Random Character Tournament Vol. 5: Rememberance Edition 🙏 (CONCLUDED)



I am baaaaaacccckkk!


Oh dear… :sweat:


What’s wrong? :confused:


I’m not even going to answer that obviously loaded question because it’s only going to mean more trouble for me. If you’ve been following my posts at all lately, you’d know the answer already…


Saturday the 26th is going to be very difficult for me. It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I fly out that night for a two week trip. So I’m going to sit this one out as a player

However, since I’m around up until the event I am very willing to help in organizing it and or with the stream for the first couple of hours.

PS Happy Halloween everyone :jack_o_lantern:


Then why did you even start it with this?

Especially after this in another thread.


Yeah… But it’s doesn’t matter to me. I really don’t care if pro player join RCT, we always welcome them! I just want to have fun than worry about them.


In the hopes of just ending this - @KevBones10 what @GalacticGeek is trying to say/not say is that you are one of the players who are above his magical threshold for “too good” so you shouldn’t be involved in the tournament in his opinion. Your confusion illustrates maybe why this philosophy might be challenging to implement.

This will always come down to the definition of who is “too good” that they scare off new players. It’s sort of like the definition of who is wealthy and should pay more taxes. Everyone agrees that “wealthy” is “people who make more money than I do.”

On a more topical note, I see the discussion about holding the character assignments until the tournament starts. I really dislike that idea because it takes away something that I really like about this tournament : the excuse to spend a little time trying to develop a character that I don’t normally use.

I’m the actual tournament I went 0-2 with Kan Ra. That’s fine, I’m not here to win anything. But it wasn’t NEARLY as fun as preparing for the tournament. Reading the Kan Ra forums, asking for Kan Ra advice and getting friends to play a few sets against my baby Kan Ra. For me, THAT is the fun part. I got both of my random character draws to level 50 after the tournament (Kan Ra and Orchid). It’s just a great motivation for playing the game.


Is it just me does anyone else think sonicdolphin sounds like familyjules?

…Wait a minute:

sonicdolphin sounds like familyjules
familyjules looks like a young adam isgreen
isgreen is the father of FJ
SD (who sounds like FJ) is the son of isgreen
That explains the RCTs being rigged! (ggeek was right!)
…and dayvo and xeno are co-conspirators


lol just a dumb post guys, hope you smiled :grin:


Good idea.


Actually, my defintion would be 100k or more per year, which is actually lower than the generally accepted amount (which I think was a ludicrous 200-250k a year). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I did! :smiley:

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I think there is considerable merit in this. If you’re worried about people dropping and their spot being filled (and the choice obviously no longer being random), then I’d recommend simply leaving any spots that open up, open. From a viewer perspective as well, while it can be fun watching low-middlish level play for these characters, it really isn’t enjoyable to see someone just flailing around with a character whose moves they barely know.

My $.02


I’m in like Flynn.



Wait, what? Never heard that name before.

But enough about that, I’m here to say my piece.

I agree with what @BigBadAndy said about how it’s not right to belittle @PVXenoraptor and that if we’re not pleased with the way the tournament is run, we shouldn’t participate. And I appreciate the time and effort Xenoraptor puts into setting up these tournaments. We wouldn’t have this tournament if it weren’t for him, and it’s up to him how this is run.

But there is one important thing I have to drill into you to make sure you learn from this experience.

You have to plan ahead for everything.

I understand there’s a lot of factors that we cannot control (your mom getting you off the system, my stream crashing, people dropping out) but we have to make sure we have backup plans in case things go wrong. I was left to run the tournament entirely by myself, which included moderating the chat, commentating, streaming, recording the archive (which I ended up scrapping), and trying to make sure the brackets were updated accurately without being able to change them myself. As you no doubt know, this made me extremely stressed. This was also increased by the fact that there were prizes in this tournament, so it was extra important that the brackets updated accurately, or the guilt for the mistake would weigh on me. I decided to stream the tournament for you out of generosity of my time, and I get rewarded by that mess? I forgive you, but we CANNOT allow that to happen again.

Also, huge thanks to @BigBadAndy for the moral support and @Dayv0 for commentating for me while I fumbled around. You guys helped a ton.


@SonicDolphin117 I’m talking about this guy:

Anyway, I personally don’t mind how xeno runs the tournament. Every now and then I was posting positive comments on the stream’s chat room saying that it’s alright, not your fault or anyones and try to take it easy. It made me happy when @Dayv0 stepped up to help with the commentary. I had a lot of fun though.


count me in :jack_o_lantern:

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But you haven’t signed up…


I’m a little sad there’s no archive because of this; I think @aWholio would’ve gotten a kick out of my riptor. Got my setups on lock, but NO idea how I’m supposed to be moving around the screen.

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