Rank Reset Every Time I Quit The Game **PC**

Just like the title says, every time i quit the game then go back onto ranked leagues, i lose my rank, been in silver and bronze a few times but i just get put back into qualifier whenever i restart the game, it’s really frustrating, wondering if anybody else has this issue?
Somebody else had said that it’s a visual glitch but im not sure if thats the case, i can get into bronze, work half way through the rank, leave the game, come back and im back in qualifier again.

This could be related to your privacy settings. If you don’t allow apps to report your data, nothing will save.

how might i change this?
forgive me if i seem stupid asking…

This is caused by disabling any/all of Windows 10’s ‘data collecting’ features (or at least it was for me).

The only fix I found so far is to re-enable the ‘Connected Used Experiences and Telemetry’ service and allow any entry related to the W10 telemetry services that was previously blocked by your firewall

I know it feels bad but that’s the only way to fix this bug (and even nastier bugs which aren’t related to Ranked mode)


Does this impact the console version as well - if you don’t have you pc settings saved?

Can you provide more details on exactly which settings are involved, and if there will be solutions implemented, please? I’m not a fan of having to disable global privacy settings to have my online progress be saved.

If you disabled the “connected user experiences and telemetry” service, this will block the function of reporting. UWP with Win 10 standardized how apps communicate data, and that has to be allowed for KI to report data back.

This page also has information on how to get up and running that also can impact your data saves.

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Someone pointed out in this thread that Spybot blocking telemtry could be the cause.

Oh, that sounds like that specific service being blocked by a third-party program outside of the standard Windows privacy settings if I understand correctly.