Ranked Leagues Scoring Update

Hey everyone,

DJames (aka Total JimKata) here with some Ranked League news.

Check out the full details here: http://www.ultra-combo.com/ranked-leagues-scoring-update/


Okay, so if you win, you get more, but if you lose, you lose more. Also, losing a promotional match isn’t as bad. Gotcha! :wink:


the crying sure worked out. Is this gonna be the new world of warcraft where each week the raids are made easier and easier till even the least skilled player get to see all the content and get all the gear? Either way i dont care, just sayin.


also to new players, GET AN ETHERNET CABLE, like $5 at Walmart … MAKES A HUUUUGEE GODLIKE DIFFERENCE

welcome to Killer Instinct, best game this generation


So its not easier, or harder, just quicker in both directions.

I guess that is cool.

Made it to killer already. Ranked patch is OP. Plz nerf.

i personally dont like it, very soon killer rank will be full of people that arent killers. it should be much more harsh. if you are a killer and loose to a lower rank you should loose minimum 100 points and it should increase based on how low their rank is, and you should get the least amount points for beating a fellow killer. and the consequences for loosing a promotion match was fine !! why make it easier? if you are good enough you will make it to killer if not just keep training or enjoy gold tier ,it is 2 out of 3 as well. and i feel that now there are enough killers that in order to get promoted you must fight someone of a high tier.if non is available you have to wait until one is. and finally i think in killer tier alone there should be relegation of the bottom 50 percent each month,so that people that arent in the hunt for top 32 will have something to fight for at the end of the month as well .ranked is supposed to be all about competition , pls lets make it that

Can we stop with this “everybody gets a trophy (Killer)” thing?

What is Killer supposed to mean; you’re 1 of a few thousand with enough/basic skill? No offense to IG or my fellow Top 32’s, but the current implementation of Killer and Top 32 is not a measure of skill, it’s a measure of time. If you have above average skill and plenty of time you can make Killer and eventually Top 32.

IG should cut this politically correct crap and get back to the old style 1-40 ranks where only people that could make top 8 at majors are true Killers (RIP Mr. Grimmmz’s Jago).


Speak for yourselves - before the new update, I had a winning streak of 10+ wins. Post-update, I get 5 straight losses and am now lower than when I started before the streak…

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Awesome! I just got back to killer like two hours ago!! Wasn’t to bad of a climb even with the best out of three matches. GalacticGeek keep going man your aganos is top notch you’ll be back with the killers in no time!

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i feel the way the points work are fundamentally flawed, if you are a killer you deserve to loose a huge amount of points if you loose to a lower rank and not as much if you loose to a fellow killer. please bring back relegation for killer rank and stop making it unnecessarily easy!!. is it too much to ask to have one comepetitive tier out of four?? everything is being so dumbed down ,its very unfortunate!!! so going down 200 points for loosing a promotional match is too much??? reallly??? common man!! gold tier is 2 out of 3 for heavens sake so why the need to make it easier for people to be killers ??? WHY?? i seriously miss the days when ranked was more competitive and not handing out trophies to everyone. in sf5 if you are in the higher ranks and loose to a lower rank its absolutely brutal!! why cant we have that in one tier for competitive people in ki?? its so unfortunate . while in ki the opposite is the case you loose the most against someone at your level while you loose very little against some one should destroy!! its horrible. PLS RECTIFY IT!!

Who is going to start the “I made it to Killer before they made it too easy” thread?



I agree with a lot of what @EMPERORNIMROD is saying.

I used to be a Killer, but now that the reset has happened, i am fighting some of the hardest matches of my life, constantly, and having a GREAT time doing it.

I feel like i deserve every win, i learn from every loss, and i feel like i am where i need to be in the ranking system. Ranked just FEELS good.

If anyone says it is too hard, they need to realize that you are NOT guaranteed to make it to a high rank unless you are TRULY better than most people.

I think it would be OK if the ranking were a little harder than it is now.

