Ranked League statistic broken? (FIXED WITH SEASON 3 RELEASE!) (Jan 22, 2016)

Jan 22, 2016, around 11 am

My total ranked leagues statistics are showing higher than win on the perCharacter wins on the fight archive -> leaderboards.

can this be fixed?

in fight archive -> Raked League Mode, the wins count for total ranked games are going up
… but on the fight archive -> leaderboards specific to the character, the numbers aren’t rising in real time at all

there is a difference of 19 wins so far …

I wonder if those extra wins come from may people rage quitting or disconnecting pre-fight. That would explain why it awards a win to you, but doesn’t register the character.

i wish … but when i win a rank, it goes up for total, but not for the character

that’s not the bug.

wasn’t keeping track, was fighting a laggy Jago, then he quit out in the middle of the match, and i earned a Jago achievement (healed 10 health points in instinct, on Jan 22, 2016) even though i wasn’t using Jago … maybe that has something to do with it?

Jago’s fought on Jan 22, 2016 were
J Gamer K
S Saiyan Kratos

is this only me?

is it working for everybody else?

seem to remember, wasn’t keeping track, but it appeared as if the win stats for the character specific stats jumped about 50 wins … hoping when that is reached, it’ll go back to normal.

hoping. have no idea if i passed it or how close i am to the real number now. arg!!

wicked things,
fought a laggy Jago again and stats jumped about 50.
seems to be working now.

maybe it was just lag on the servers?

either way, these things happen … so happy now.


ahh, it’s broken again, is this just me?

does my character specific wins only go up if beating level 50 Killers?
What’s going on?

if I uninstall Killer Instinct and re-install it, will I lose my stats and costume settings?

arg … un-install and re-install KI doesnt’ fix … hope season 3 does …

Yah I was messing around with stats/leaderboard options tonight to figure out how many more ranked Jago wins I needed (not really my favorite character but sure I was close to 20). Turns out when I finally found the right place that I have 118 wins or something total (I just started ranked a couple weeks ago) but only two characters show any wins next to their names at all.

It could be because I just jumped up into Gold. Maybe have to win one with each character again and all their stats will come back. Again I don’t care about the actual leaderboard, just keeping track of who and what has how many wins individually as I was going to challenge myself to learn each character to the point I get 20 wins with them in ranked.

Anyone else know what’s going on here? Cheers.


  • had a free 2 day trial from GOW Ultiimate, tried that with Killer Instinct on a different gamertag
  • won 2 games, stats still showed dashes
  • logged back in with my main gamertag and tried again, still doesn’t work, per character ranked leagues stats just won’t go up, not even win percentage changes, while overall ranked wins do go up with each win

interesting … just played a Spinal and he rage-quit.

Stats jumped up to about what seems right (can’t tell if exactly right).
Also did a holdDownPower/unplug10Seconds too just now, maybe that’s it too.

Will Play some more to see if each win is counted in real time.

Myself rage quitting does not update stats.

guess that’s it, thanks, Fwufikins.

just won 2 out of 3 against Jago, stats for perCharacterRankedStats didn’t go up.

only goes up (and jumps up to correct number), on when the opponent rage-quits.

hope the repeatable error makes it easy for the Killer Instinct devs to fix soon. :frowning:

re: on same screen (per character ranked statistics where it shows Rank/Gamertag/Wins/Win Ratio/Max Combo)

  • beating Max Combo record, Max Combo Statistic updates in real time while Wins and Win Ratio does not go up

yeah … just confirmed against an Omen.

Win stats only update on per-character ranked leagues screen when opponent rage-quits.

Don’t wanna clutter the forum with this … not a game breaker I guess, especially if it’s a non-affects-everybody bug, sure the devs are busy with season 3. Hope for a fix in Season 3, let the thread fade if not.

just a repeatable-error confirmed, per-character win stats only update on opponent rage-quits.

bugs happen.

hope this doesn’t bump the thread up