Random button needs to be nerfed



Well I would have chosen Aganos… but he wanted to build this… wall…

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lol. it’s gonna be yuuuge! make default aggy color orange!

I feel like a substantial portion of fighting games have a random button and I’ve never once accidentally hit it before, like never even came close, and I say that as someone who also has a pocket Mira. Are you sure you’re using your thumbs to manipulate your controller and not, I dunno, your kneecaps or your teeth?

Try using your thumbs and see if that does the trick. The padded side, not the nail side. :slight_smile:

Sorry, that was mean. Having a bad day. Meant to be funny/sarcastic and came off a shade worst than that. Anyways, I suppose this couldn’t hurt. Does anyone else have this issue or is it just this guy? I’d be curious to know.

Suggestions are always welcome, mostly my response was at the Op more or less going a bit extreme, specifically with his responses to replies. A ready check like exhibition matches could be a viable option. That way you can change from any pick you’ve done.

Maybe if they put some sort of bonus character in that spot, they could move random down to the area below. I feel like everyone wins in that scenario. :slight_smile:

I just think it’d be good to have random not as an option but as, say, the menu or view buttons. That way, it’s a conscious press that you have to make and if they try to put a bonus char in, it can take the spot occupied by the random button in the current screen.

I admittedly agree.

OP I’ve never had this issue at all in my entire life, so forgive me that I cannot seem to empathize nor sympathize with your situation.

Just relax dude unless you doddled around the last 10 seconds you have no need to rush to find your character.

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ya’ll see that sexy new 3.6 random button? Thanks IG <3, a lot of us appreciated that one =)

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I totally thougth about you regarding the change. Glad you won’t be having more troubles choosing a character by chance and good from IG to care about this too. It may be a detail, but details can be very important in the end.

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