Ranked League Stats & Changes

Ranked reset: Makes sense. New season, new characters/balance, tons of new players, starting over is good.

Once a month, you can requalify from scratch: I was a huge proponent of allowing people to downgrade if they got to Gold or Killer when they personally felt they didn’t deserve to be there. A full-on ranked reset seems like a pretty extreme solution though… if you got to Killer and just wanted to go back to Gold, you have to do a lot of leveling up again. It also opens up the people who want to troll all the lower ranks by resetting every month, so there will be slightly fewer “honest” games. I like this solution better than no solution at all, but feel like maybe there is a middle ground here somehow. Maybe downgrade by one tier only? I dunno. It’s good that they limit it to only once a month, though. That’s about the right amount of time to prevent tons of abuse but still make people feel like they aren’t trapped forever.

Anti-cheat stuff: Great!

Best 2 out of 3 now in Gold tier: Great! Should have been this way from the start IMO, so glad it’s here.

Inactivity for 1 month kicks you out of Killer: I think the idea is okay, but 1 month is awfully short. People get busy with life (go on vacation, have a family emergency, whatever else) and it’s possible they just don’t play KI in ranked for a month. Kicking them down to Gold isn’t the end of the world, but especially if ranked isn’t your primary way to play the game, trying to remember to play 1 ranked game a month is not going to work for everyone. I think if this number was, like… 3 months, it would be a better solution?


Resetting all the way to Qualifier is a step too far in my opinion. I mean smurfing was even mentioned in the stream for goodness’ sake. How does that not set alarm bells ringing?

I finally came back to KI recently and in qualifying and bronze I was getting matched with and stomped by Killers.
Now in my opinion that defeats the point of ranking and shouldn’t be happening often anyway, but when a Killer becomes a Qualifier? Wulf in sheep’s clothing, it’s going to be a massacre.

For less-skilled and/or newer players it is [I]not fun[/I] and [I]they will leave.[/I]


Dont want this to seem insulting to players. I just made it to silver. I’m not very good.

However, I really like the battle.net SC2 rankings.

WHy not something like:

Bronze, silver, gold, Platinum, Diamond, Killer, Ultra

People should only be able to reach plat, diamond and killer when people move up and down in leagues above them. Ultra would be like SC2’s Grand masters…the top players of the masters league.

SO here, it would essentially be filled with pro players or near pro level players. No one else.

Not sure on the fine touches for rank up and down, but something like that.

Also, forum indicators to show the player rank (like a small cute icon or something)




While I understand the concern, I don’t think it will be as big an issue as you think.

People (including myself) had the same concern when Ranked Leagues was first introduced, but it seemed as thought the Killer skill players moved out of the early brackets very quickly - I think it’s hard to purposefully lose enough to stay in a low bracket, thought I’m sure if you really work at it you could.

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Sabrewulf with wool coat costume confirmed?


Positives: Optional Rank Down
Less Cheaters
2 out of 3 in Gold (part of this is kind of a negative, see below)

Negatives: Killer downrank for inactivity
Rank Reset

I understand why the reset happened last season, the whole ranking system changed. But to reset people and force them to go through a grind again is annoying and redundant…especially with the fact that the grind will take longer now that gold is 2 our of 3 and people have an option to downrank.

If Bronze, Silver, and Gold are permanent, why the hell not Killer. Some of us love playing but can’t always do so due to life, we shouldn’t be punished for not playing a video game.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it wouldn’t take much to go play one match but making us remember to do that is a bit annoying. Personally I like my Profile Card to look the same no matter when I log in, don’t care for Top 32 as it is too much of a grind, but if one month I decide to go for it I don’t want to suddenly discover I have to go through Gold again.


Even if that’s the case, for at least those few days after reset ranked is going to be a slaughterhouse.

Here’s what I’d suggest.
Optional reset: Back to Gold with no points. If you made it to Killer once then you shouldn’t have to qualify again, we know you can play. Save bronze and silver for learners, scrubs and me.

Inactivity reset: Back to Gold with max points. So you’re good, but you lapsed. That’s okay, maybe you were busy, on holiday or just playing other games. Win a promo match and come right back into Killers. Let’s hope you remember how to play!

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I can do this! Only took me a couple of hours. :slight_smile:

Very LONG hours. Lol

@xSkeletalx, looks like a Long, Rage-inducing stream is in order.


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I agree…I understand the reasoning for dropping you to Gold, especially if you’ve had a lapse, but to drop someone to the bottom of Gold because they had something else to do, maybe played another Skyrim-esque game, or got busy & didn’t have time to get back to KI…that sounds a bit much. If you were dropped to Gold/max points, it would only take minimal effort to prove you’re adequate enough to be back up at Killer again, & if you lost & kept losing you deserve to be where you are.


