Ranked Matchmaking

How does ranked matchmaking work exactly?

I ask this, because sometimes when I queue for a ranked match, I get a reasonably fair matchup in terms of overall rank. Other times I get matched up against players who double my player level, are killer ranked, and I stand absolutely no chance against them at this current point in time.

Why do I get matched up against killers when I’m a low rank? This doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me. I understand the “having a challenge” aspect, but to be matched against somebody who completely outranks you in every way, shape, and form seems like an unnecessary expenditure of time, not to mention an easy win for some and a hard loss for others. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced this, so feedback would be appreciated.

Wouldn’t a matchmaking system based on rank and current points versus random make more sense? The folks who make new accounts would aptly get placed where they belong from the start, so I don’t see much of an issue there. Again, feedback is much appreciated!

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The way this works is sort of like Halo 3 matchmaking and Heroes of the Storm. When you search for a match, it looks for someone in your rank, but it starts widening the search pool rapidly. This means, you’ll have some matches that are versus Killers and vice versa. More importantly, it reduces queue times drastically. It may be less accurate, but it let’s you get in more matches, faster.

As a Killer, I’m glad it works this way, so I can improve faster. Also, a low point Killer is drastically different from someone with 5000+. The skill differential is (sometimes ridiculously) surprising.

Just as a quick note, I feel kind of bad whenever I see a Silver or Bronze opponent. However, it’s also a good opportunity for then to learn. It may suck to have to take a beating, but now you can have a recording to watch to help you improve if you truly want to do better.

Any other questions and I’d be glad to answer, since I’m stuck at work.


Thanks for your response. And it makes a lot of sense from a killer’s standpoint, but it also makes it more difficult for others to actually compete every now and then.

I’m constantly looking to improve my gameplay. I just started playing this game recently, but I think I’m picking it up pretty quickly. I’ve played some mortal kombat and street fighter in the past, so I think that helps a little bit. I prefer to play kan-ra, which from what I’ve seen can be good or bad, most people don’t seem to like him from what I can tell. He has great zoning capabilities, but certain matchups seem impossible.

Back to your point of learning- it almost feels like at some point, when you’re getting beaten so badly, that you aren’t learning anything. You just kind of take the punches, sigh, and then move on, hoping you don’t fight the same person. That brings up another question; why are there so many repeat matchups? Earlier I fought the same person three times, if it goes one way one person will undoubtedly be annoyed at the repeat matchups. Again, I’m just a low rank, so I don’t know a lot about killer-status gameplay, but I’m not quite there yet, so in the mean time it would almost seem beneficial for a lot of people if the matchmaking were evened out. Maybe within one rank of what you currently are - although I can see a relative downside to that as a killer, but it would also make the climb to that point seem more manageable, while still difficult as you can face opponents more skilled than yourself from time-to-time without feeling overwhelmed by facing a killer before the match even starts. Head game? Sure. But does a killer need to be in a bronze leveled opponents head? Again, sure, but it’s truly unnecessary in my opinion. Experience wins that battle 9/10.

The problem with strictly limiting searches the way I think you’re suggesting, (like League of Legends) is that it requires a lot of players to play all the time to not get ridiculously long queue times. We don’t have the base to support that specific process. That being said, a middle ground would be nice. Like increasing the time before it begins widening the search to increase the chance of having a more even match.

I completely understand where you’re coming from. I used to be Bronze about a year ago. Just as a reference point, it took me about 3 months to work to Killer while learning how to play a new character. Up till that point I had been playing for 6 months in Season 1’s ranked ladder. That being said, your experience may vary.

I started playing fighting games in 1995. First fighting game I ever played was KI1 on my mom’s snes. I never played fighting games semi-seriously until Soul Calibur 3. Even then, I stayed away from Street Fighter due to horrible experiences with SF2. But SC taught me the basics (spacing and combo effectiveness). Sorry I’m rambling.

