Ranked Leagues: Too Easy/Casual?


@F3Sleep recently put up a poll on twitter asking his followers to vote on whether or not the ranked leagues system should have more challenge to it. And 86% of people on his poll said that they did.

Now, from what I can tell, they don’t necessarily mean to bring back the S1 ranked mode, just make the current system more rewarding/challenging in some form or fashion. Personally, I disliked how S1’s ranking system was because it was so easy to get a few bad matches and have your rank drop and it was SUPER frustrating and discouraging. I often found myself stopping at a rank title that I thought looked cool and then just playing exhibition. And that’s not a good thing for me.

Though at the same time, I do feel that this current system is a bit too lenient. I like the fact that I never have to worry about ranking down so I’m not always tense when I play online. However, the current tiers are WAY too broad and WAY to easy to climb. The Killer tier specifically, because I go on ranked and find Killers who actually don’t know what they are doing and just mashing buttons and breakers, and I think to myself “How did this guy reach this rank?” I even find people like this who have pro stars, which makes those feel worthless to me as well. I’m not exactly sure what I would do to solve this, but I definitely think that it should be more difficult to reach the highest tier possible in an online ranked system.

What do you guys think about this?


I despised the S1 system. In general I think the current tier system, broad as it is, works pretty well. I do think it would be cool to have an opt-in tier or something similar though, where you could choose to only be matched up against pro star holders or people otherwise sitting on great win ratios or something. There’s a lot of mauling that goes on between the best in Killer and the worst, so it’d be kind of nice to set your parameters a bit more to only get really competitive games I think.


I made a fairly big post on one of the ranked discussions, imo the best solution would be somewhere in between the old and current system.

If they just added a few more tiers to the current system and they could tweak it a little be think it would be fine.

I currently don’t play ranked much because their really is no reason. I know that if I played enough I would reach killer within a couple of weeks depending how much I played, and after that their is literally nothing for me. I’m not good enough or play enough to reach top 32 so whats the point? I would just stagnate in killer for no reason other than to say " look at me i’m a killer" which means nothing and i’m way past that.

For me to enjoy a ranked system in a game there needs to be something out of reach that I can aim for.

Also as far as i’m aware ranked systems in most games are supposed to show an indication of skill levels. This system (without more tiers to thin the crowd a little) really doesn’t. It shows new players, learning players then everyone else imo.


I did not like the old System either. It was way too difficult to climb the ranks becasue you could drop way too fast.
It also didnt have a visual goal like the new one. You could see what ranks were up and coming, how many there actually were and what the titles are.

If I had to describe the old system in one word its “Discouraging”.

I dont think its that easy to make it to Killer. Yes there are some that may have some how lucked out and got an easy streak through Gold… but most have a challenging climb through Gold.

Sleep and the other 86% are all the good players that maybe do have it easy but they are a small percentage of the entire player base. Just because its easy for “Sleep” doesnt mean its easy for “Wideawake57”.

Sleep thinks there is nothing to play for now that he is Killer, but he inst trying to make top 32 either…is he? Has he?
Maybe he should try to get #1 for the month? Is that not challenging enough?

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I am fully aware that the poll Sleep made was probably full of high level players who could easily get tired of the current system. I made this thread for a reason.

To be honest it really isn’t. Just play ranked everyday of the month and that’s all there is to it.

Why arent you good enough and what would adding a few more tiers do to change this exact statement? What happens when you get to these extra tiers? Will you still not hit a wall to were you cant advance? Whats the difference between that and top 32 each month?[quote=“SonicDolphin117, post:5, topic:13295, full:true”]
I am fully aware that the poll Sleep made was probably full of high level players who could easily get tired of the current system. I made this thread for a reason.

Did I say you were not fully aware?

Since there are more Killers ranks,i think the Ranking system needs a little rework towards this.
But only this.
Maybe a Ladder/Pool up to Official Top32, dunno.

The grind up to Killers is balanced imo.

Because top 32 is who plays the most at a certain level not whose the best.

Adding more tiers would thin the killers out so that hopefully in killer tier would be the best of the best not just people that play a lot. Adding more tiers would also hopefully make me and others like me hit a wall so that I have reason to improve not just (hate this term but this is what it would be) “grind” the game more to reach top 32.

The way the current system works there is very little way to gauge improvement especially when you get to a certain level (which is far from top but considered it in this ranking system) where as in season 1 it’s maybe the one thing the system did do really well.