Good, now I can go back to being a Qualifier where a scrub like me belongs.

I guess since I got there once I can do it again, but I think the tier dropping thing is kind of dumb. If you get to Killer fair and square you should remain there IMO. I haven’t played a single ranked match since I got Killer last month…so I should be down to gold tier now for some reason? What is the point exactly? What does that accomplish? I don’t understand.

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I think the thing that bugs me the most is when I am playing Ranked now, I clearly see a difference in the players ability between Killer and the other 3 Ranks…now its going to be random again like it was when it started last season.

And if someone wants to get to Killer to keep their Profile Card and not play anymore, I think that is their right as a player, let em keep it its not hurting anyone. Besides you’re giving players the option to rank down anyways, let them choose.

Personally I’m a bit OCD and I don’t like the idea of not having my Killer Card and being forced to play for it again…I’m sure I can do it again its just redundant and annoying to me.


Only slightly fewer? Do you have any idea how many of these I run into RIGHT NOW? I’d say 2 out of every 5 matches I’ve experienced in exhibition is a troll (or at the very least someone who actually got good without ever playing ranked). It’s only going to get worse with this new setup.

That being said, I do like your 1 tier idea. It allows people to lower themselves if they need to without allowing trolls to decimate the lower ranks.

I also liked your idea about allowing for 3 months of inactivity, because I think that seems (more) fair when compared to only 1 month. It’s a difference of 1/4 of the year versus 1/12 of the year. :wink:

Honestly, I don’t see the whole point of a Rank Reset. When this was first launched, the whole benefit of this new ranking system was the fact that you didn’t get deranked… EVER. For me, going back to Qualifier isn’t that big a deal, my freaking goodness, I had a stupid glitch for the first few months that continuously sent me back to Qualifier. I was able to get back to Killer within a few hours. What will take me just a few hours though, unfortunately isn’t that way for much of the fan base. I know people who have struggled for an entire year to FINALLY get to Killer, just to find out that they are being sent back to the beginning.

I feel bad for Sightless Kombat, of whom just made it to Killer. He’s blind and has overcome unbelievable hurdles to get here, and I don’t think it is right to send him back to the beginning, and for that matter any of us.

In terms of the rest of your info… I’m whole heartedly pleased with the new changes. Just tonight I faced two different Killers of whom started lagging out the match to get the win. I’ve played these people before and they do this EVERY match. So I am all for anti-cheating awesomeness.

In terms of Blocking (I thought this was already in effect???) I play people I’ve blocked ages ago all the time.

Inactivity - not clear as to why this is a big deal? Do you have limited KIller space or something? I can this being a bad thing. There are many reasons why somebody may not be able to play for a month, such as military leave, illness, life… To have their stats reset just because they couldn’t log in or chose not to, is rather lame. Consider revising.


It is already in effect, they say the implemented it months ago but are just making sure we were all aware of that.
Also, people don’t lose their stats for not playing, they just get sent to gold tier.

Dig this change. I’m not sure the exact number, but I’m sure there’s a few people who’d want to go into a different rank. There’s a few players on Reddit stating that they feel Killer isn’t for them. It promotes a healthier ranking system, you’re placed where you feel comfortable at. Climbing up the ranks wouldn’t be difficult if that’s where you truly belong. It took most good players about a day to reach killer.

I’m liking the reset. My gold ranking is a tad high for my skill set given the time I put into and continue to put in the game.

I probably won’t reset it much if at, but it’s nice to know there is that option if I get into a rank I have no business being in which may be likely given the hopefully large influx of new PC players.

After I just finally made Killer :frowning: … Does this mean it’ll be as if my 170 losses on the way up never happened? :slight_smile:

I think I have a better one. Inactivity for 1 month starts by a demotion to gold with 999 points. For each day in the following month you begin to lose those points. Minimal for the first week, and quickly ramping up as the 2nd month is nearing it’s end. Until finally, on the day of the next reset, you are at Gold with 0 points.

Edit: This way it’s more forgiving of you not being in ranked for a week or so after the first month lapse, but still requires you to do something in ranked to stop the decline. I feel that 60 days (give or take) is still a good middle ground.

All they had to do was make it harder to achieve killer rank. I remember when you were put up against a killer in s1 they really were killers… now, you just base it off their grind level and that determines their level for me… once again, they have 1 job and they take it way out of proportion. Smh ig