Back on topic: there’s always something to learn for a fight. It may be something as simple as “I need to block more often”, or can be something match-up specific “I can’t use anything but a Shadow Clever Girl to get through Jago’s frame traps”. The key is recognizing what you need to improve on. It sounds simple, but it may require you setting up a dummy in training to do the things that you are having trouble dealing with to try and figure a way out of it. It may also require you to go through your replays and going frame by frame to see what and when you could have done something differently.

I’ll be very straight forward, the biggest problem I see lower ranked players do is press buttons immediately on wake-up. A lot of the time, it’s best to just block. Not out of fear, but because it provides the best advantage for you. Especially as Kan-Ra, you typically need to be defensive on wake-up.

The next big thing, is to not just toss out breakers willy-nilly. The best thing you can do besides playing and recognizing what strength you should have hit, I’d to use Combo Breaker training. It will show you what auto-doubles are what strength and allows you to practice breaking them.

All that being said, you picked a hell of a character. I’m so fearful of picking him up, just because of how complex it can get. I applaud your bravery.

I appreciate your applause, haha. He’s a really interesting character, and you’re completely correct on his complexity. Sometimes its challenging, because all of his setups are special move based, which, in my opinion, is very input intensive. I think my worst problem is dropping my combos by hitting the wrong input- say throwing in a manual when I meant to link or end the combo.

Anyway, back on topic again- a middle ground would be nice. I will note this; in my experience, even exhibition matches will sometimes take five plus minutes to matchup. You made a good point about the LoL matchmaking system where KI doesn’t quite have a fan base like league. I wish that were different, but I digress. Just take for example the last, probably 6-7 matches I’ve had tonight have had me at a severe disadvantage everytime. I dont think I’ve faced anybody below “master gold” tier. I haven’t won a matchup in a little while and to be honest, it gets a little bit discouraging.

I guess, ultimately, what I need to do is learn more about frames and what I can, and cannot, hit with when the opponent is in a wake-up state. I’ve got the timing on clutch down pretty well, thanks to practice mode, so I can end a combo with heavy swarm, HK, and clutch into a recapture with antlion, but I definitely need to work on combo breakers and overall defensive strategy. I’ve got the block down, but counter breakers seem to elude me as to what actually needs to happen in order for one to occur and I understand the functionality of shadow counters.

Edit: Also, thanks for the tips, it’s much appreciated.

A Counter Breaker state can be activated while you are in a combo by pressing MP+MK. However, it will only connect if your opponent tries to break your combo while you are in a Counter state.

The way you use this, is to either learn what strength they like to break, or when in the combo they like to break.

For instance, a lot of new players like to just try to break the combo immediately after you hit them with an opener. In this case, you want to hit MP+MK just after your opener, and they will be countered and locked out for about 4-5sec. I used this to get to Gold.

On the point of matchmaking, right now there are just more high level players playing consistently, than those in lower ranks. This is just what happens when there are very little changes being made, and a new character hasnt been released for 5-6 months. This means queues are going to be a bit longer and the system will be hard pressed to find you a match with someone not in Killer or Gold. It’s just the current state of ranked at the moment.

Whenever you feel discouraged, take a small break. Get up and stretch or something. Making yourself play through that emotion can very easily put you on tilt.

So counter breakers are basically combo breakers for combo breakers, correct? Is that why sometimes in the middle of my combo I disrupt myself and do a move that is non damaging? I must be hitting both mp and Mk at the same accidentally. I should pay more attention to that.

Your explanation of the current player status in terms of the ratios, it does make sense as to why I’m not seeing as many equally ranked players as I am higher ranked ones.

And I know what you mean by, “on tilt”. There have been a few times where I find myself stuck in a matchup, not being able to get out of a corner or missing the combo breaker. It does get frustrating, especially when you’re in the lead and all of a sudden you can’t hit your combos and start making input errors. Perhaps another way out would be to try attempting faster moves?

On the upside, I did finally beat a killer to move up to promotion status, so that’s a plus! :smile:

To answer your question, yes. A counter breaker is a counter for their combo breaker. Just like throwing an opponent who blocks a lot, you use a counter breaker to stop your opponent from breaking.

