yooka Laylee. Ex employees are. And I dont think having multiple studios working on a fighting game will work that well, it will require ppl to be brought up to date and lots of communication. In the end we will probably get a better and tighter game with just IG.

Also, Rare hardly has any of their employees of back then and hasnt made a fighting game in forever, so I dont see the benefit in bringing them in anyways.

you might be talking about playtonic. The original creators of KI. In practice, Rare doesn’t exist anymore. Its just a division of microsoft. Fun fact: Microsoft thought they could put their hands at the donkey kong franchise. But lol Nintendo has created the donkey kong character.

lol, watch the Rare Replay videos, there are plenty of old Rare emploees still in there. Not only that but not all Rare employees went to Playtonic, others went to make other companies.

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I’m pretty sure Microsoft knew Donkey Kong was a Nintendo IP. I think they bought out Rare so they wouldn’t make games for Nintendo any more.

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yeah but you can count on your fingers how many of these emploees are involved on good classic Rareware games like classic Killer Instinct. The main creators of KI are working on playtonic these nowadays. Do the math, its not exactly the rareware known for the quality of their games. See kinect sports.

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Do you have a source on how many old Rareware employees are still at Rare? Do you have a source of how many KI creators are at playtonic. Because as it is, it sounds as if though you are just making stuff up like people usually do. Until you provide a link with the information I’ll take your words with a grain of salt.

i dont need to prove you anything. Just go to youtube and watch kinect sports. You might understand what Rare is about now.

I’ve seen enough great rare employees leave the company through the years to say with confidence they arent the same studio they once were.

But we should also take into account the type of games they were great at making arent as popular as they used to be, especially on xbox with the shooter crowd (Kameo for example was a really fun game but wasnt the money maker Banjo/donkey kong was, and the new banjo was fun, but the new system with the vehicles backfired on them).

Maybe the new pirate game will bring them back to form because I am sure there is still talent in the studio. Using the sports games as an example for why they might not be great anymore isnt a good example, they got the assignment to make kinect games (and I really wanted the kinect to work) and that was no easy task. I think having some creative freedom with the new game ‘might’ bring them back on top. I sure hope they will.

I would personally really like to see them make some more 2d games like the donkey kong country games, but off course with different characters as arcade games.

You do realize a lot of OG Rare doods worked on that as well. In fact Rare itself decided to work on Kinect games not MS forcing them to.

Still doesn’t prove any of the junk you’re saying nor anything about playtonic.

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Yes, many people have left RARE since the old days. But some are working on KI today. Ken Lobb is a Creative Director at Microsoft Studios and is involved with KI. He worked on KI, Goldeneye and many other RARE games back in the day
Kevin Bayliss works at Playtonic but is responsible for Season 2’s retros.

Im sure we will se some interesting games from RARE in the future. There are talented people working there :blush:
But if you want classic RARE games, keep an eye on Playtonic.

and they failed miserably. (which i dont believe. There’s just 5 or 6 among them IF so) Good luck trying to deny the truth about microsoft’s rare. bs everytime…

Except that it has been well documented and unlike you, I’ve actually got a source in which the Playtonic guys even say it was Rare that wanted to make casual games. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-12-16-rare-kinect-rise-and-fall

Believe whatever you want, in the end that’s all it is, believing just because you want to with no actual evidence. A fantasy.

I doubt Rare will ever lay another finger on the KI franchise again.

I mean no offense to the folks at Rare but I don’t really think the new team at Rare is up to the task of working on something like KI anymore.

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Okay so firstly here’s an article with sources explain changes in Rare over the years (particularly when they moved to Microsoft):

As well as staff leaving a particular note is that the testing department was closed down, where a lot of the creative talent came from.

Also the main people that worked on the original KI were:

Ken Lobb, Chris Tilsden and Mark Betteridge as designers. Chris and Mark also programmed it alongside Martin Hollis. The head artists were Kevin Bayliss and Tim Stamper (one of the Stamper Brothers).

Now if you search any of their names you’ll see that none of them still work at Rare so it’s pointless Rare helping with KI. In fact Ken Lobb was a supervisor for the current KI. Some of those names were heavily involved in a lot of Rareware’s successes, with the Stamper Brothers founding the company and Marrin Hollis was for awhile Head of software, Directing Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. They haven’t ‘all moved to Playtonic Games’ but the main talent isn’t there any more.


I always hate when people act like the only talented people in the game industry are former Rare employees and like they didn’t hire many ridiculously talented people. Rare was not good at making fighting games, a group of people that don’t have the “Rare legacy” @ Double Helix made a fighting game better than they ever could. With the foundation laid and the super talented people @ Rare now, they could easily add a lot to KI if they weren’t busy working on huge projects like Sea of Thieves and [redacted]. If MS wants more things in KI S3 they will probably hire contractors like everyone else does in the industry.

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I hope so rare developer will help with IG or new studios for new KI4. if rare not busy well

I really don’t see Rare ever coming back to develop KI, like ever.


I’m stealing this.

Go for it, that’s why I made it. lol

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