RARE to work on Killer Instinct alongside MS & IG?

Fun fact: Rare still has some of its original employees. 2 of the main guys from Rare back in the day went to work on F2P mobile games and not to playtonic. Also Ken Lobb now works at Microsoft. Not to hate on playtonic though, still full of talent like Kev Baylis.

I’ve played sea of thieves. I found it to be incredible. No one will be questioning Rare’s credentials when it drops. Don’t be so quick to judge. Also, Rare replay is such a brilliant compilation put together with so much charm and love. Fantastic intro music from Robin Beanland too.

It’s been 20+ years since the glory days of rare as you see it any way, who’s to say they’d all still be competitive in today’s market. The new team is clearly talented and they’ve hired well in recent years.

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