Ranked League Stats & Changes

Me too but that is just because no point in playing and getting stuck in S2 woth all the character changes coming.

I stopped playing because I already reached a high point that I’m happy with and didn’t really feel like grinding for top 32. While that remains true, I still want my rank to actually reflect my skill, not how much I play.

Do you really have to grind for top 32 though? I just play to have fun.

Are you sure it is one month of ranked inactivity? It could be inactivity from KI in general. Maybe it is as long as you play,you stay in Killer?

But it would literally only take you five minutes once a month to play one match in ranked. You don’t even have to win it, just search for match and go eat a sandwich then come back and go back into exhibition.


I like to play for fun too, but a little bit of recognition and fame can’t hurt. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just don’t want people to think that I’m a scrub when I’m really not. I don’t like to be deceitful like some others on here are already apparently planning to do. If I’m as good as a killer should be, then I shouldn’t be dropped to gold tier where I could potentially destroy other, lesser-skilled players, because the game auto de-ranked me if and when I do decide to return to ranked leagues.

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If you are gone a month or more you could get rusty and while you are not playing others are training everyday and could make it harder for you. Not to mention when I was gold I fought more Killers than I did Gold ranks, got matched up against mitonson 4 times in a row wth? It also gets rid of those Killers who quit the game and clutter up the leaderboards or cheat to Killer.

I do agree with you though if I have personal reasons that I am unable to play I do not want to go back to Gold rank.

Not too enthused about blocking people. I used that so that I didn’t have to play taunting/tea bagging asshats and not to dodge anyone.


That is the definition of dodging someone lol if you win against them they can’t teabag you or taunt unless it is in between rounds which I love because then I destroy them at the end of the match and relentlessly put the salty sacks on their heads.

And by salty sacks I mean that down motion on the joystick repeatedly.

Then I guess I will just have to start playing with friends. I’d rather not play people that have to stoop down to that.

This aspect of it is something that I do agree with, and is why I understand why they did it - I still don’t like the idea of having to force myself to go into ranked each month. I’m bad with reminders…

Yeah, if they were bad enough, I would block them for that, certainly.

I guess so. That is in every game. This is Xbox teabagging was born here with Halo, it can only be expected

I for one am a grown man and as such getting teabgged for 3 seconds in a video game really doesn’t bother me.

This, 10 x 100^Google

Did I do the scientific notation right? I hope so. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well trust me I’m a grown man as well but I have enough sense to realize that I shouldn’t and don’t HAVE to put up with that crap.

Funnily enough in almost every past stream the developers have teabagged more than a handful of times lol

Ehhhh lets just nod and say it is. Lol

No you did not. Normally,m is supposed to be greater than 1 and less than 10.

It’s a googol not a google!

Blame corporate brainwashing for that 1…