What i’m suggesting is a happy medium between s1 and s2 with more tiers with better steady progression through the tiers and with tougher to get to tiers which offers something to aim for by improving skill level not just “grinding” ranked more.

Edit: Just a side note to elaborate on why I hate the term grind. If you find a game or mode in a game a grind you shouldn’t be playing it. If something is a grind it means you are not enjoying it as you are finding it a chore and not fun. If you are enjoying said thing don’t call it a grind. Sorry pet hate. The term gets trown around way too much these days imo.


Rename bronze into “Begginer” or similar.
Rename silver into “Bronze”.
Rename gold into “silver”. Best of 3 starts here
Rename killer into "Gold"
New Killer category. You have to make the equivalent to 8000-10000 points in the current killer to achieve the new Killer.

Also losing to somebody with lower rank should quit you lots of points. For example, if a killer loses to a silver, loses 500 points. Negative points are possible and makes you lose your rank at the end of the month

Top 32 is when the real action is.


If someone has pro stars, it’s because they were top 32. You don’t get there by sitting on your thumbs. If they’re bad, then most KI players are bad and you’re #1 every season. Chances are they were having a bad game. If you drink and play KI, for example, your opponent may think a newborn is trying to play.

Maybe adding a Platinum tier between Gold and Killer would help things a bit, though.

But Top 32 isnt just about who has the most time. @STORM179 made it to top 32 and he only played for 8 days? That’s shows his skill becasue the dude went 100-0 basically over that time period. He didnt grind all month… he just didnt loose int hat last week of the month.
Once you get matched against someone with a much higher rank you get huge point bonus that elevates you from #1500 to #800 in one match. Then that starts to repeat until you in the top 32. then you just have to hold your spot till the end of the month.

Its really a mix of time and skill.

But my point is adding tiers to me doesn’t solve much… those that have more time than others will still climb to Killer and then all that’s left is top 32 for the remainder of the month until it resets.

Im fine with adding more tiers, but I dont think it solves the issue that Sleep is trying to point out about it being a challenge or what not… is anything going to be a challenge to him besides a tournament full of pros?

I don’t want to discredit people who make top 32 in any way as you have to be a good player to make it but as you said it’s both skill and time.

I don’t want to do away with top 32 either, it’s fine. I am just suggesting more tiers that get increasingly harder to climb. To make rank mean something as a small indicator of skill level, and keep people like myself wanting to keep improving and coming back with the aim of seeing my improvements represented by my rank.

Also I think with more tiers could possibly help with better and more accurate match making. Also maybe less people would reset rank every month and destroy lower tiers.

I hated the old system, that being said I don’t think the new system is casual.

Sure for skilled players it might seem easy but I can’t even win a match in gold tier, so to me its hardly “easy” or “casual”.

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Yeah Im fine with that. Who knows…maybe James is working on some changes to the Rank system right now?
Maybe we should ask him?

@TotalJimkata Thoughts on the discussion we got going on here? Do you think adding more tiers is a possibility? And if so what do you think it should look like?

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I think the current system works as far as the system goes, but it could use some improvements.

I think the best idea to make getting to Killer harder and keeping the skill levels more precisely mapped would be to add more Tiers, like Platinum or Diamond. Keep the ability to qualify up to Gold, but make it so the journey up to the top is takes longer.

Or maybe make losing penalties in Killer much steeper depending on your current placement. If someone in Top 32 loses to someone who just got into Killer or even someone in the lower ranks, it should put a major dent in their record. It should be about winning consistently, not simply playing a lot.

Then again, this is all from the perspective of someone who didn’t go into ranked after getting Killer in Season 2, and is currently sitting in Gold.

personally i think the ranking system is fine. i dont know what else you can do besides earning that star to make it more “rewarding”. what else can you do to a fighting game to give incentive to kick people’s assess? lol

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The ranked system seems fine to me right now. I think adding more rankings doesn’t really accomplish anything. Right now the next step after Killer ranking is to go for top 32 and if you aren’t willing to do that then you’ve reached the peak of ranked.

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This is how I feel about it. Its always going to be too hard for some and too easy for others. There is no middle ground. It has to end somewhere.

One persons description of " all the killers I face are too easy to beat" is totally different than the next guys description of how difficult it is to win in Killer rank.

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yep, not everyone is a top 8 contender. not everyone is an absolute beast at fighting games where they can go on unholy rampages for weeks at a time. i like to say im pretty good at KI, i could be even stronger if i had the ability to download the T.I.M.E patch and then supplement with the N.O.B.I.L.L.S. mod but i digress.