Should be for everyone who enjoys competition, but haven’t quite figured the game out yet.

Should be full of people who COMPLETELY understand the game, and are beginning to learn the specifics.

Should be very difficult to reach. Only full of people who know the game ENTIRELY, and are working on mind-games, and match-up tweaking.

Should be only for PROS. People who have the game, its systems, and every character 100% learned. Mind-games and amazing reactions should be the ONLY thing separating a top 32 player from a lesser player.

This system would put me in Silver, maybe Starting Gold, and that is fine with me. If i can have fun, be tested with every match, and FEEL like i deserve my rank, then i ACCEPT that i am not going to move forward without earning it. And everyone else needs to start feeling that way, too.

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I can only say, without getting in to specifics, that your math and understanding of the system is off. With this Killers will be Elite. There weren’t many before, but from the looks of things, there are going to be a lot less.


Top 32 is a representation of skill.


i sure hope so but, i have serious doubts considering the bar to be a killer is constantly being lowered and since there is no relegation once you are in, you are a killer for life which is unfortunate. in other fighting games people only play their main characters in ranked because the conseguences of loosing is brutal. but currently ranked is where people experiment with characters and level up their characters which is wrong. frankly in ranked there is little to no pressure because the consequences are incredibly low compared to other fighters. i recognise the developers dont want to turn people away from the game but killer should be reserved for only the most competitive

I made it to Killer in a week, Dev confirmed my elite status? :wink: :smile:


Speak for yourself, I do not go into ranked to experiment with or level any characters. If I want to do that I use practice, survival, shadow lab, exhibition/lobbies exclusively lol I do not enjoy my record getting even more loses which is why I still don’t have the KanRa and Aganos 20 ranked win achievements because I am straight garbage with them and have gotten so many losses just trying but I don’t like those characters enough to actually practice with them.

Like I said it’s a representation of above average skill, but it’s more a measure of time put into grinding the game each month. Do you know how many pro stars PaulB has?

There were literally thousands of Killers at the end of Season 2, and this season there will be no shortage of easy wins against Killers.

Despite having asked for it numerous times, Top 32 in no way represents a tourney style bracket. It does not remember who has beaten who and take that into account. All we have gotten is the ability to get up to 1000 points if we beat someone way ahead in points, but they don’t lose 1000pts. I appreciate the gesture, but those match ups don’t happen often enough to make up for the 2hr daily grind required to stay in the Top 32.

Current ranked system is not granular or punishing enough, and provides too many easy Killer wins for Top 32 to be a useful measure of skill.


I feel you.

I was in Top 32 (im only above average Skill imo) a few days ago and have beaten the number one or number two atm three or four times in a row. I earned more points (around 100 at that time) but he just lost 50 Points.

It is plain wrong that you only lose 50 Points when losing a Killer match to a lower placed Killer.

After two days of not playing ranked i got thrown down to place 75 and i just realized that it is not worth the hassle to stay in Top 32. If the Player that got beat lose the same amount of Points the other player earns in a Killer vs Killer Fight it would be much more interesting. It is fine that you earn more Points to catch up but it is not fine that he loses just 50 Points.

Example Now:

Number 1 stays at 15000 Points

Number 80 stays at 8000 Points

Number 80 wins over Number 1 he earns 700 Points.

After The Match

Number 1 stays at 14950 Points

Number 80 (now higher) at 8700

it should be imo

Number 1 now stays at 14300 Points

Number 80 now at 8700 Points

Top 32 just shows how much time you invest in Ranked League. The whole system is a pure grind.

I now will only play ranked if none of my friends is online to play.


Completely agree Spyder! I’ve played a few Top 32s that weren’t skilled at all, but used dubious tactics to get wins, whether lag, Time gating (getting a smidgen of a life lead and then running the rest of the match), or game glitches. Once you take those away, most have a hard time breaking simple combos. They have poor footsies.

When I face somebody with a Star, I should expect the best of the best, and to be honest, I usually do.