Good luck in your promotion, dude.

Thanks, I appreciate all of your help and advice.

I did win my promotional match, by the way, so thanks for the positive wishes!

Have a good night at work, I’m sure I’ll see you around again sometime.

If you’re up for some high-level 1v1 practice matches in exhibition mode, I’ll be happy to help you out. I’m very knowledgable about the game’s mechanics and can explain in a friendly manner how they work mid-match as you practice them on me. As a teacher, I’m always on the lookout for teachable moments and as a plus, have plenty of time to play. :slight_smile:

Many of the people here can vouch for me. I’ve taught numerous people in this community. :wink:

Also, since it appears nobody’s mentioned it yet, I highly recommend looking up Infilament’s guide at ki.infil.net - it’s the most useful guide you’ll find online for KI (and even has official endorsement by the devs!); it’s a bit of a read, but is absolutely worth it, and comes with gifs, graphs, and other really cool stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree with some of your points about who matchmaking can pair you up with. I’m in Killer, but I’m at the bottom rung of Killer players and have yet to have more than 300 points there. Mostly this is because the system only looks at your tier when matching you with an opponent - I fight people who are Top 32 winners or known tournament players like UA Bass or CrazyLCD most of the time, which is always a losing battle for me. Repeated battles against the same person is also frustrating, whether you won or lost - if I want to play multiple matches against somebody I go for Exhibition!

I believe the perfect Ranked League would have some way (# and % of won matches maybe?) to differentiate between players of the same tier so that fights will be more even at every tier of the game. The current system assumes anyone in Killer tier can realistically beat any other Killer, which just isn’t true.

I’ve fought @GalacticGeek a fair amount of times. I have no vision whatsoever and this game can be rather frustrating (particularly breaking moves that look like they are one strength sound wise but are actually a different one). However, he’s a good teacher and he’s got me to quite a good level with Aganos, with a few minor kinks to iron out I’d say.

If you ever want to fight me, add me and I’ll gladly face off against you and fight fairly where possible. I’m gold tier, but I’ve strived to earn it (not sure how close I am to killer currently but trying to work up to that).

Best of luck in your rise up the ranks.

Yeah, man, I would like to get together sometime. I just have to find time when I can use my mic. My kid sleeps in my room, he’s still an infant and at the moment my bedroom tv is my only functioning tv in the house, so that might cause an issue or so in trying to be coached. I do appreciate the offer, though, and I’ll have to add you so we can play. I’m no high-level player at the moment, but at least I’m competent at what’s going on in the game for the most part.

I think that wouldn’t be a bad idea to try, based off of experience of matches and win percentages. I also think your rank should have more to play in the matchmaking system (I don’t really see the point otherwise), and as @Ziarist above stated, it seems that the matchmaking system works the way it does in order to expedite the time you spend waiting to find a match. I would still prefer to wait to find a more even match than get my ■■■ kicked in an impossible matchup. I was in qualifier facing killers so I was forced to start in bronze. Every qualifier and bronze level player who isn’t on a second or friends unleveled account I’ve beaten. Maybe they should just re-do how the qualifier and initial placing system works?

I appreciate your best wishes! I look forward to playing with him down the line. I also have some mixed experiences when it comes to blocking and combo breaking in the aspect that I am sometimes off on my timing. I think a big part of it for me is learning all of the characters moves and what is and is not unbreakable. And as I said above, perhaps when I can find some time in order to actually be able to use my mic without bothering my wife or sleeping infant we can play. Stuck in the bedroom until I can get a new t.v. ■■■■, that’ll never happen. Feel free to add me, the account is the same as it is here. They’re capital “i”'s, by the way, not lowercase L’s.

Been sick today, feeling like ■■■■, so I probably won’t be playing this evening, but I will more than likely see any friend requests or messages you send. If not tonight, tomorrow more than likely.

Im.in the killer bracket i think at about 1000 ish from not playing too much since halo came out.

I have to say mostly match making is awsome! My games are bail bitingly close and I’m usually pleased even if i win or loose.

Some times i get matched with guys in the top ten very very rarely doni win thoes but hey thats life and you do lean somthing from what you are doing.

KI has the best net code and the best match making in my opinion

To anyone whos silver or gold just be sadira and spam webs lol your make it to killer easy hahah

Yeah, but you’re also higher up in the rankings than I am. My point to this, is why am I, as a low rank, being matched up against people you should be playing against?

As was mentioned above, somebody said to avoid queue times. I still think I’d rather wait an extra minute or two to find a more fair fight than to get stomped out, teabagged, and taunted plus an ultra or three. It gets irritating, because that wastes more time than me just sitting at the screen. And I understand that people all over will do things like that, but if you’re a killer rank and you’re seriously going to be disrespectful towards somebody who’s very clearly below your level it really makes it not fun.

I’m not saying punish those responsible for acting immaturely, but I am saying a slight revamp of the matchmaking to make it more even while you climb the ranks towards higher level competition, such as yourself.

As far as your sadira web spam comment, lol. I don’t really like playing as Sadira. Playing against her is one thing, but just spamming webs doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. Regardless of my own personal character choice (just so happens to be Kan-Ra in case you were wondering- which some may say I just spam bugs) I try to avoid spamming the same move over and over and I prefer to go for actual intended setups, opposed to using the same move over and over. For example, the only time I stand back spamming bugs and spikes is when I’m down 50% and need to get somebody to jump into a swarm or do something stupid.

I think I may have said this before in this thread, but as somebody who’s still in silver, I don’t find it very fair, or even beneficial in any way shape or form from facing a killer. In my personal experience fighting killers (of all I’ve fought, probably about 1/4-1/2 of my matches), I think I’ve beaten two of them. One who seemed to have had his controller batteries die, or left the tv. Another who chose a low level character of his, so he was probably not very familiar with the matchup. Everybody else has beaten me by at least a supreme victory. Like I said, I don’t learn much when I throw one opener, get CB’d immediately, and then rolled over with either mistimed combo breakers or incredibly ridiculous mixups that somebody around my level can’t readily identify. I’m just saying the skill gap in a lot of these matchups seems really one-sided to me. Some of them are fair, and some of them I just input error all over the screen and get my ■■■ kicked. But that’s my own issue, not somebody else who’s played thousands of hours of this game coming in and beating me without even batting an eye.

Ive played 3 silver tonight in ranked… one was sadira she scared me lol

Everyone is fun. U have to get the best out of them.

Sadira spams webs and cross ups its not cheap its her thing its just most ppl find that hard to deal with and expoiting things often makes you better at dealing with core mechanics that killers use to take you out

Play some exhibition with me. Learn and then go into rank?

I really wish there were an option to upgrade from a Killer rank. Not for me per say, but to those who are ridiculously good at what they do. I know the stars are there but often times they really don’t prove much and there was a trick to cheat the way to get the stars.

I’m saying an option to get perhaps more levels in the Killer rank that is held by only a certain few who can actually earn that accomplishment. I only mention this because of the huge gap that exist in the Killer rank. Myself for example took some grinding to get to Killer while some got it with ease because of the experience they have, so why not reward them and in a sense glorify their accomplishments?

The problem is you wouldn’t be waiting only a few extra minutes. You could go an entire night without finding a match. Back in season 1 they tried implementing a system that would only match you with players near your rank and this is what happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol5dht6WcK8

You are by far one of the best high-level Killer’s who hasn’t let the skill go to their head. I still want to spar with you, but I still need a lot of training before I can face your skills. I will do my best, and I’m sure you will have some comments and suggestions to help me improve. Keep up all the good work GG!

Also, side note.
How come I’ve never seen you in 8BBD? I wouldn’t see a reason why you wouldn’t make it to top 16, I have heard you mention connection issues but I always wondered the correct answer.

You just gave yourself the answer to your own question, because you are correct good sir! Also, I appreciate the compliment. Thank you. :slight_smile: